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  1. After a few weeks of atrocious ball striking, I finally felt like I turned the corner. It could have been a special round but alas the driver was misbehaving. Putted and chipped well. Course was baked and the heat index was 101. 41/41-82 (+10) 3/12 fairways 7/18 greens 3/3 sand saves!!!!!! 32 putts
  2. 135 par-3. PW landed 1 foot right and spun back 3 feet. I nailed the 4 foot birdie putt. 510 par-5 Drive 250 into the trees, punch a 7 iron out about 155, hit 52* to 7 feet, and then made the birdie putt. I had to laugh at this because after hooking it into the trees I said "well, I guess the driver knows where I need to hit it to make birdie".
  3. Yes, they got notified rather quickly. They had a chat with the offending group. There are some nice perks to being good friends with the GM.
  4. It is bad in MN too. I walked 18 yesterday in 102* heat with a heat index of 113*. Just for the record, it was too hot to walk.
  5. It is still in the wall. It is about an inch out of reach resting on insulation. If someone redoes that wall they are going to ask "what the hell is a golf ball doing there?"
  6. Great reviews guys. Thanks for the honest and accurate reviews. And GG love all of the data.
  7. I was hitting into the net in the garage today. I hit a 4 iron and busted a huge hole in the net. Long story short my drywall repair skills need some work.
  8. I hit a 300 yard drive and then a 58* to 6 inches for a birdie. Both are my shots of the day.
  9. I was on the course today stuck behind three guys and one of the guys' grandson. They went out about an hour before I did and by the front 9 I had caught up to them.(I play fairly fast first 9 in an hour and a half). I was near them on 10,11, and 12. On 13 I asked to play through. They were still on the teebox and I had finished the hole behind. They said no, they were with the group in front and trying to keep up. The group in front was on 17. Anyway I said okay. After I waited for them to hit thier tee shot and second shot and they were 300 yards down the fairway; I teed off carrying it about 240 and rolling out to 260. They then turned around yelled "What the F***?" and picked up my ball. What an example to set for your grandson? I then left the course for fear of golf ball sized hail in the vicinity of the group in front of me.
  10. Exactly. There is no issue with disagreement but a few people make it more heated than it should be. When those types of posts are made the best thing to do is not to respond. If you don't engage with them they won't find it fun anymore. There is a respectful and disrespectful way to say things. If you disagree have a respectful discussion about it.
  11. I try to die into the cup any putt over 15 feet so I make sure I don't have 4-5 feet coming back. I usually still hit it 1-2 feet by the hole but I need to be in that mindset so it doesn't get away from me. Anything inside 15 feet I make sure it gets there. Nothing annoys me more than having had the line on a 10 footer but having left it 6 inches short.
  12. What? If the Reflex irons had a higher score the should be easier to hit than the Eye 2's. That means your scores should be lower with the Wilsons and in turn higher with the Eye 2's.
  13. 444-44-4444 give me my putter. 😂😂
  14. GB13

    Happy thread

    Yep I take the club back probably 30 degrees past parallel. If I try to shorten it I shank, top, chunk, and slice. If I let it go as far back as I can; I hit *more* shots flush.
  15. Why do toll bridges look like they are about to fall over. If I have to pay to drive on it why can't you make it safe?
  16. The AP1's will be much more forgiving. Personally at a 10 handicap(which I know may not tell the whole story) I would go for the AP1's. The 775CB may not be forgiving enough. The clubhead is just as important as the shaft IMHO. I am a 9 handicap and play the 710 AP1's and love em.
  17. This always helps me put full effort and attention into each swing. It also helps me get all of my weight through the ball and finish the swing instead of leaving all of my weight behind the ball.
  18. OG and Wedgie, Best stage 1's I have read. Absolutely hilarious. 😂
  19. You didn't enter with your name, location, handicap, and please please please please. 😂
  20. Second shot on a par 5 Cut 3 wood around a tree to 20ft. Three putted for par but still a good shot.
  21. 44/41-85 Worst ball striking day of the year so far. Only 5 greens. 31 putts with one three putt(for par)😡 Oh and 5 yes count them 5 lost balls.
  22. Yep, when you get 30,000 people together the are bound to be idiots, complainers, obviously some people here for free stuff.
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