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    L.A.B Putters


    Congratulations to the testers!  Now onto the question everyone (well, at least me) has... does this unique looking putter produce strokes gained?  

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    Edel SMS Wedges

    3 hours ago, Clayton said:

    For the entry - I have access to a Trackman4 to compare my current wedges with these.

    So we're headed to Chris's @Thin2win's basement soon... cool 🙂

    Shout out to the folks at Edel for this opportunity.  They are really nice looking wedges and look forward to hearing about how they perform.  Good luck all!

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    L.A.B Putters


    Interesting design concept (and look) for sure.  12 Testers...wow!! Big shout out to the folks at LAB Putters for this opportunity.  I'll be interested to see how these perform against the test groups cherished flat sticks.  Good luck everyone.

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  1. And just like that, the 2022 Testers Wanted season is off 🥳.  Sub 70 is the real deal and quickly gathering a big fan base.  Good luck everyone!

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  2. Time for an update on my ER5v after having spent the winter in AZ with the B61 back home in Montana 😱. Having played the new flat stick all summer and early fall, I was pretty confident in the decision.  Oh, I thought about packing it as well but figured it was time to shed the "swimmies" and take the plunge. I had kept track of total putts/round after the testing over the summer play and continued doing so this past winter.  The +1.68 SG potential from H2H tests on the putting green was the carrot and, while I have no way of knowing for sure, believe the new putter is responsible for at least part of my improved index (10.3 to 9.6).


    Because our group often plays "fewest putts" for a quarter, I have some data from past seasons with the B61.  But most of that data is using a standard grip vs. the LHL I adopted just prior to testing the Evnroll.  Still, the new putter and grip are yielding about 1 less putt per round.  That dosen't seem like much but at least something and, as tough as fewer strokes are to come by, welcomed. But, being human and worse a golfer, it also leaves me wondering whether there is even a better putter out there or whether, from here on, it's 90%+ technique... archer not the arrow 🤔.

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  3. 54 minutes ago, Thin2win said:

    Yeah, ER2. And the speed loss in the center of the club face is part of the sauce that makes it work. The bigger grooves in the center means less actual club hits the ball, and therefore, less force. As the grooves get narrower towards the edges, more metal hits the ball which adds more force. This doesn't help with directional misses, but helps with ball distance. The face basically takes some distance off a center hit, so it can add that back on heel/toe hits. Normally a heel/toe hit ends up short, with this method and adding some back in, they should all roll out about the same. 

    But yes, switching from the EvnRoll to my TM Spiderx and back, the ER2 rolls slower. 

    I tried hard to assess the "Evnroll" aspect of toe/center/heel strikes in my testing but it's virtually impossible to keep the strike force constant.  I had read that about these putters leading up to mine arriving so I kind of anticipated it but it wasn't that apparent during the break-in period.  I've only started noticing it more of late.  Much better line to target but short more than to hole and slightly past.  Of course one of the rounds was on freshly punched and sanded greens, so there's that.

    My conclusion is that the ER5v is more stable, visually more confident, and I just need to spend more time practicing.  I actually like putting practice  but just don't have a course really close at hand (25 miles to Ennis). Still looking for the place in SCG where I'll undoubtedly become a clubhouse and range ho.

    Have you been rolling the Spyder as consistently as you did during the PNW meet-up (and particularly at Liberty Lake)?  

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  4. Just for fun, I took my PING B61 out to the practice green for some more H2H comparison with the ER5v.  I repeated the spoke-wheel sets of (5) from 5' and 10' and the ER5v only made one fewer total putts getting all balls in the cup.  I'm now really noticing the difference in look from address; the mallet providing lots more visual alignment. In particular how the talons/tangs create a directional pathway... if that makes sense?


    I then rolled several sets of (5) from about 30 ft. and found the ER5v coming up shorter across the group.  The B61 seems to really launch the balls further using, best as one can manually, the same level of impact. 

    I had read in the prior Evnroll putter tests that they tend to require more strike force than many other popular make/model putters.  I really didn't notice this much in my official testing but recent course play made this evident.  That's why I grabbed the old putter to see if it was more evident now - it is.  The B61 has no grooves, just a solid milled face. It could be the ER5v's groove design is grabbing the ball surface a bit more.

    As I mentioned in another thread, one of my focus areas right now is putting and, in particular, getting lag putts inside the 2 foot circle.  I'm staying with the ER5v and the LHL grip but now need to make sure I account for the less distance/unit force factor.  I don't plan to do more comparative tests simply because I think it will do more harm than good. I'm confident with the new putter but juts need to dial in the minor nuisances. 

    Question to all the other Evnroller's out there; what style putter did you change from and did you notice a loss in distance?

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  5. On 9/17/2021 at 8:06 AM, cnosil said:

    Did you compare against a steel shafted putter?   What benefit/loss is the Fuji shaft playing?  

    This is what I'm really hoping to get out of the tests/reviews.  If it does not change feel  in a manner that improves performance, I just cannot see how it offers benefit other than looks. Of course those that moved from Hickory to steel may have had their doubts too 🙂.

    Great work so far testers!  I'm just getting caught up on this and a couple of other reviews.  Hate to be a broken record but I simply don't find myself staying as current on product reviews as I did prior to the format change.  Maybe switch the current stuff to the front and the completed/archive stuff on the link?

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  6. What an awesome opportunity!  MGS and the OEM's are playing more hits than American Bandstand. Good luck to all that apply. I'll be looking forward to hearing the reviews and whose current gamers move into semi (or permanent) retirement.

    Shot Scope V3

    10 hours ago, Tom D. said:

    I want to know how on earth you have lost ANY tags, let alone a few?  Mine have been in my clubs for years (V2 user) and never had ANY issues whatsoever?  What kind of grips do you have?  And have you bored out the end holes for some reason so the tags don't screw in tight?

    Count me in the surprised how one loses RFID tags as well.  I no longer use mine but they screw in rock solid and take some effort to remove 🤔.

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    Shot Scope V3


    Congratulation Spies!  I use a V2 and have been on the fence about upgrading... even with the special prices... too cheap ... push me over the fence 🤣

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  7. 14 hours ago, Thin2win said:

    I'll say enjoy to any testers going for this. My lesson was learned and driver testing is off my plate. 

    Yea, based on how that SIM2/Accra combo is treating you, I wouldn't risk it either 🙂.  Nice selection of shaft offerings with this driver.  Could it put my G410P on the bench?  Hmmm 🤔.

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