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  1. I had my fitting today and it went really well!! I’ll type up a full report on it later tonight, but here’s a spoiler... I owe a full blown apology to Nippon after my (harsh) words about the Modus 105s. (Read teeny-tiny dispersion circle with consistent contact)
  2. I agree with you about the Modus 105s. I had those shafts (possibly an older version, not sure) in a Titleist AP1 set a few years back, and I hated them vehemently. As mentioned earlier, the tip was so soft that I had no confidence I could strike the ball solidly. They still suck, can’t play golf, and smell like boiled cabbage, but they sure can talk about golf as if they knew how to play it.
  3. I’m happy to hear your fitting went so well!!! Seems like one hell of a setup you got there. I expect I’ll be debating between the CTL and $Taper tomorrow. Although I’ve never actually been fitted for irons before (which I’m super excited about doing) so I really have no idea what to expect, those just kinda “seem” like they’d fit my game well. I dunno, if his Haka is “high, dirty, and sexy”, I’m not sure I want to see it anymore. If I don’t wanna see your sexy calves, I sure as hell don’t want to see your dirty, sexy thighs.
  4. I hope that it is an easy transition for @daviddvm as well. He certainly is the bravest of the testers! Frankly, if I were starting the game from scratch, I’d go OL, and I’d recommend them to anyone just starting out.
  5. Thank you!! I’ll be testing the conventional length Forged Tec irons with the MIM wedges. I don’t really except Cobra to abandon the OL concept. In fact, I’d lean toward thinking other manufacturers might add an OL option. I think it is gaining popularity, both with people who just want to consistently groove one swing, and people who don’t have as much time to practice as they want to. Those two categories make up a very large segment of the golfing population. Not only does the theory behind the OL make sense to most people, Cobra markets it really, really well. When you do pull the trigger, keep us updated here as to the results. I’d be very interested in how they work out for you. Couldn’t agree more. The Forged Tec irons are certainly a bit of a change from my I200s, but it wouldn’t be anything like going OL!!
  6. GB13


    I play whatever the group is playing. It keeps me on my toes and having to hit different shots. When playing alone, I play as far back as I can where the longest Par 3 is under 210 (4 iron).
  7. Cowardice mainly... I’m very intrigued by the OL, the entire concept makes sense to me. BUT, I just can’t commit to it, it seems like too big of a risk. I’m pretty happy with my iron game with variable length clubs, and I just don’t want to jeopardize it.
  8. AWESOME!!! Congrats man!! That must’ve been one beautiful shot. ...and if your waiting for a hole-in-one from us, you’ll be waiting a lonnnnnng time... I hope not, none of us will even come close to the numbers Foz put up! If that was a challenge, I’d certainly not be winning.
  9. That’s certainly a good idea. I’ll have to try a driver free round in the future. The course I play is relatively short, (I’ll post a quick hole- by- hole in the coming days.) and driver certainly isn’t required off any tee. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to see what actually happens. I think the stat tracking will be an eye-opening experience. If I put on 30 pounds, I’d still look like 2017 Bryson. Thanks! I’m really intrigued by the idea of perception VS reality. It’s great to have something that isn’t emotionally invested in the game to tell me how I’m really doing. I know, for me, if I have two identical drives, one after a 30’ birdie putt, and one after a 3-putt double, I’m inclined to be much more critical after the double, which obviously skews my perception. Having an objective view of my game will be really important.
