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  1. Is it just me or has the rounds/day on this thread been on an all time pace? The effects of a pandemic combined with a long winter no doubt . It's great seeing everyone getting out . I am a little surprised we don't have more "close encounter" entries but maybe that's just patina needing to be polished off?
  2. Dang, that is a pisser Rob. Make sure to remind the boss at some timely point about your committment to the job .
  3. Matt is among a handful of surprise underachievers this season. Certainly lots of golf left but nothing I've seen makes me think he'll suddenly become a serious East Lake contender. Yeah, that hitch in the giddy-up is flat out ugly.
  4. Whoa...wait a minute... who is this guy? Arguably the most talented journeyman player on tour who, many agree, has far too few wins, will be in the field to defend the title. Hard to bet against Rory and he has shown recent signs of finally breaking loose. There was a time not long ago where many thought he would dominate each season Tiger fashion. The event will be played at TPC Potomac Avenel Farm because Quail Hollow is busy getting their track ready for the Presidents Cup. While TPC Potomac has not been on the main tour schedule the past few years, it is rich with event history. I did not know this course only has two par 5's. Generally a tour players best friend, and better than average odds at eagle opportunities, I wonder how they like this set-up? I also did not know that the "Avenel Farm" suffix is in tribute to the historic "short horned" cattle farm... the largest in Maryland history. I finally picked the winner (Rahm) at The Mexico Open . Still undecided on this weeks pick in attempt for the B2B win. Maybe one of my young gun rookies (Cameron Young or Davis Riley?) Don't forget to make your pick for this weeks winner https://runmypools.com/JRMPNWWF. Good luck!
  5. Live CBS, in Montana's Rocky Mountains, does not exist ... at least on my Roku/Sling set-up.
  6. I lost my coverage on Golf Channel but it looks like Rham is going to get it done.
  7. Have you ever tried them? Are you a digger or scalper? According to most, that design favors diggers the most and really dosen't offer any significant advantage/disadvantage for scalpers. Having only hit them off the mat, my fitter was 99% sure I'd have no issue with them but I went to a Srixon Demo and verified just to be sure. I really like them, and this coming from G410's. The ZX7's or a combo ZX5/ZX7 would be worth a look if available at your fitting.
  8. A quick look on eBay suggests these became quite popular; their are pages of them for sale. TM kind of missed it on the finish though... lots of chipped white paint . So what was it about these? The speed pocket, the face, both?
  9. Switching gears here a little; how many of you have experimented with 2i Utility or Hybrid designs? Do these offer any added distance over 3w's? Thinking here along the lines of being able to launch them higher like the 5w but stronger loft.
  10. Well, my thought here is that I was fit to the KBS TD for my driver and would suspect it to be a match for a fw? The Alta CB 65 in my G400 is a stiff flex and, when I bought and tested that shaft in R flex, it offered no help in distance and dispersion was worse...so I'm thinking the S flex in the KBS would work. True, this violates all basic laws of a "designed experiment", but I no longer have to sell such things to program Chief Engineers and the FAA .
  11. Welcome to the forum @mtcowdog! As Chris mentioned, I'm located in the Ruby Valley near Sheridan and I get over to play Cottonwood Hills and Bridger Creek pretty regularly. If you want to meet-up, send me an IM.
  12. Hey guys. I'm looking at a Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 3+ (13 degree) with a KBS TD shaft (factory installed). I'm kind of thinking to try the "experiment" and see if this might work. It's like new and the price is right. @RickyBobby_PRjust sighed . I'm also thinking that if I don't like the head, I could remove the shaft, install a G400 adapter, and sell the head. Being this is a non-adjustable, fixed shaft, what if any issues might the pull the shaft plan involve?
  13. Srixon, Tour Edge, Sub 70, Wilson, Hogan... why limit yourself? Granted, the latter may not be available at fitters, but one could be the magic sauce. You should definitely try the ZX series. Also, I know you've been dealing with a few chronic injuries and this might be a good opportunity to see if a composite shaft works. As advertised, mine have effectively eliminated my elbow and shoulder pain.
  14. It depends on the course. Some with thick rough, deep woods, and lots of water (a couple I used to play in WA) were routine ball eaters... as in never to be found. Amongst the 10 courses I play in MT and AZ, I'd guess one "never to be found" ball every couple of rounds.
  15. You just added another contest for the event. The "best chunk" buys a round of beers .
  16. Oh hell yes I will... even if you drag that useless Mod @GolfSpy_BOSwith you .
  17. Welcome to the forum @Finsfan! I was born in Ft. Lauderdale and we used to go to the Orange Bowl to watch the Dolphins play. I was at many of their games during the 67-72 seasons and remain a fan to this day. If you haven't seen the PNW Spy Meet-up thread and our upcoming event 6/23-26 in Yakima/Kennewick area, check it out. We've been toying around with a Boise meet-up ... maybe next year?
  18. Jason, book a flight into Spokane and we'll pick you up at the airport .
  19. I played a 27 hole, 2 ball round today at Madison Meadows in 3 hours 31 minutes... walking! That's a Champions Tour event x 2. So why does it take them 3 days to play half that much golf? We got a break in the weather, so I decided after breakfast to take advantage of it. I also needed a haircut badly so it was a twofer deal. It's amazing how quickly the course in greening up. It was 90% brown a week ago about 80% green this week. Okay, so let's talk scoring. TP5 42/39/44 and the Srixon Q-Star 46/41/40. I'm too tired to do that math, but suspect this would have me in dead last place at the Inspirion this weekend . I drove the ball better than normal and putting was up to snuff but, a number of my approaches were offline left. Those are especially irritating when they are pin high . Advil and a glass of Merlot just now getting to work, and my wife has lasagna in the oven. The most pleasant smells are making me really hungry.
  20. I'll bet many that opted not to go this year will next year... their wives will demand it . The facility really does look nice. I believe there are a number of courses around the area and would make a fun destination.
  21. Speaking of numbers, when did this happen? You must have Brian constantly looking over his shoulder now . Nice going! Oh, and I officially don't like you anymore .
  22. Thus far, your reviews have me thinking the G3 is the system to get.
  23. For me, it depends on the style/look of the logo. Some are subtle (like my MMT's) and others very noticeable (like Project X). I would probably opt for logo down/backside of shaft from address.
  24. I presume you are using solvent & tape? That's the great thing about the compressed air method... take it on/off simple Simon.
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