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  1. If that's the case, I'd hate to see it hurt his game .
  2. Howdy Chris. I'm definitely interested. I think the Spokane location worked out well and offers a good selection of courses. Hopefully a few others can join us.
  3. I just played a Callaway Superhot (neon yellow) yesterday and it was as long as any ball I've played. I play the Chromesoft regularly but this is the first time using the Superhot. Based on the name, I suspected it was a high compression ball but it's only a 70. We need only look to MGS archives to get the scoop on this debate. https://mygolfspy.com/the-truth-myths-about-soft-feel-golf-balls/ My results in the Tour vs. Tour X were that the Tour yielded slightly better distances off the tee and long irons. Not much difference in the short game but I did like the softer feel of the 3 piece ball. The Maxfli Tour, at a 90 compression, is similar to the ProV1 I also frequently play. But based on yesterday's experience with the Superhot, it certainly matches the findings of the MGS testing - compression does not play a significant factor in performance.
  4. Agree. That is about as excited as I've seen him since "the putt heard around the world". Hope they can maintain this energy and momentum.
  5. Whadda Putt!!! Just a wee bit of emotion coming out of JT and Woods... what were they yelling?
  6. Yea, that one helps a lot . The US players putters must be stored in meat locker.
  7. I almost don't want to post the link . https://www.presidentscup.com/
  8. One round complete. Very comfortable shoe with good support. I didn't realize how much the soles on the old shoes had stiffened (rubber nubs) - these feel springy .
  9. Yea, I totally saw Team USA down after round 1 ... come on, let's go guy's!!!
  10. I tend to be on the narrow side of medium, so maybe these run a little small. Always good to try them on first if possible.
  11. Agree. So, do you think Belichick cheats at golf?
  12. I'm thinking the Patriots just added another asterisk to their already shameful record book. Of course, the charges could be completely wrong... I mean it's not like they have done this before . I do agree that this time, if found guilty, sitting out the playoffs would send a strong message. But, that will never happen - simply too much $$$ at stake. https://triblive.com/sports/mark-madden-cheating-patriots-should-be-banned-from-nfl-playoffs/
  13. Like new PING Alta CB 65 SR Flex shaft (still has factory label). Originally purchased with G400 5 wood. Standard PING adapter, standard length, and Golf Pride grip. Per PING specs, 42.50 playing length, 63 grams, mid torque and high launch. "SR" described as soft-regular flex which is commonly known as senior flex. This came as an extra shaft with a G400 5 wood I just acquired. $45.00 shipped (USPS Expedited Service) to lower 48
  14. There goes two sponsors and a career (such that it was)... pretty sad when you think about it.
  15. 8 of us made our annual overnight trip to Emerald Canyon GC in Parker, AZ this past Mon/Tue. I had a 37/43 on Monday and a 42/42 on Tuesday that included an quadruple and double bogey. On several holes, I opted to forgo the hero tee shot and used my 3w to reduce the dangers. That worked out very well and I probably should be doing this more frequently. There is a driveable par 4 on the back nine that was one of the holes I chose to use the 3w. Both days, the group egged me into hitting another ball to see if I could get there... missed left and red stake on day 1 and made the fringe day 2 . The course was in fantastic shape and the weather very good. The stay at the Bluewater Casino was fun as always. If you ever find yourself in the area, it's a really fun track with a handful or "here goes nothing" tee shots with narrow chutes to get through and just a sky horizon with no idea what's over the crest .
