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  1. Greetings Spies.  My name is Bill and I reside in southwest Montana. I'm ecstatic and honored to have been selected among the thousands of who applied to test the Stewart Q Follow Electric Caddie.  A HUGE THANK YOU to the folks at Stewart Golf and MyGolfSpy for providing this great testing opportunity!!  I find these forum-based product reviews to be very informative and meaningful.  Marketing claims are "put to the test" by fellow amateur players with no strings attached.  I have used these reviews as part of my recent equipment changes and will do my best to provide you all with a meaningful review of the Stewart Q Follow Caddie.

    Stewart Golf Q Follow – Stewart Golf USA

    A little about me.  I was introduced to the game by my Dad at 5 years old growing up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and played on the JGA for a few years before the family relocated to Sacramento, CA. I have always played the game but, like so many, went through periods where I played quite a bit and then not as often. I currently average about 70-80 rounds/year. For a brief time, I had a 7 handicap which is my personal best. Currently I'm playing to a 9.6 index and feel my game, overall, is fairly steady - approach accuracy and putting needing the most improvement.  I consider myself a pretty casual player with primary focus being simply to have fun.  While I like a little competition, I dislike it becoming a major focus.  IMO, some get a bit over-the-top when league or betting enters the equation.  After 30 years working in aerospace, I retired early and my wife and I moved away from soggy and very busy Puget Sound to the rural life in MT.  We live here until the snow fly's (I use porch snow shoveling events as my indicator), and then we head south to AZ for winter.  This affords me lots more golf and fly fishing time when I'm not working around the mini ranch with River, our yellow lab. 



    So as many of you may know, through our discussions on the forum, my preferred mode of travel on the course is walking. 

    18th hole at Wine Valley during this years PNW Spy Meet-up.


    Unless the course does not allow walking, I rarely opt for an electric/gas cart. To be brutally honest, I just don't like bouncing around, getting in/out and traversing the fairway.  Further, many courses limit where power carts can go (i.e. 90 degree rule, off fairways altogether, and green approach areas).  I prefer the cadence that walking affords - allowing me to think about the upcoming shot (or blowing off steam from the previous shot 😊). If I want to stay in the shade of a tree line as the group makes its way down the fairway, or just mosey along enjoying the sights, I have that option. Plus, it's great exercise and helps keep me stay loose - especially on colder days. I recently upgraded from a Sun Mountain Speed Cart to a Caddy-Tek EZ-V8 (which I did an unofficial review on here). 

    I've seen some of the various electric walking carts on courses and always was interested in them. At 62 years of age, I'm still in pretty good shape but will admit that some course terrain is beginning to tax the legs and lungs a wee bit.  Having a multi-mode, powered push cart seems like a great option. So when I saw the opportunity to test the Stewart Q Follow Caddie, I was really excited. From what I've read, this looks to be an industry leader in lightweight, compact design, and follow/tracker technology.

    A few questions that immediately come to my mind and are of interest include;

    • battery life and how much it drops off (or not) during a round or even 27 holes
    • recharging time
    • stability on side hills
    • ability to power through heavy rough and uneven terrain
    • do I have to switch out of follow mode when walking onto the greens and tees?
    • how easy is it to drive/steer using the remote?
    • and, ultimately for me, will having the powered functionality offer a seamless transition from my many years using a simple push-cart?

    If you have any specific questions or things you would like myself and other testers to investigate, please reach out to us and we'll do our best to cover them in our reviews. 

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