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  1. 31 minutes ago, MGoBlue100 said:

    Watching the coverage, which is non-stop and shows almost all the players is pretty cool. Completely different than any PGA Tour or major tournament coverage.  I know it probably won’t always be like this once they franchise & sell the teams, but it’s an awesome way to watch golf right now. Also have a good individual and team competition happening right now.  I like JT Poston, but I can watch that finish tomorrow if I wish. 

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing... enjoy the "free ride" while it lasts.  If they really want to win fans, keep it free streaming 👍

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  2. 7 minutes ago, MGoBlue100 said:

    It’s a brilliant strategy. I’ve heard the agents are lobbying their clients very hard as well. More money = more commission. 

    Well, they are no doubt doing their best to "pump it up" so to speak, and sell the product, but watching some of the pre round interview segments, it does seem like a completely different feel than what we're all use too.  

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  3. Carlos Ortiz smoking hot right out of the gate... DJ not so much. This is not the same Carlos I had on my FTx squad 😏.  I'm now finding myself watching the team scores as much as individual scores.  They are reporting "sell out" attendance and there is definitely more depth and length to the galleries.  It's cool seeing some not so familiar players.

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  4. Being honest here, I haven't watched much of this event as I'm interested in the Portland/Pumpkin Ridge LIV event.  Part of that is that I can actually watch the LIV event free and w/o commercials.  With my Sling TV package, the Golf Channel only covers portions of each JDC rounds; which is fairly typical for me.  Also not helping that, for the first time in my 3 years of MGS FTx league play, I have no players making the weekend. 😢  

    Looking at the leaderboard and the -2 cut line, suggests that TPC Deere Run is looking like a deer in the headlights 😆

  5. On 6/30/2022 at 2:15 AM, GolfSpy_APH said:

    I truly wish I had any further update on anything to come. Potentially a tech device in the coming weeks, but unconfirmed. 

    Considering we had been trending in the 26+ opportunities per season for several years this is a massive drop off. 

    We knew to expect a dip in opportunities with the change, but were still led to believe it would be around 20. 

    I'll admit I'm a little at a loss. We may be having a member Q&A (live on zoom) with HQ members based around Most Wanted Testing, however I don't believe member testing is on the schedule for that..

    As a mod team we have expressed concerns over and over and over. Unfortunately they haven't yielded any change. Hopefully the missed opportunity is seen and changes are made to next season or the later half of this season. 

    For me all I can really say is I'm sorry...

    What's really crazy is all the work folks like yourself have been doing to keep the forum running well and improve the look and feel. I'm not going to tip toe around what's undoubtedly on everyone's mind here... testing opportunities are HUGE to the forums long term, top shelf position amongst golf forums. Sure, there will be a core group who will continue to exchange across the numerous subjects, but it's the product testing and, even more important, the unbiased, data-centric, forum member reviews that make it unique.

    The MGS Hit Squad/Most Wanted tests are great but, for me personally, I find the reviews by folks I know (some personally) much more relevant and meaningful.  I just met and played with one of the last CCC participants and got to see his set in action.  Also in the field was a D7 iron set tester who is still sniping pins with them. And finally, also met and played with one of the current Edel Wedge set testers -- even got to hit one!

    The Cobra Challenges have been really cool and generate a ton of interest.  I had half expected Adam et.al. to find a way to get the likes of PING, TM, Callaway, etc. to offer a similar testing opportunity and have OEM H2H contests... hey, a guy can dream right?  

    Here's the deal.  MGS has transformed my golf game. In the almost 6 years I've been a member, I've been fortunate to test the G410P driver, the Titleist "align" balls, the Maxfli Tour balls, and most recently the Evnroll ER5v putter. The driver, the putter, and the Maxfli Tours are still in the bag.  As a direct result of reading various forum tests and dialogue on the various sub-forums, I had my first LM fitting - moving me into 30+ year newer technology irons.  As a result of input from several spy's (they know who they are), concerning my chronic ailing left elbow and shoulder, I had a second fitting to find composite iron shafts... this change has quite literally allowed me to keep playing... pretty well, quite often, and pain free!

    Probably not likely, but I hope one or more of the HQ staff read this thread and this post.  I watched Adam's "who am I and what is the vision/purpose of MGS" video.  It connected with me.  Things change, they always do. It's hard to say what the future of the forum is... but my hope is that it dosen't remove a key ingredient to what has been a winning recipe. 



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  6. On 6/30/2022 at 2:28 PM, Kenny B said:

    You should have seen the hot dog Bill got at the turn last week at Wine Valley.  If we had played the MGS PNW outing here last year, it was 118º.  This way he can cook his own on his way to the course!

    The other benefit of the device is the free, protein-rich condiments, the amount dependent of locale and duration of the drive.  The optional rotisserie motor, wired through the volume control, assures even distribution 👍.

