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  1. I am a GolfPass member and there are a lot of negatives with GolfNow., particularly when compared to TeeOff.com. 1. GolfNow has a convenience fee ($3.49) for each golfer booked, plus tax (depends on state). TeeOff.com has neither. 2. You can ONLY cancel a reservation with GolfNow if the course is CLOSED. (they do call and verify). With TeeOff.com you can cancel for $2 for each player booked. 3.The GolfNow rewards and promos are only good on "HotDeals" and only Mon thru Thurs AFTER noon. If you look closely many of the "HotDeals" are in the morning. For example for my zip (32976)
  2. like you the 48 balls I rec'd were pristine, just like they just fell out of the sleeve. So how many people do you think it would take to find 48 totally unmarked YELLOW Prov V1x (remember they just started making the yellow ones this this year). Isn't it more plausible that these are brand new balls from some manufacturer that are branded as Pro V1x ??? The return policy works in their favor to hold complaints. Everyones happy, the customer gets their money back and they get the balls back to sell to some other unsuspecting golfer.
  3. looks like it's the same company. Did any of the balls you rec'd looked they had ever been hit or have any player marks ? note the reply from the vendor in one place it says lostgolfballsretail and at the end lostgolfballs New message from: lostgolfballsretail (89,825) Bud, Thank you for reaching out to me about this. You are correct, by law Refinished/Refurbished golf ball must have that written on the golf ball. I can confirm that these golf balls have not been refinish
  4. OK the vendors were "clearchoice" and "lostgolfballsretail"
  5. Have given Titleist the names and will post them after they have a chance to look into this
  6. Recently purchased some 5A Titleist balls on Ebay. Ordered 48 yellow AVX, every ball looked like they were fresh from package, no player marks, not even the slightest nick or scuff. Every Ball had the same number. When i questioned the vendor he said if I was nervous I could return the balls. Wwhich I did . Bought some of the new Yellow Prov 1X from another vendor. Again every ball looked just like brand new, No player marks or any evidence that had ever been hit. Cut one open and tweeted image it to #finditcutit and also to @titleist. Both vendors claim THEY do not repain
  7. Bud Barefoot bay FL swing speed 75 Titelist AVX Tour
  8. 1. bud. 2. Sebastian FL 3. 16 4 Leupold rangefinder and notes on scorecard
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