  16. Howdy Spies. I purchased a pair of these from DSG's about 10 years ago and they have worked out really well. In fact, I'm still wearing them now and they show little wear - slight yellowing of the rubber sole/edge from age and possibly chemicals used on courses is about it. My wife was looking at some puffy vests on-line and these popped up on sale. While my current pair would likely serve me for another few years, the sale price and the newer looked peaked my interest. The one thing I don't like about my current shoe is that they are a little to wide for me resulting in the laces being a bit long and the eyelets close together when cinched up. I'm not sure if these were a medium or wide fit and the label has long since worn off. Also, they are a size 13 partly for my slightly larger foot when younger and also because I lived in the PNW where cooler, wet play and thicker socks were common. Seeing this as an opportunity to help my wife out with the dreaded "what to get him for Christmas" question, we ordered a pair. Free shipping arrived in 2 days! I figured I'd do a quick review on these to help any others in the market for golf shoes and, hopefully, while their on such a great deal. Here is a picture of my current Walter Hagen's. Still quite serviceable, with only wear in the heel area. I have found these "nubby" spikes to work very well except on frosty grass. All my previous shoes had traditional metal spikes. I considered a pair when I purchased these that had the newer multi prong rubber spikes, but really liked the look of these more. As for heat comfort, I have found these to be just fine - plenty breathable and not causing excessive sweat issues. I would give these a 4.5/5 star rating with the only deduction being the too wide a fit... presuming these were a medium size to begin with? Here's what the new shoes look like. They have a bit more "sneaker" like design than the old versions. Also, they have a better "ortholite" insole. I find my old ones quite comfortable and I walk more than I ride. My quick assessment of the new ones are that they will be every bit as comfortable - perhaps more so. I did buy size 12 medium and the width is perfect with eyelet spacing when cinched up just right. I would say if you generally wear "wide fit", they are true to size and would suggest getting the wide. Both are the "HydroHalt" design which I would rate as quite good in damp conditions. Except for raining days or having to constantly slosh through standing puddles, my current shoes stay dry with no seepage through the soles. Whether the new model has the same results remains to be seen but with my rounds taking place in Arizona and southwest MT they won't get a severe test in this category. For those that play in really wet conditions, I don't think these are the best choice. The construction materials sure look the same, though I don't know for sure. Typically, manufactures use cheaper and thinner materials and the new stuff often does not wear as well as the old stuff - so time will tell. The "nubby spike" design appears nearly identical, which is great based on my prior experience. They have worn exceptionally well with plenty of time on non grass surfaces. I'm making my 4.5/5 star recommendation based off of my experience with the older model - but would be surprised if these don't get the same score. I just wanted to get this initial review out to the forum ASAP since they are on sale now. I will follow up later as I get some mileage on the new ones. Here is the link to the current sale (note higher price on other colors). https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/walter-hagen-mens-course-casual-golf-shoes-17whgmwhcrscslblkgsh/17whgmwhcrscslblkgsh?sku=18475980&camp=CSE:DSG__lia_pla-4582695750880020&msclkid=e9c3cd813baf1c385a82907038be45df&gclid=CJHS2OrsreYCFSClxQIdhIwD4w&gclsrc=ds
  17. Well, I just won a bid on a like new G400 SFT 5w. I've been hitting the G400 3w so well and consistently that it seemed the logical choice. I hit the G410 5w and 7w well but actually like the look of the G400 vs. the G410. So rather than get fit for the G410 5w, I plan to see what the PING Fitter guys can come up with for a set of forged blades
  18. No doubt it will. Still stinging from the loss in the Big House this year... bummer not having Michigan on the schedule next year.
  19. Just found this old, really well done thread. I have a similar interest in finding a muscleback iron I can play. A forged blade that is forgiving on off center strikes is the holy grail.
  20. I think she'll do well in this role and wish her luck with the new gig. I suspect she'll continue to play in select events simply because she is still young and, while injury prone, by no means unable to still compete. As for the Davis Love getting slighted, I'm pretty sure he could care less.
  21. Just use it as motivation... as a Notre Dame fan, I'm use to it.
  22. CFB Committee's secret selection algorithm outed. Here's the final schedule of all bowl games. https://www.si.com/college/2019/12/08/bowl-games-schedule-dates-matchups-list-tv-channel-time
  23. Want to see what $300M+ in donations will do for a college football program? College football is slowly morphing into the very thing I dislike about pro football, baseball, and basketball.
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