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  7. On 6/29/2022 at 5:49 PM, Kenny B said:

    @fixyurdivot is rumored to have invented a new way to cook hot dogs for his next MGS PNW marathon golf outing...  🤣


    You sir are in breach of the PNW Spy NDA.  You'll be hearing from our IP attorney. But, now that you've outed this revolutionary approach to wiener cooking, I may as well divulge that the magic sauce is siphoning wattage from the stereo and wiring it through the climate control knob.

    And, for the record, I ate two hotdogs over my 9 rounds of golf.  One at Palouse Ridge and one at Wine Valley... WV (6/10), PR (9/10) 🙂.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Bang60 said:

    Watching Liv 2nd round on utube, Ortiz joint leader with DJ and it's FREE...


    Same here. I hooked up up our spare laptop thru the TV. Watching tour golf commercial free... pinch me 👍. The coverage has been quite good as has been the caliber of play. They have some interesting graphics such as the "shot difficulty index", the hole difficulty "green, yellow, and red", and the high speed drone fly-overs. Yesterday, they were saying the technology is nearly there for them to "fly with the golf shot" - that would be interesting.  DJ and Ortiz definitely brought their A games today and it feels like a match play contest between them.

    Nice to see Brooks finding his groove on LIV... sure didn't have any mojo on my FTx roster 😏.

    It's shaping up to be a good Saturday finish... wait, what did I just say? 😆

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  9. 17 minutes ago, berkeleybob said:

    I don’t think a child learns to say, “When I grow up, I want to be the next Tiger Woods. But with an easier schedule.”

    Well, the general workforce has been pushing for a reduced standard work work for decades.  In some parts of the world, this has already happened.  The trick here will be to make sure they are playing when folks are off and can watch - without also looking over their shoulder 😆.

    45 minutes ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    As for the spectator they would get to see a smaller field filled with the biggest names in the sport. While most of these guys are past their prime and don’t have much chance of winning on the pga tour they still can play the game at a high level and that is fun to watch.

    For the game that is tbd but it’s still tournament golf at the professional level and it’s not bad thing, it’s different and time will tell if fans like 54 hole tournaments vs 72, not to mention there’s no cut so you get to see these guys play every roun

    Exactly.  I watch and have attended many Champions Tour events and they are still high quality venues and level of play.  I'm interested to see if this no cut format yields any "amazing come-backs". It's not out of the realm of possibility that a player who had a lousy day one cannot put B2B low 60's rounds together.


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  10. Interesting commentary from Matt Wolfe saying the 54 hole and team format suits him.  Playing one less round dosen't sound like much but I can see where for a good many that could make a big difference in performance. 

    I too didn't think much of the team format but I can see why the players like.  Even if one has a ho-hum round, their score could still be the difference.  That adds another dimension to the event.  Still not completely sold but it might grow on me.

    BAD only beat Troy Mullinax by one yard (404 vs. 403) at their informal LD face-off.  208 mph ball speed 😲

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  11. 19 minutes ago, MacTourney said:

    I saw the airborne flag ceremony, but did I catch the announcer's description correctly stating that it was a United States Air Force paratrooper dropping into the LIV event carrying a USA flag?

    That's what I saw/heard as well.

    24 minutes ago, PeterHenric said:

    Watching Phil makes me sad. He has a new look and that is of a drunk homeless person.

    That's funny.  Yeah, I'm not sure what prompted the disheveled look but he did say (US Open interview) that "Amy liked it and that it would stay until she didn't".  

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  12. 52 minutes ago, MacTourney said:

    Watching now but have no idea what's going on.  LIV website says coverage starts @ 4:00pm EST but there is feed on YouTube as I type and some kind of countdown timer on the screen.  Confusing.

    edit...maybe that was first event in London🤣

    It started on the horn - that's weird.  I will say that it is non-stop shot after shot after shot.  I like that you basically see almost every player on the course making shots as they rotate through the field.  I've already seen Na and Poulter go OB; Na just smoking one over the grandstand, and Poult's ball hitting a fan and careening OB 😆. Pumpkin Ridge looks pretty awesome.  It would be fun to see a PGA event played there.  Definitely lots of patrons on the grounds; will be interested to see the gate attendance totals.

    I've heard two f-bombs in the first few minutes (player/caddy exchange)... guess they don't care about tape delay 😱.

    Don't know for sure, but it looks like PReed may have signed the first LIV logo deal as his hat and shirt are both sporting the logo.  I wonder if that was a contract bonus option? 

    The teams for this event are group by nationality which gives it a little RC vibe.

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  13. So who else plans to watch the Pumpkin Ridge event?  I missed most of the London YT feed but plan to watch this event so I can get a better perspective on how this format and coverage compares.  