  10. Just like my fellow competitor, @edingc, my Arccos sensors arrived today. So far, setting up the sensors and pairing the sensors has been a breeze. (Honestly, it took me less time to pair the sensors, than it did for me to figure out how to open the box... ) So, seeing as these are my last few days before being up to my ears in data, I thought it would be interesting to see how I perceive my game VS what the data shows my game to actually be. In golf, we are always told that feel isn’t real, and I’m curious if that “fake feel” carries over to our mental image of our game as opposed to just applying our swings. So without further delay, here is what I think of my game, for comparison to what Arccos says later. (Note: this has nothing to do with out baselines for the actual challenge, I just thought it might be interesting.) Driving - Estimated handicap: 7 Estimated Smart distance: DR - 265, 3W- 230, 2 iron - 215 Overall, I think I hit the ball far enough, but am far too inaccurate. I don’t think my distance makes up for the lack in fairways hit and (too frequent) penalties. Approach - Estimated handicap: 4 Estimated Smart Distances: 4i- 200, 5i- 185, 6i- 170, 7i- 160, 8i- 150, 9i- 140, PW- 125, GW- 110, LW- 80 Overall, I think I’m pretty average when it comes to approach shots, I’m definitely think I’m better from 150yds than 100yds. I think I hit plenty of GIRs, although my proximity isn’t ever as close as I’d like. Chipping - Estimated handicap: 9 I’m not really sure what I think about my chipping... which I’m taking as a bad sign. I have really good chips and I have really bad chips, I’d just say I’m inconsistent overall. Sand - Estimated handicap: 4 I’m fine with my sand play. It isn’t spectacular, but it works when I need it. Putting - Estimated Handicap: +2 Not to brag, but I think I’m a really good putter. I’m confident in my lag putting and making short putts that count. In my opinion, my putting allows me to score as well as I do. Is this confidence justified? We’ll find out.
  11. Trust me, I have a better team name for us.
  12. Oh, you’ll be doing the Haka by week 5. But sure, go ahead and think that I don’t control your every move. Let’s see where that gets you... I’m really planning on keeping an open mind during the fitting for length. I do need the extra consistency because currently I’m *very* inconsistent with the driver, but again, I’m going to keep an open mind. Yes, I’m very excited about these wedges. My original PING Glides have enjoyed the longest tenure in my bag of any club, and these wedges have quite the battle in front of them. Frankly, if I were buying new wedges, I might look for the exact same ones, just with fresher grooves. Currently I only have a 2 wedge set-up, 52° and 58°, which creates some strange gaps, so I’m planning on a 50° 54° 58° (or 60°) setup.
  13. Yes, you will. I agree with you about liking the carbon fiber top line, I think it’s a cool visual. And even if it isn’t your thing, I can’t imagine you’d notice it after a few swings. I can’t wait to get my hands on the SZ, I think Cobra really broke through into the driver scene with the F9, and they made one of the best drivers of last year even better.... I predict some BOMBS!!
  14. Oh, he WILL Haka, two years of encouragement (threats) will wear him down.
  15. Are you trying to torture me?!? This is cruel!! As if the wait wasn’t excruciating enough already! Those are absolutely some of the nicest looking irons out there. I love matte and chrome metal contrast. If they play half as nice as they look, we’re in for a treat! Oh, and I should have known that you already would have a set...
  16. If you want the honor of supporting me, I’m gonna need you to do a Haka.
  17. I do exactly what Kirke does. I write and eat lefty, but throw and swing right handed. For me, it boils down to fine motor skills with the left hand, and large motor skills with the right. I can barely hit the golf ball lefty. I have been working on throwing a football left handed, and it’s still not as good as my right arm, but it’s getting pretty darn close.
  18. It’s unfortunate how accurate that statement is.
  19. Ahh yes, there certainly were some nice things about down there... I think you might have me beat!! BUT!! Can you even hit a golf ball with that swing? I predict a whiff will be forthcoming. Okay, I’m changing my vote for best post in this thread!!
  20. This is from a couple of years ago. It’s slightly shorter now... but still pretty long. See above
  21. Ahh, yes, good ol’ Polk County... and it does not get better once you enter NC either...
  22. Sorry bro, but I don’t need tips from a 8 capper. I don’t take advice from worse players than me.
  23. I’ll still beat you even with a Supersoft.
  24. No, Saban doesn’t cheat like Bill. It’s that simple, have you bee heard or Bama deflating footballs? Spying on other teams? Of course not... For me, It’ll be a heavy dose of Pro V1X with a little Tour B X sprinkled in. I’m primarily a Titleist ball player, however I’m really liking the offering from Bridgestone right now.
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