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  1. Rafa shoots a 60 today... and still loses . What's with all the Reed and DeChambeau angst? A couple of years ago it was the Cantlay waggle that was in the crosshairs. I guess we just need tour villains?
  2. I think you should win simply based on effort .
  3. 222 yard 7i... nah, the excessive yardage debate is much to do about nuttin . The GC crew was showing another players yardage sheet yesterday and it looked like a 30-40 yard increase across the various clubs. I'm keeping count on how many times they show this shot and/or the plaque. Did he choose between 3 different clubs or just back n' forth between two?
  4. I think that's the temp they keep game time hockey pucks - might mask the "feel" part of your review. Have fun.
  5. Some days you just can't miss. Like Tigers in and out of the cup trick a week ago, some shots simply defy physics.
  6. Absolutely, why not. While I did no end up buying Sub70 clubs, my interaction with them was nothing short of A+ customer service. I suspect there will be be more and more golf equipment companies like this in the future. I did not yet view the episode... how'd I do?
  7. If that hat had the PING logo, it would be the bomb (or skookum in old school lingo).
  8. How are they in the heat? Looks like the dome is mesh/ventilated?
  9. Looking good Rick. That one dosen't look like it would be too floppy in a wind.
  10. OK, having now made a trade with @blackngold_bloodI now feel like I'm seriously in this game. I'm riding FIGJAM (you'll have to ask @Undershooter) all the way to the winners circle .
  11. I know but that was last week... wanted to give him a chance this week to earn his keep .
  12. CH3 overranked, underachiever... who wants him? Maybe a trade for HV3 and???
  13. I play two "home" courses in Montana. I've made par on all of them so I'll try the birdie challenge. Madison Meadows (Ennis, MT) Beaverhead GC (Dillon, MT) Hole #6 at Madison Meadows is a tough one to crack. The green (left arrow) is elevated with a steep apron/false front requiring a carry onto the green. Catch the back part of the green and it rolls down into a collection area. It requires a 230+ carry to clear the ravine and hill in the center; and it's frequently into the wind. A straight drive can continue through the fairway into a hazard - done it and that pisses me off. Smack a great drive, right on-line, and lose a stroke . The safe drive is a 3w (driver with wind) to the right, but that makes the second shot longer. I've parred it several times but never birdied it... so this will be my #1 goal.
  14. @tony@CIC-any further updates on your driver? One of the guys I play with here in Yuma is friends with the local golfsmith. He suggested wetting that area with rubbing alcohol and then watching to see if the lines continue to weep/look wet. If they do, more likely a crack.
  15. These make up the majority of play balls in my bag at present. Mixed in are some older TM and Titleist models not on this list. I just used a Vice Pro Plus (the only one I have) for Monday's round and never noticed any difference. I think for most of us mid handicap players, the difference between balls in these categories is really subtle. Perhaps for those of you who purposely flight balls down, left and right, or land past the hole and spin back, the difference is more pronounced? For those of you who have had ball fittings, what was involved? It seems like I'd have to spend lots of time hitting each candidate in order to establish a statistically meaningful dataset. Most of these fittings using LM's is a charge by the hour... could get expensive.
  16. In my younger playing days there was a popular rumor that Pinnacles would shorten the lifespan of persimmon woods - damaging the inserts.. The only time I play the old two piece balls is during the Carpal Tunnel Challenge.
  17. Great stuff and glad you're seeing some quick results! Don't worry about the money, you'll get it back in winnings... at least that's what I tell myself .
  18. The fitter along with your LM data should get you to the best option. PING has a the "soft regular" (SR) which sounds less emasculating than "senior"... marketing folks think of everything .
  19. My initial thought as well... maybe Tiger and others hijacked his custom PXG's and threw this in the cart right after they teed off. But if the dates on this are correct, it could very well be that he was fitted to his current sticks... by a Goodwill employee. https://www.golf.com/news/2020/02/11/breakdown-alex-rodriguez-golf-swing/
  20. Pretty much... at least to the point where it results in lower scoring. Not suggesting that a Nitro or Pinnacle works as well day in and day out, but that the more popular balls do.
  21. I'm guessing at least a dozen. I'm still not firmly in the one ball fits me best camp - my data does not support it. Numerous times I've grabbed a less than tour level ball after having lost a ProV1 and never noticed a difference. I've played lots of the better known balls for years and simply have not noticed an appreciable difference. Hell, I had one of my best rounds last summer using 2 piece balls during the "Hardrock" contest.
  22. Looking forward to hear how the testers like this shaft and more importantly the data. Have fun guys!
  23. I love to walk when I can and will bring my cart. I'm open to playing 36 holes one of the days - not that I don't want to play more but my shoulders, back, and elbow dictate otherwise.
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