    Just poking around the LIV website, I can say that they have lots of improvement opportunity... kind of kludgy and unimpressive. For instance, you need a magnifying glass to read much of the subtext.  When clicking the "watch" link, it takes you too the London event.  Granted the event hasn't yet started (still and hour to go), but at least a "stay tuned" screen would be nice.


  14. On 6/26/2022 at 10:42 AM, chisag said:


    ... I wish I knew someone in Law Enforcement I could have called. Played with two 30somethings last year at Starpass in Tucson and one pulled his tee shot almost hitting a huge Saguaro so then they decided to TRY and hit it with several balls until they did. After the first attempt I told them it was against the law and one replied "so are a lot of other fun things"  We told them to go ahead of us and after several weak insults they did. We reported them to the ranger and he said without video evidence nothing he could do but he would talk to them. He catches up with us later and said they were "too polite" in denying everything and had no idea why we would lie or stop playing with them, which of course is pretty much an admission without being an admission. The guys in the video remind me of the two we played with:



    Mental midgets 🙄

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  15. On 6/27/2022 at 5:10 PM, gavinski91 said:

    And I would be remiss if, after all the pre-trip talk about eagles (or the lack thereof), I didn't give you all the eagle watch update. Surprisingly to me, over the 3 days that I played I had 4 looks at eagle, but unfortunately I still have yet to capture the majestic bird. One lip-out, two more in tap-in range, and a 66-footer that rolled past but never really had a chance. So for now, my profile picture remains the same and the hunt continues!

    I could be wrong here but am betting/guessing that you will check off the first Big Bird before leaving the "Still Aceless Thread".  You (and Kiren) absolutely smoke golf balls.  At those hitting distances, you'll have many attempts.  When your putt on #18 at Appletree left the putter, I thought you had it.  Just getting to that green in two shots from the blue tees was pretty impressive. For our readers, #18 has a seriously legit elevated green... I should know... I walked up that mountain 😆

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  16. With the PNW meet-up happenings and travel, I haven't really been paying too much attention to pro golf news.  I did see all the FTx chat bubbles race across my laptop with the news on who had WD from the JDC, and who has WD from the PGA Tour completely... nutzballs!  As I said in another thread, all this churn could be a real boost to some of the mid-pack players; who are by default moving up in the PGA Tour field rankings. 

    I wonder if television/streaming viewership drops off with the LIV event going on in Portland.  I'll be watching both to start and, depending on JDC coverage on the weekend, likely just watching the Pumpkin Ridge event.

    9 hours ago, bens197 said:

    I was pleased to read how well the JDC serves the community.  It’s definitely not the most heralded event on Tour yet the money it puts into the community is near the top among all events.


    Having done these PGA Tour threads for the past couple of years, I will say that I never realized how much BIG $$$ gets pumped into a plethora of charities all across the nation as a result of their events.  

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  17. 8 hours ago, GrumpyGolf said:

    Thanks @fixyurdivot for a great time today.  I enjoyed it and meeting up with you was a blast.  Hopefully Kevin will join up on MSG since we seemed to be recruiting him pretty hard 🤣 We'll see.

    Looking forward to next time and I am willing to be the host next year here in Boise.

    LOL, yeah, I guess we were working on him pretty hard.  Thanks again for the after round beverage!

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  18. PNW Spy Meet-up | Round 8 | Timberstone GC | Caldwell, ID 

    Today I met up with @GrumpyGolf(Wayne) for a round at Timberstone.  We had a single join us and we had near perfect weather - though a little hot on the final stretch. This is a really nice course, well maintained, and a very reasonably price.  It's a little off the beat and track but not too bad.  My only negative score goes to them not having pin flags with logo's.... what's up with that? 😉

    I carded a 44/41 with some local course knowledge help from both Wayne & Kevin.  There are some hidden trouble spots to navigate around.  I'm not sure what to make of the rather unique bunkers; other than hitting one of those railroad ties could yield some unexpected ball position. We had a great time and Wayne is ready for the 5th Annual PNW Spy Meet-up and willing to schedule a Boise area itinerary 👍.



    Tomorrow is my final round of this whirlwind trip; Blackfoot ID's local municipal along the Snake River.  9 rounds (9 1/2 if I throw in the 9 hole Pasco exec) in 10 days... piece of cake 🤪.

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  19. PNW Spy Meet-up | Round 6 | Wine Valley | Walla Walla, WA

    Add this one to your list folks... it's a fantastic golf course!  With the addition of two of Chris's business friends, the two groups split up by age; youngsters out as a foursome with Kenny, Martha, and I following along.  It was another bluebird, near perfect weather day - we definitely chose the right week for this gathering 👍.  I carded a 44/41 and only missed two of the narrow, thread the needle fairways 😆.  Definitely a finalist in my "coolest flag" design contest.



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