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  2. The big concern for me with the electronic apps (I tend to use Arccos, Golfshot, GolfLogix in a round if I don't "know" the course) is the amount of time it takes to get the data needed for a shot. I use Arccos for general distance (front/back/mid green), GolfShot for hazard distances (front, back, to green) , and GolfLogix for green slopes for approach shots. I find when I get to the green all the books/apps are not nearly as easy as the Mark 1 eyeball. To help speed up time, if I am playing an unknown course and I really need to play well (tourney, etc), thats when I'll make a yardage book using Google Earth, data from the apps above. To have two simple pages to look at per hole that contains all of the above data without switching between apps and fiddling with a phone or watch is much simpler and greatly speeds up time. If I'm playing my home course or one I've played more than 3-5 times, I don't need any of this stuff and leave it in the bag.
  3. Fair enough. Agree on the inside swing data; it was a concern from the outset. I neglected to say earlier that my efficiency consistently showed in higher ball speed data (though even that may be suspect indoors). I accepted the limitation when I went in and one reason to review so many choices was to eliminate as many variables as possible during the process...
  4. He was very surprised at the efficiency. Said it was very difficult to fit me in anything else, due to the numbers showing. I was naturally delofting the clubs, which lead to a higher efficiency than otherwise I would have expected. The limiting factor for me was club head speed, it was much lower than it should be. My shallower plane but still getting the club back in a natural groove path in the downswing helped impart a lot more energy than someone may have otherwise been able to. However, the shallower swing also left a lot of club head speed on the table as well as my wrists naturally flatten so its hard to maintain wrist hinge and power through., so there's a tradeoff for my swing I need to dial in...
  5. As promised, here is my review of Club Champion, Houston... TLDR: A great fitting experience. I learned a lot about my swing and equipment, what works and what doesn't and most likely why. I took advantage of the 1/2 off for a full bag fitting (even though I won't be changing much of my bag). No pressure (or perhaps low pressure) to buy, I was focused on lookin at my driver and 3 wood. Had my fitting today. I was totally late. Due to an email snafu, I did not get the customary advance notice emails. I saw on my calendar I had a fitting today, but thought it was at like 1 pm. I called 15 mins before they opened and Chris, my fitter, informed me that I had a fitting in 15 minutes. I was working out at the time, so had to pack up the weights and get dressed and ran out the door (fortunately, with my clubs). Introduction Chris was completely relax and laid back during the entire fitting. I cannot overstate how relaxed that made me in turn (especially since my OCD was going haywire at being late). It immediately put me at ease and made it a lot easier to get fitted. Chris asked me what my priorities were for getting fitted and I laid out what I cared about - Driver, Woods, Irons, then wedges/putter last. Chris was respectful of my priorities and we got to work after a brief warm up. Background/My Bag To set the stage, all of my equipment was OEM stock. I have purchased regular flex in everything and base iron shafts for my irons. No customization, and no tweaks for lie/loft/bias. As I've always been fearful of going too far out there, I've been pretty loyal to the OEMs Driver - Callaway GBB Epic - 10.5 loft, Regular 3 Wood - Callaway, GBB 3 Wood, Regular 5 Wood - Callaway GBB Epic 5 Wood, Regular 3Hybrid - Callaway XR OSS, Regular 5 Hybrid - Callaway XR OSS, Regular 6 - PW Iron - Callaway Epic, Steel 56 Wedge - Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Black 60 Wedge - Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Black 64 Wedge - Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Black Putter - Titelist Scotty Cameron 2 Select Mallet (2016) I included my bag as the review includes what works and what (obviously doesn't) for my swing. Swing Characteristics MPH - I am about an 80-90 MPH club head swing (yeah, I'm 42... damn.) Swing Path (in to out for irons, more out to in than i'd like for woods/driver) Launch - I launch the ball high, with a LOT of backspin... Our goal was to reduce backspin while lowering, just a bit the launch characteristics Fitting Process Chris showed me the Trackman settings so I know they didn’t jack with the performance (not that it would have mattered as we were comparing everything to my swings with my gamers - raising the altitude to increase distance would have equally applied to my gamers). Fortunately, everything was set at near sea level and at 75 degrees. Irons As I expected, we started with irons after a quick warm up. What was unexpected, was my efficiency with the Callaway Epic irons. I was hitting them an average of 1.45 to 1.47 smash factor on the 6 iron. It wasn't going the distance I'd like, as I was hitting on trackman about 150s-160s yards with a club head speed in the 80s. Chris quickly noted that getting more efficiency out of other club heads was going to be troubling, but he'd try. We noticed an inconsistency in the path of the ball, which was something Chris wanted to focus on. We reviewed the data and it was obvious my path is very shallow from the top of the swing through impact. Ironically, it seems I'm able to correct that shallowness in the downswing and was properly delofting my clubs. I was getting a dynamic loft of 24-26 degrees on the 6 iron, so my impact characteristics were good. We tried a number of shafts and ended up in a bit lighter, and stiffer shaft (given my swing speed and torque, I needed a lighter shaft but that had more stiffness to convey energy to the ball). While this did not improve distance (much, maybe 5 yards on average), I was MUCH more consistent in getting the club head to the ball. We then tried a few new club heads (APEX, TaylorMade, Ping), but none came close to my gamers. The result we landed on was to keep my iron heads, but consider swapping out the shafts. Driver This is where Chris earned his $$$. My Callaway GBB Epic was just so poorly fit for me. I was getting upper 190s/low 200s in my drives and it was obvious the spin was the culprit. We switched shafts to many different shafts on my gamer, to keep the variables consistent (just changing shafts) and landed on one that felt and seemed to work best - VA Composites Drago 55 Regular Flex. This shaft seemed best fit for me as it was a lighter shaft, but had a stiffer tip and butt. This made it far easier to control and it showed in the results. I gained about 15 yards on the same strikes with the new shaft. We then went in search of a different club head as my efficiency was still lower than expected (1.38 - 1.40). I tried the Callaway Epic Flash and I swear I am now partially deaf in one ear. That bloody thing was so loud I felt like I needed noise cancelling headphones like at the gun range to use it and I told Chris if he had to fit people into it all year, he should put in for disability insurance. 