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  1. I like watching this tour as much as the main tour. It's fun seeing many of the players that were in their prime when I was much younger still competing and playing very well. I wonder if Jim Furyk and/or Phil will give this tour a go? Nice win for Scott McCarron at the Mitsubishi Classic - he's continuing his great play from 2018. Next up is the Bass Pro Legends of Golf at Big Cedar Lodge. Several of teams only play two of the three days... much as we like it not to be the case, age affects everyone's game along the way. https://www.pgatour.com/champions/tournaments/schedule.html
  2. Dang, I was hoping Kuchar would win. Had to leave for dinner before the finish and figured Kuchar's 3 on 18 would at least get him into a playoff. Nothing personal against C.T. Pan... except that he's a Husky .
  3. MGS...the golf forum that keeps on giving! Good luck everyone!
  4. I really haven't noticed a significant difference between it and my Callaway Razr-Fit. I agree it's a bit more "tinny", but not an issue for me. I really don't pay much attention to club sound - particularly if the club is hitting long and straight.
  5. My grip changed from interlock (index and pinky) to overlap back in the late 70's. I don't even recall why the instructor made that change - but it was an easy switch and never felt odd. In fact, I recently tried interlocking again and it does feel odd. Most I see and golf with use interlock and I'm curious how many others do not.
  6. I rarely bet, but would pick DJ as well.
  7. Yup, exactly... we just need to make sure and remember the setting that works best .
  8. ooooohhh.... I love that composite weave look on the crown! Everything I read and hear about Tour Exotics is that they are grossly underrated. Good luck spies!!
  9. Tom, regarding your last sentence, are you saying neutered males can be worse around females in heat?
  10. Have you noticed any changes to his behaviour?
  11. Yes it is the ES-14. I'm not too familiar with it, but George say's it correlates well with others they've used. Smash factor is a whole new term for me. Honestly, I first heard of it last summer when I had my iron fitting; but now understand it to be the ratio of ball speed to club head speed - and an indicator of how efficient (or not) one is at transferring energy from the club face to the ball. During my G410 fitting George mentioned that I was getting some nice SF numbers (I'm thinking to myself "that's cool" but how about distance? ). The limit is 1.50, so I'm not clear why the monitor shows numbers greater than that? In any case, it looks like I'm getting close to everything out of the drivers my swing mechanics/limitations allow. As for the range ball distance knock-down, George says 10-15%. That seems about right when I multiply these numbers by 1.12, add 7-15 yards rollout, and compare to my typical drives out on the course. My huge hits this winter in Yuma were 290 but more typically 245-265 based on Golf Buddy. I've never perfected "getting both butt cheeks" into the drive .
  12. Hey all. We have a 13 month old, male yellow lab (River). We're really on the fence about whether to get him neutered. He's got a great disposition, not aggressive towards other dogs, and is pretty well trained. We do not allow our dogs to roam free, so the possibility of him wondering off in pursuit of a female is very low. We did read soon after we got him at 9 weeks that the latest school of thought on neutering is to wait until they have reached maturity 12-18 months. Now the more we read, the more debate rages on about whether it should be done at all (except for medical or legal reasons). What was largely a popular prevent population trend is now shifting - with more recent studies showing intact dogs, both male and female, having lower incidence of a handful of medical problems. My wife thinks it will lessen his want to mark and smell/lick other dogs privates. She also thinks it will make him a bit less dominant around her. I'm not so sure. From what I've read, it's pretty much a 50/50 chance those traits change. Anyway, I really want to do the right thing for him and figured many of you may have faced this same decision/conundrum. River at 7 and 13 months.
