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  1. Andrew Bensalem, Pennsylvania Yes I do walk the majority of rounds. 9 hole men’s league every week and one 18 hole round during the weekend. I do use a pushcart now. The Caddytek 3.0. I have been walking more since my wife is pregnant and can’t get vaccinated!
  2. Andrew Pennsylvania Currently Gaming a Rogue Draw, 10* with a 5.5 EvnFlo shaft Yes I was fitted for this driver.
  3. 1. Andrew 2. Pennsylvania /USA Home 3. 18.6 (USGA) 17.1 (Arccos) 4. I Currently use Arccos 360 and Caddie 2.0. I've been an Arccos user since the start of 2017 and lowered my handicap from 29+ to 17.1 on Arccos since then. I am also a software consultant (I know MGS wanted someone tech savvy).
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