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  1. As i'm still beginner I loose a lot off balls . I am testing some balls now to see what I like most. As i'm handicap 41 I don't need ProV1(x) I am testing a few brands in the range of US 35 for 2 dozen. Wilson DX2, Callway Supersoft, Pinnacle Soft (cheaper), Titleist Trusoft and Srixon Supersoft. At this moment I loose about 2 dozen a month with playing 4 times a week. So that's US 300 I guess not playing that much in the winter.
  2. I watched the movie . chunkie .. cheap ... Yes they are chunkie and cheap but so am I I choose the clubs because i didn't know if I would like the game. I could just rent it everytime I play, but in 5 rentals I could almost buy these ... If I play a year with these it's not a waste of money ..... I payed 375 US Dollar for the set, a trolly, balls and a glove.
  3. Yeah they change it every few years I think. This is the latest set. I love the feel off it. You can feel perfect if you hit it good or bad. But if you don't hit the sweetspot the balls still go forward, not so far. With a i7 i hit around 130 yards if I hit it right, 100 yards if it's not perfect and everything in between . Not perfect but also not 30 yards to left or right. I played with a TM iron and they went all over the place from a hook left to 40 yards front . Much harder for me to hit the balls. Special hard balls you feel in you arms/hands so I use soft balls like wilson d
  4. My 2 cents int the mater as a new golfer ... First about ready golf. Ik played with a lady who explained to me that we play ready golf, and then at the tee she was ready but I was still writing my scores and putting on my glove and she waited for me ???? Then with putting the one furthest away really had to put first ...... how about that as ready play ? Carts is not a problem here ... you can only use a cart if you are disabled. Healthy people just walk. But for the 'begiing skill level players' as me (41 now). I normal play on par3 courses and the same problems happen there
  5. Thx everyone. Reading around and having fun ..... Trying to understand how the forum works with read all forum, check new posts etc, but i'll find an easy way.
  6. The worst one I used are spalding and TopFlite. The spalding where hard, and after 2/3 holes the outside was a mess. I do like the new pinnacle. Especial the Soft. The have a great feel like the Wilson dx2 or Callaway super soft. I use the pinnacle because they are cheap and I still lose a lot of balls
  7. Hello. I am not sure if there are many members from outside the US, but I am. (If I make stupid language mistakes please let me know). I am 49 and just started playing golf last year. I did in introduction day and really liked it. Later that year I started to get my handicap (not sure how it works in the US). In oct. 2017 I made it and got my Handicap 54. Played a few practice rounds on par3 courses. In april this year I took a membership on a course close to home. I have lessons every 14 days. I do this because I want to practice in between the lessons. As I need to do one thing at th
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