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  1. I'm definitely asking about this at my full bag fitting this winter. I wonder if fitters are able to determine whether the one length is more suited than traditional... or if the decision is more like choosing to play white vs. optic green balls?
  2. Interesting commentary from Brendan Chamblee about Bryson's "transformation"; and that he essentially "took a page out of the South Korean playbook" as it relates to training. I thought that was pretty interesting. BD definitely thinks out of the box and looking to how they have become so dominant is smart. They also mentioned that he has the attention of the R&G and USGA and they will be making changes in 2021 as it pertains to the distance discussion/debate... though this predates Brysons recent distance gains.
  3. If Rickie wins this event, I'll wear a cowboy hat while playing and practicing for a year . Nothing against Matthew or Viktor, but I want to see Rickie get his first... first.
  4. You are amongst company... LOTS and LOTS of company . I have decided that attending The Masters is no longer on my bucket list. Not only are the odds of getting tickets crazy low but the costs have become too high (unless you live in the area). When my Dad was still alive, back in the mid 90's, we talked about going and would have but never got selected. That's ok, it always been my favorite event to watch on TV.
  5. Yup. That point was raised by Brendon and Justin after round 2. Patrick knew it too as he was on the range with the driver trying to get it working... apparently he did not. A 12 stroke swing suggests the scramble magic hit the proverbial wall . It will be fun seeing how this ends up and why I like these course conditions more so than the typical weekly events.
  6. Yes indeed, the D7's are much lower. These ball flight phone apps are pretty darn amazing - which one are you using?
  7. I am constantly reminding myself to keep a tension free/loose grip and to STFD. On practice solo rounds, it is uncanny how not doing so on the in play shot ends up less than stellar; then, dropping another ball, repeating the shot, and actually doing what you remind yourself to do, turns out gold.
  8. Bubba?.... Bubba?... Bubba? (sorry, his name immediately brought back a Jim Mora meme ). Who the heck can not like Bubba? Point reductions for not being the best spokesman or perhaps too emotional? I'm sure if I look hard enough, I'll find a "most hated" list with Arnold Palmer on it.
  9. Looks like Matthew Wolfe brought the moving van today.
  10. The sandcastle making aside, in the interviews I've seen with Reed, he dosen't seem unlikeable to me. Does he have some dirty laundry in the bag, yup... as we all do. He hasn't even made this "most arrogant golfers" list... come on Patrick, step it up man . https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1700924-ranking-the-10-most-arrogant-golfers-of-all-time No live coverage for me until the replay later this afternoon. So, I'm watching the much needed rain outside and Jim Furyk be a bully at The Pure Championship.
  11. SiriusXM.... what are your experiences with it and negotiating subscription price? So our 2018 Expedition MAX came with SXM radio. We liked it during our travel to AZ last year so I read a handful of the "tips and tricks" to negotiating a renewal price. I was able to get a 1 year subscription for $70 including the "artists royalties" baloney. Tried the recommended tell them you don't want to pay for that approach and they wouldn't budge. Quite frankly, I don't like going through this routine of negotiating and I can afford full price... but I'm cheap and it grinds me to know others are able to get the same product at discounted pricing. So, with my subscription ending soon and not wanting to pay the $15.99/mo rate, here I go. I'm thinking my tactic is to tell them I'll renew for another year if they will give me the same price as the current subscription. Also, I don't want to deal with this bullshit more than annually... I'd pay for a 3 year contract if they offered that just to forget about it.
  12. 992 left . This, this, and this. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good fitting. Take it from one who resisted spending the time and money to do so.
  13. Good format! Did you feel like you weren't striking the ball as proficient as normal? Both your 4i and 6i had quite a spread. I know off center strikes with my G410's can be 20 yards short. Whether this is fairly typical across the spectrum of irons ... dunno? So many of these mfg's tout forgiveness but we rarely quantify that in terms of yardage and dispersion. Certainly we should expect a PD design to have a smaller window of error than a GI but many of the marketing claims suggest this or that new model offers the best of both. This is where LM data combined with seeing where on the clubface the ball was hit is so useful in assessing attributes. For me personally, that's how I view what these irons are all about. The MGS Hit Squad loved them but I would sure like to see more raw data from that test group. Unlike assessing the characteristics between a set of Titleist 718 MB's and Callaway Mavrik Max, seeing differences between adjacent category designs is more difficult. Those of you testers that have access to LM's, it would great to see some data that includes contact area... even good ol' Dr. Scholls.
  14. Nice results! If you're able to get that distance and stay on the short stuff, retire the driver. So remember you asked for it. With a swing like that, you must really need work in other facets of the game to be a 22 handicap .
  15. Must be a Montana thing. A mile high in the middle of nowhere, I should just be happy I have TV at all .
  16. From one former USAF and now volunteer FD member, welcome to the forum. Sounds like you had a good fitting experience. I really liked the JPX as well even though I opted for the PING's. Did they use the Mizuno Shaft Analyzer, a shaft frequency machine, both? Have fun with the new arrows .
  17. Yes, I saw that banner/program alert just before it switched. It (TGC) changed to the Pure Insurance and then within 10 minutes it's back to the USO, showing "live" but replay. I'm half expecting this guy to show up .
  18. Strange happenings on TGC. Had coverage of the USO until 1600 MST then it switched to the Champions Tour event at PB. Went out to the shop, came back in, and it's showing "live coverage" of holes already played... or perhaps I just had a TIA event . Anyone else seeing this?
  19. You bet. We welcome walk-on's and, as you witnessed in this years draft selection, even find spots for skill challenged players.
  20. I wish the majority of the tour event courses had rough like Wing Foot. It is demanding accuracy and not overly benefitting the long ball. I can't help but think the irons most of us game would present real issues cutting through that stuff. I still marvel at how easy they make it look extracting balls they can barely see.
  21. @sirchunksalot...please send a copy of your maximus-rotation swing video. The staff here at TeamFix has already started the draft process for the CCC5.
  22. Houston, we (I) have a problem... One more app will be a bridge too far.
  23. Oh this is rich. My finalists for the contest arguing over who finished last and next to last.
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