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  1. We generally don't find positives in things we don't like. I've tried to keep an open mind about LIV and find some aspects of the new format pretty good and some take it or leave it. I do think this year will be the one that decides whether its here for the long haul or simply a Tommy Tutone. You have to admit the Reed/McIlroy match-up provided great theatre. I was actually surprised Rory played in the event. While a DP Tour stop and not LIV origin money (so far as we know ), I would have thought he'd just snub the region vs. helping generate revenue for them.
  2. Haters gonna hate. Seems all involved, including McIlroy, agreed it was a correct ruling. https://www.si.com/golf/news/slow-motion-video-fuels-patrick-reed-penalty-controversy-in-dubai I can't help but think the grounds crew sent someone up the palm tree after the event was over. Will the result be kept under wraps? Maybe we'll find out Justine paid off the Arborist for planting a clone. Will Brandel request a Senate investigation to get to the bottom of Dubai's palm tree-gate? Stay tuned.
  3. Pipe smoking (traditional type that is) seems to have gone out of vogue. I don't see too many folks smoking them anywhere let alone on the golf course. I remember a neighbor friend of my folks that smoked a pipe and his discolored moustache - a small area where the stem was positioned. I also remember a carousel like pipe stand that had about a dozen pipes on it. The entire house smelled of tobacco. They and other neighbors would play cards in the kitchen and the whole place was filled with smoke... we'd have to disconnect all the smoke alarms in today's dwellings . While not being around folks smoking on the course is my preference, I'll take cigar and pipe smoke/smell over cigarettes anytime .
  4. 55 years into my tenure playing this game and...
  5. Glad to hear the repairs and recovery went well. Careful about thinking that aberration at the range will become your new normal. The golfing gods have a wicked sense of humor .
  6. Not to go off track here but regarding spin data, other than initial baseline values, how much do folks really pay attention to spin and what for as it pertains to either ball striking or equipment? I personally don't care too much about spin (the numbers were within acceptable range during club fitting) and focus more on whether I'm getting good and consistent distance and hitting targets/aimpoint. On that note, I absolutely love the 3 ranges here. Not only are they really well maintained, but they have 6-8 mock greens to shoot at. Now if I can just get my course play GIR's to match range GIR's... .
  7. This is what I was getting at with my post above. Having to use ball markings limits capability at the range which is where I would be using a LM. I suppose I could set up a net and see how well (or not) that goes over . Still, must echo many of the comments above that this units capability to price point ratio is going to catch a lot of eyes.
  8. It shows distance to front/middle/back of green from wherever it (you) are. It also shows distance to to the front and to carry hazards. Looks like the newer 'H4', like the V3, has RFID tags for shot tracking data.
  9. I've never heard of it. Other than the swing video/analysis mentioned, I use Shotscope G3 while playing (just for yardages) and an SC200 for range data.
  10. My vote is video swing analysis... hands down, drop the mic, whatever term you like. What say you? Having just completed down-the-line and face view video clips for my virtual swing analysis and lesson from Monte Scheinblum, I think this is the best technology available to help folks make swing improvements. Throw in software that allows instructors to use graphic overlays, super-slow motion, and split screen comparisons, and wow, just wow. I should have done this years ago. It's already helping as I now can see what was only being described years ago. If you think there is a better technology to improve swing mechanics, lets hear it and why.
  11. Dunno about that but Hogan's book is a great read. The illustrations are fantastic and Ben wastes little time and words getting to the key points/teachings.
  12. I'm presuming that in order to get the full compliment of ball flight data balls must have the dots applied?
  13. All of our courses have 5 tees and men' league allows use of either blue/white or white/gold. I can and have played blue on all 4 courses but unless I'm cranking drives, it makes a handful of holes tough to reach in regulation. The b/w combo best matches the yardages (5800-6100) I'd been playing in MT and when we were wintering in Yuma, but I'm finding the white to be more fun on these courses and that is likely because their more challenging in other aspects. The only thing I don't like about using combos is that it's one more thing to keep track of .
  14. Maybe a front pin with no traps to cover but even those situations have proven challenging on my courses here. Billy Casper & Greg Nash are evil.
  15. I tend to come up short more than long (probably 70/30 ratio), so I just grab the next lower lofted club and make a normal swing. The approach aprons on our courses here are deceiving in that they don't look all that sloped but, for those having normal to high descent angle, they are ball stoppers - particularly this time of year.
  16. The Recoil ES780 F3 were head to head with the MMT80 R's I chose for the ZX5's. I'm thinking you will find them a good fit and, more importantly, offer pain relief.
  17. The courses sure look nice. We have a range of mountains here (White Tanks) and several of the holes on our Cimmaron course have strikingly similar viewpoints. While golf courses and deserts don't immediately come to mind, they are indeed beautiful - perhaps because of the contrast. Thompson looking pretty stoic and unflustered. Will he be able to go mano a mano with Rahm and get his inaugural win... we shall see.
  18. Jim, Just ask yourself what Rob @Golfspy_CG2would do... conundrum solved .
  19. This arrived today. Probably a nugget or two, or five inside.
  20. Yup and I'm all for the 80/20 approach to problem solving. With this feedback as baseline, I'll be able to take another pair of video clips, after working on these, and see how they compare. The weak right hand grip position sounds easy enough but I'll bet it will feel a bit odd. Our rec/exercise center has a wall of mirrors and some wooden poles. One of my stretching routines has been placing the pole over the shoulders and practicing swing rotations. Being able to see myself, and particularly the right hip and leg extension, is quite helpful. What's odd is that I find it much easier to execute the desired rotation/sequence with the pole over my shoulder than with a club. I think some of that is due to my left shoulders less than optimal degree of freedom. But, Monte mentioned that the weak grip was actually limiting my right shoulder turn... maybe one's been working against the other?
  21. I received my swing analysis back from Monte this week. It comes as a Vimeo with his start/stop overlays while he discusses the suggested areas of improvement. Also provided are links to swing drills specific to those problems. He used Justin Rose as the side by side comparison and to show the differences. I'm flattered... not so sure Rosie is . So in a nutshell, I have "way too weak a right hand grip, and need to work on more right hip turn and un-flexing (straightening) my right leg on the backswing". Seriously, that's it? I was expected a litany of items and a "good gravy, where do I start lead in". I never really gave much thought to my right hand position or how that was negatively affecting my shoulder turn. The good news is that it's a pretty simple change to make. I also never picked up on my right leg position and how that, and the very limited hip turn, was causing the OTT swing. This change will be a bit more challenging but I now have the visual which really helps. Monte is confident both changes will yield distance and accuracy. The on-line lesson allows you to add notes/questions (limited however) and he quickly responded with answers to a few clarifications I had. All in all, I feel like this was $80 well spent and would recommend Monte's Rebellion Golf to others.
  22. I went to my True Spec fitting a couple years back with a brand agnostic position. While the primary reason for the fitting was moving into composite shafts, I figured why not see if another make/model head outperforms the G410's I was fitted for the prior year. The ball flight data and downselect yielded a toss-up between the G425's and the ZX5's, with Mavrik's and D9F's in the hunt. To be brutally honest though, I'm not sure I could have ignored the visual aspects of a couple heads had they been a finalist; T300 and D9 in particular. Much as it makes sense to let the data dictate the choice, I suspect that's tough to do for most. If the look of the club is just off-putting, both in the bag and, even more so, at address, it's hard to ignore. In answer to the OP question, I can honestly say I'm still brand agnostic - with the caveat that ball flight data alone won't be the only criteria in my selection.
  23. It's time they added a new tab "Technology Handicapped Seniors"
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