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  1. Marcel Siem pulled a similar "what was I thinking" goof at the French Open. Pretty embarrassing for players at this level. What strikes me is that no one else informs them of the snafu. Yeah, I get that they are in competition but most good sportsman and sportswomen would let them know asap... no??
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    Don't you think that he and/or his caddie would have seen no one else picking and placing balls straight away? https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/golf/another-rules-fiasco-siem-docked-10-shots-dqs-himself/ar-AAIVMeA?ocid=spartandhp
  3. I have seen quite a few of these being bagged; will check it out, thanks.
  4. No, that sounds like a great read and I'm in need of a new book. Thanks!
  5. Good points. Oh, and the blow-up holes... grrr! Another way to look at this is how many of us, even with high end club fitting, little or no limitations on time to devote to practice and playing, and a full time teaching pro can get to (or real close to) scratch golf?
  6. Agree, this pretty much nails it. I also think course/hole layout can make as much or more the difference as overall length.
  7. Safe to say you were not part of the 2018 product review?
  8. My thoughts as well! We didn't even get to October before snowmageddon #1 hit. This is the remains of #2. I'm watching the Sandhill Cranes and Canadian Geese flying over everyday in a southerly direction... were it not for a flooring install job, we might have already left for AZ .
  9. Happy Birthday Harry! Hope all is well with you and looking forward to seeing you again at the 2020 NW MGS Round-up!!
  10. That's not one I've ever heard of and gets my vote as the #1 spot thus far in Golf's Humorous Rules .
  11. I sure hope any who purchased tickets checked pricing and availability of lodging. As I mentioned previously, my findings made up my decision to forgo what, by all accounts thus far, is a steaming pile of a process for Ryder Cup tickets. And they say the game of golf is dying... .
  12. Hey, maybe you're onto something here... conquer one stick at a time as opposed to the whole bag .
  13. Cleaning up my clubs after Monday's round I noticed my ball retriever was missing. It immediately dawned on me where I left it . The course is 80 miles away and I doubt I'll be back to Bozeman before we head to AZ. The retriever was probably 25 years old; one with a metal basket on a hinge and a small stem that stakes the ball in the cup. It works great and I see they still make this style/design. Conservatively I'll bet it has harvested $1000+ in balls (if only all investments had such returns). This is the style I had. Wanting to get the latest and greatest on ball retriever technology and reviews, I naturally type in "Golf ball retrievers + My Golf Spy"... and voila! https://mygolfspy.com/best-ball-retrievers-of-2018/ Yes, I know, for some the mere mention of ball retriever makes them nauseous and break out in hives... so my apologies in advance . For those who bag and use them (who can withstand the scorn), what are your opinions/recommendations? I see the "Gotcha" won the day, but one of the guys I play with in Yuma has one of these and says he dosen't like it as much as the old style for two reasons; one being that if you miss the ball, it releases the inside loop and you have to pull out and reset, second that if balls are in muck, it isn't very good at extraction. The MGS review does not show pictures of all (15) products tested (or I'm missing it), so it hards to know which is which of those not making the top of the class. Thanks all!
  14. I played Bridger Creek in Bozeman, MT on Monday. With our recent weather events, I wasn't sure I would get another round in before heading to AZ. It was in the low 40's to start with winds 5-7 mph. Partly sunny and definitely had that fall weather feel with plenty of rattling aspen leaves starting to come down. As the day progressed, so did the wind with gusts up to 20 mph. The course did have some snow patches around but for the most part clear. On one par 3, I hit a pretty high 7i that landed in a patch of snow on the apron - had fun finding/digging that out. Being Columbus Day, I figured the course would have more brave souls, but that was not the case. I was testing the Maxfli balls and had the luxury of playing solo and two balls - Tour vs. Tour X. More to come on how that turned out on the upcoming Official Testing forum thread... All in all, a pretty average round with the exception of a bad case of the "shorties". I drove the ball well, hitting 21/28 fairways. Loved the way I was hitting the G400 3w - which came out of the bag more than usual due to winds. It has a pretty low, piercing ball flight. I initially struggled a little with this club (replaced my Warbird 3w this past spring), but I have finally got it working. My approach and chips were well aligned but I just couldn't will myself past the hole. A handful were probably wind influenced but whatever - I was short a lot . Fortunately my putting kept things from going too far south. Ball 1, 44/45 and Ball 2, 43/40.
