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  1. The deal was that TPC Craig Ranch got played like an airport executive course. They were on pace after Saturdays round to break Cam Smiths tour record (-34) but things slowed a bit today... "slowed" being a relative description.
  2. Remember guys, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  3. Way to "go out on a limb" you two . I'm inclined to think someone with the first name Cameron might be hoisting the trophy.
  4. Me too. He was quite emotional during the interview and a much of that undoubtedly was the recent health scare. Thy said he lost almost 30 lbs. last fall. Hopefully that's all behind him. Keep an eye on Padraig... he's still got tons of game and I get the sense he's just about to find another gear on this tour.
  5. Up next is the seasons second major, The 104th PGA Championship at Southern Hills CC, Tulsa, OK. A good many in the field are coming off a fantastic tune up at the ATT Byron Nelson and, most would think, the winner is among that group. Last years unimaginable ending was really fun to watch but, unfortunately, there will be no chance of a repeat. As a consolation prize however, Tiger Woods will tee it up and see if perhaps he can set yet another record. Speaking of records, did you know that both Walter Hagen and Jack Nicklaus have won this event 5 times each? Or that Gene Sarazen, at 20 years old, became (and still remains) the youngest player to win this event? I was 0-2 on these . The weather looks like it will be cooperating with only a chance of t-storms on Sunday. It should be a great event and hopefully a close contest leaving us all biting nails and crossing fingers and toes for our favorites to make the cut and be high up on Sunday's leaderboard. I'm not quite sure who I'm picking yet but don't forget we have two pools this week you can be a part of; (Rob's Pool) and our weekly one below. Don't forget to make your pick for this weeks winner https://runmypools.com/JRMPNWWF. Good luck!
  6. WE HAVE A B2B WINNER!! Congratulations K.H. Lee!! He was a man on a mission and played really solid. He joins Watson, Nicklaus and Snead as the only players to defend the ATT Byron Nelson. I honestly thought they would eclipse 30 under but perhaps it was Sunday nerves showing? Jordan chasing all the way gave the local patrons plenty to get buzzed over, but it wasn't to be.
  7. Wow, congratulations to Steve on an amazing return to golf after his rather abrupt illness last year following the Ryder Cup event. For a brief period, he didn't know if he would ever be able to return to tour golf. But return he has in the last 3 weeks, and today picked up his 4th major victory on the Champions Tour at the Regions Traditions
  8. Awesome Tom, thanks for the added details. The one advantage I see with the OptiShot system, besides price, is that like GCQuad, GC3 it does not require the rather lengthy position behind the ball so the needed overall hitting bay length can be shorter. Of course, the downside is that it is not portable for range use. The other system that has my attention is the Garmin R10. Lot's of options out there and some pretty good H2H video reviews on YouTube.
  9. Dang it... I keep missing many of these B-day announcements. Happy Birthday to all of you!! @MattFit might help if we get this thread pinned at the top of the sub forum??
  10. The OptiShot video stated that it has issues with drivers (presumably due to height off mat?). Is this the case? If so, that would be a big con for me. The fore and aft floor cameras are and interesting approach but I'd be concerned about letting a non-golfer (or really bad golfer) hit . Have any of you that use this system compared its accuracy to other systems?
  11. Yah, that drive is definitely "position A". I'm often amazed how many AZ courses look like they could be located in much less hostile environs. That second photo looks like Anywhere, USA. I think this course was where I had the option to do my TrueSpec fitting on real turf.
  12. Just saw that former NFL player Danny Woodhead played a US Open qualifying event and was sporting a Sub Seventy hat. Any of his NFL fans been following him? He did advance to the final qualifying event... it could happen.
  13. -35 anyone?? Will a new 72 hole scoring record be set tomorrow? If it does happen, it won't be from the current record holder. I mentioned this in our FTx chat but TPC Craig Ranch should seriously think about a name change TPEC (executive) .
  14. I find that my attitude towards the game, not taking it as seriously and just enjoying the round, changed as the years rolled along. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still cuss myself and work hard at scoring but I no longer internalize it and shake off bad shots and rounds quickly. Golf much like my other hobby (fly fishing) do take place in really scenic places.
  15. Well, I didn't include another expectation many of us have, but since you responded
  16. I found the discussion about Harry's bag interesting and particularly his thoughts on head and shaft marriages (and divorces). It sounds like he find shafts at least as important in the equation. Also that he is "never going back to steel" in iron shafts now that he has his current set cut/installed correctly . For any of you high speed swing speed players who are of the mindset that string & glue shafts in irons can't possibly work, definitely worth a listen. It's also worth thinking about the long term wear and tear on joints that may not bother you now using steel but may later on. Interesting discussion about how the OEM's view having their current or future staff players wearing their logos. The example of DJ playing the Saudi event and TM not wanting him to wear their logo. So, as so many things go, the political optics will be in full zoom. It's going to be interesting to see how this facet of the Shark Tour plays out. The initial hard line stances could soften if (BIG IF) this tour gets traction. My question is how they will disguise the ball logos on the close-up slow-mo coverage? Harry's on record as saying that if he were to play in the league and get a $20M sign-on bonus, he'd donate it to charity.
  17. That's the interesting thing about your final comment as there are so many parallels between the two yet completely different standards in the court of public opinion. I too was really hoping he would "rip the band aid off" and get the media frenzy over with (well, maybe not 100%, but most anyway) but he chose not to and, at least thus far, we don't know why. Now, presuming he wants a chance at completing the grand slam, one would think he's faced with a tough decision on whether to simply make Brookline CC the place the event within the event will happen or a non-major event. And of course, if he plays the Shark Tour events, he may not be allowed to play a regular event (or may have to Monday qualify). Like Tiger, they both are up against Father Time and the grade up the hill increases at a faster rate as the years go by... cannot afford to let opportunities slip by.
  18. Oh wow, that sounds like fun. Be sure to take some pics and share . So your goal should be to post a score that beats at least one PGA player on any of their rounds... from the amateur tee of course.
  19. No argument having a fitter and using a LM to facilitate adjustments is best but it still would be nice to know how the lie changes with adjustments from nominal. I have seen a PING G series woods adjustment chart in various threads, blogs, etc. but there is nothing on the PING website that I can find other than the note I shared above. Again, I doubt it's much but it would be nice to know which direction lie angle moves with loft changes. Sounds like Callaway does not provide a secret de-coder ring either; do any of the mfg.'s clearly describe this?
  20. I would definitely need a vertical extension .
  21. That sounds like a lot of fun Carl. So be honest, while you're playing this Ryder Cup format, who are you secretly playing as; DJ, Scheffler, Xander...?
  22. This is a great thread and question. I've wondered about the lie changes that accompany a loft adjustment and whether, depending on the players swing mechanics, it could be a detriment. PING states that the lie angle in the club specs is "the average lie angle through the range of 5 setting positions" (56.5*), but not how much. So in the case of the SFT, which is a draw biased design, principally my internal weighting towards rear and heel, it's unknown how much of the weight based draw bias is offset by using the large minus setting (-1*). I wouldn't think much but really don't know.
  23. I'm going back to the "trust your fitter" mantra. Stumbled on this like new TSi2 with a Tensei Blue 65R shaft for fantastic price. Not the Diamana Thump 65R spec'd but worth a go.
  24. That's unfortunate and I hope he does at some point. The next question is whether he plays the Shark Tour?
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