  13. That would be cool. Good luck at the events!
  14. Howdy MGS's. Well, in addition to having played 5 rounds now with the G410 Plus, I was able to get a day at the range to see just how it was comparing to my Callaway Razr-Fit. With respect to the golf rounds, it was in the bag when I shot my best round (77) of the winter season at Mesa Del Sol. Not really sure how much further I was hitting it than my RF, but I did hit all but two fairways and the two missed were not bad misses. My last two rounds with it were not as good. At Cocopah GC, I was having trouble with fades. At Las Barancas both fades and hitting high on the face. But to be honest, the rest of my game was not exactly clicking on either round, so the G400 gets a pass. The Challenger Now bear in mind that I just recently (January 2018) purchased this used Callaway Razr-Fit, to replace my GBB Warbird, and have subsequently felt like I had stepped into another era of golf. While I immediately gained distance, perhaps 10-15 yards, the most striking benefit was the forgiveness in miss hits. As the the 2018 season rolled along, my driving accuracy kept increasing as did my confidence. I only wish I had taken the advice from friends to upgrade my driver years earlier. I'll also add that I picked the RF up at a shop in Tempe, AZ for a whopping $65.00 (which included a length adjustment and new Callaway grip). I mention this only because for me to hand over $500.00 for the latest in drivers would take some serious performance results. While I love being long off the tee, the decision is predominantly based on scoring... will that club help lower my handicap? Mr. PING G410 Plus, meet Mr. Callaway Razr-Fit (which, btw got some high praise from MGS https://mygolfspy.com/callaway-razr-fit-driver-review/). At the Desert Hills CG range, I onced again warmed up with my 6i and captured the data. Another big shout out to George for letting me use their LM and providing a free large bucket of balls - Thanks George! I hit about a dozen balls with each driver just trying to get into a nice hitting groove. I then alternated between the drivers, capturing this data and culled out the two best and two worst from each. George told me that their range balls are typically 10-15% shorter in distance to game balls. Club Smash Factor Spin Ball Speed Club Speed Carry Distance Razr-Fit 1.47 2132 128 87 206 Driver 1.46 2203 130 89 209 1.46 2218 131 90 211 1.42 2394 128 90 206 1.47 2174 132 90 213 1.51 1978 133 88 215 1.48 2102 130 89 213 1.50 2096 129 90 212 1.46 2223 130 89 210 1.49 2138 131 90 214 1.47 2165.8 130.2 89.2 210.9 G410 Plus 1.52 1954 137 90 222 Driver 1.51 1978 133 88 218 1.47 2160 131 89 215 1.43 2386 132 92 213 1.51 1978 133 88 215 1.44 2404 133 93 215 1.52 1936 134 88 217 1.51 1978 133 88 215 1.46 2248 134 92 217 1.50 2042 135 90 219 1.49 2106.4 133.5 89.8 216.6 PE2 6i 1.48 4827 101 69 141 1.49 4834 101 70 141 1.51 4931 103 68 144 1.52 4644 102 70 138 1.47 4853 100 68 134 1.50 4743 101 70 143 1.48 4805 100 68 140 1.49 4805.3 101.1 69 140.1 Bill's Most Wanted Swing Typical Hits on the G410 The numbers are improved across the board. To be really honest, I did not expect this. I am by nature suspicious of marketing claims. This certainly supports PING claims of the club heads aerodynamic performance - less resistance yielding faster club head speed and ball distance. What I cannot share in this test is the lower, more piercing ball flight I get with the G410. As I mentioned in my original stage 1 thread, I tend to hit high shots - driver included. I really love that my trajectory is lower with the G410. During my course rounds thus far, it's been REALLY nice seeing my drives roll out a little. I do plan to repeat this same test with my club fitter in Bozeman, MT who has state-of-art LM equipment and has graciously offered to help - Thanks in advance Woody!! So, this is exciting. Thus far, I really like the way the G410 feels and I'm not debating which boom stick to put in the bag. I have a few return to home (ranch) base projects that will occupy a bit of my time in the next month but, weather permitting, I hope to get a few more rounds in on the local courses - in advance of the peak season. Reading what @jlukesis experiencing using the weight adjust feature, I plan to monkey with that a bit - especially if that fade tendency comes back. I sure hope this is helping those of you out there interested in PING's latest driver. More to come, Thanks for reading!
  15. Well, to be fair, many of those comments had nothing to do with their personal feelings and everything to do with never expecting he could recover from the injuries & repairs to once again get back to this level of play. I certainly did not expect it.
  16. Calling it now. Rory wins the 2020 Masters... really preferred Woods slip on his Grand Slam green jacket.
  17. The way this is playing out, that's not out of the realm of possibility.
  18. Ha, the jokes on Woods... Patrick Reed slips on his jacket .
  19. Yup, I think that shot just won him a 5th Masters.
  20. Even more prophetic from the Masters staff... they called both the weather and the finish; knew the ceromony wasn't needed . Ugggh... HUGE collective groan on the Italian broadcast. Never would have guessed this from Molinari.
  21. Must give the Masters staff a nod and a hand - looks like they are going to nail it on the schedule change.
  22. So do you (most) only play these events in your local area - winners advancing onto events outside their area?
  23. Call me a golf simpleton, but what in the hell is the deal with #12? Why not just be a little long? Koepka, Poulter, Finau, Molinari... the list goes on...really?
  24. Do we have any MGS's playing in the Golf Channel AM Tour? It would be nice to know who we should be rooting for. http://gcamtour.com/join/ This looks like a pretty cool format, providing as near a tour pro experience as those interested could hope for. Definitely sounds fun, but for those that do well, it might also get a bit expensive. Do you suppose many get some level of sponsorship support to offset cost of travel, round fees, etc.?
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