  15. I've long felt that, for the vast majority of golfers, lowering handicaps follows an asymptotic model - and that breaking into single digit handicaps is roughly where the curve starts to flatten. It stands to reason that the more time you invest, the better the chances you have in improving scoring stats. But simply spending time on the course is but a small part of the recipe for getting up that flattened portion of the curve. I think it often takes wholesale changes to one's swing mechanics - and that involves even more commitment in practice and playing time. I attempted a swing change in my mid 20's that ultimately had me so frustrated with the game, I gave it up for the most part. At the time I was playing to an 11-12 and really felt like I could (or should) be able to get to mid single digit. I may not have committed to it long enough (patience has never been my strong suit) and it became a trainwreck. I struggled just getting back to where I was and with other life happenings happening took a hiatus. I'm fascinated by those of you spies who have recently completed or are going through a swing change - even more, amazed when it works out! Unlike the pros who have dedicated swing coaches and can work on this endeavour as a full time job, most of us simply don't have the time. Or, by the time we do (have the time), our physical ability to make any significant changes to our swing mechanics is a challenge. I probably really need to consider a swing change if I ever hope to beat my lifelong best 11 handicap - but based on my prior experience, not sure I want to commit to it .
  16. OK, here's one for our rule experts. I played a round yesterday in Bozeman. There were patches or snow remaining around the course, but for the most part, things were clear and it was a gorgeous fall day. On a par 3, my tee shot landed on the apron but in a patch of snow about 3-4 inches deep. I'm pretty sure it was on the green (vs. apron), but could not tell for sure. So I dug it out and cleared the area around the bottom - it was on the apron. The patch of snow extended from the green over into the red stake area. What to do?
  17. Man, you just can't be leaving that much out there on the course - focus next time . Nice round! What kind of phone do you have?
  18. We have 4+ year old Moto E Android phones - sounds like these don't pair well? Not really interested in having to upgrade our phones. Interested in hearing from anyone using Arccos with Android and what version.
  19. Well, building on what @GolfSpy MPRsaid, one needs only look at pro bags to see that mixed sets are most common. To look at it another way, some may have mixed sets simply because they see the pros doing this. I might get some added performance with a few, select changes in my lineup but honestly believe it is more the archer than the arrow in my case...ymmv. Find a good fitter and try to let the data drive the decision. I say try because, like it or not, we all have some brand favoritism and preferred aesthetics banging around inside us.
  20. Foyles War, McLeod's Daughters, Blue Bloods, Poirot, Endeavour, Vera.
  21. Don't get to down on them, they'll use this as motivation. I don't think they should have dropped to less than #8. Dang, Arizona let me down . Now I'm rooting for the Ducks next week... yuck, that tasted terrible!
  22. Great stuff! Those are the shafts that worked best for me as well. My dispersion with the G410's was more than with my PE2's during the fitting tests; but that is no longer the case. I'd say they are as good or better now having adjusted to the new sticks. Also, PING does offer grips with the PING logo if that is of interest, it was for me. I really like them alot. Plus, I'm pretty sure they're a yard longer than other grips . https://www.tgw.com/ping-id8-360-golf-grip?SITE_ID=W8865&CID=PLA&msclkid=8d128d97937a13b01c3dd034ef044c1c&gclid=CMeg0vWwi8gCFQEPaQodRVYDRA&gclsrc=ds
  23. Well, this company at least appears to be legit and on the level. Good to see 3rd party testing. Their arguments for using nasal mist vs. topical or oral make sense to me. Sounds like the FDA is moving towards formal review of this product for medical use. I didn't know that the latest Farm Bill lifted some restrictions on growing hemp. Maybe we'll switch crops . http://rheumnow.com/content/fda-public-review-cbd-oil https://agr.mt.gov/Industrial-Hemp
  24. Boise State looking like they belong. Hawaii has a strong team this year. I went to A BSU years ago and couldn't see normal coloring for a week . Sounds like my grand nephew is heading there in fall of 2020 - I'm wearing sunglasses.
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