3 hrs later and my ears are still ringing.... the bloody thing is a menace....(and this from a multi-year long time Callaway buyer). Just my $0.02 but still (and yeah, was hitting indoors so it's louder than outside, and still... ). Then I hit the Cobra F9... What a thing of beauty (avalanche colors, not the garish Porsche wannabe)... It was the fastest with ball speed (> 130 mph, club head speed), most distance and a 1.47-1.49 smash factor. After 2 hits I knew it was the one, and loved every strike with this club. Chris knew it as well, but we tried some additional clubs (TM, etc) just to be certain. Finally, a decent driver for my bag. Woods I normally hate woods, nay, I loathe them. I told Chris (no joke), I keep the 3 wood in my bag so when I get utterly pissed off at a shot and I need to throw something in the lake or snap it on my knee, I have an expendable club. The golf tees and the candy wrappers in my golf bag have more value to me than the 3 wood. After 1-2 shots it was obvious this was NOT my club. I killed so many virtual worms on the trackman simulator, I felt bad for them... We shifted out of my gamer shaft to the new one and the results improved somewhat but was still topping it. We then tried the Cobra F9 fairways...this was closer..but still left some yards on the table. Ping G400s, oddly have a squatter, flatter base. With my shallow swing and my AOA, this was MUCH easier to hit off the deck. Hybrids I hit my gamers and was regularly getting 1.45+ smash factor. Chris gave it a valiant effort, but nothing came even close. We quickly agreed to move on and not touch them. Wedges Same thing here... I was hitting the wedges so good, there was nothing we would add to the game by changing them so Chris suggested that we not even bother. This really actually endeared me to CC, as with Iron heads, hybrids and wedges, it was clear we weren't going to get benefits from changing things substantially. Chris encouraged me to keep those clubs. Putter Starting out, I told Chris I didn't plan on changing my gamer. I love my Scotty and have it dialed in where I like it. I sunk 7 out of the 10 (12 footer) putts. 3 I left short by 2 - 3 inches and at least one was on the verge of falling in. I naturally deloft my putter 1-2 degrees for control and due to my stroke and it just works with the Scotty... The analysis showed that my stroke was good except maybe the angle of the putter was a little low (the sweet spot was between 30-45 degrees and the Scotty was at 30). I asked Chris to try something more in the analysis sweet spot, to try it out. The first Ping blade he gave me was MEH. Did not like it. I have found over the years that lighter putters cause me to move and flick my wrists more than I'd like, so I prefer the heavier putters as it feels like I don't have to work much, but let the MOI and gravity perform it's magic. Chris then showed me a Bettinardi Queen Bee 5 putter. This immediately felt fantastic (even better than my Scotty which surprised me), and I holed 9 out of 10.... This is difficult because I wasn't planning on changing this and even though there was marginal improvement, it felt... natural, like I wasn't forcing anything. Summary I ordered the driver and am reviewing options on the rest. I cannot say enough good things about the fitting or Chris (and I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to get fit in the Houston area). This was a great experience and one I'd repeat in a heartbeat given the chance. The clubs are crazy pricey, but my experience at Club Champion, there wasn't a used club salesman experience others have reported. Chris was laid back and was willing to talk things through and when I pushed back he was respectful and understanding. The Epic Flash still makes me shudder hours later. They should have put a sound/cringe algo into that supercomputer......
  6. I actually purchased a gaming desktop. It was a man cave that I built out for my advanced years syndrome. I purchased an alienware mini desktop with a decent-ish video card and cpu (the mini-desktop is cheaper than a laptop) and built a small cabinet for the desktop, hd receiver, and other video bits for the projector, tv, and everything else in there. It's effectively 3 rooms in 1 - a movie room projected on the impact screen for my family, a tv room for sporting events and a golf simulator. I built most of it by hand, including the cage and the blackout curtains, to make it far cheaper than otherwise would have been... Getting the projector right was the most difficult as I wanted a good short throw projector with HD capabilities for movies but also has the right lumens so everything would seem as realistic in TGC as possible. My advice - look at the refurbished dell stuff (or whatever brand you feel comfortable with) to get something in spec that is still affordable. Look for a mini desktop or desktop rather than a laptop to save some $$$ as well. It can be done, but takes some effort to get it laid out. Happy to share my specs or answer any questions you want about the room...
  7. First, congrats on your purchase! I've had a Skytrak for a few years and really can say without hesitation it has helped me more than anything in getting my swing/game dialed in. A few suggestions and thoughts: 1) Check out the Skytrak forums on the golf simulator forums. The company has some of the tech developers in charge of the software often posting on those forums so its a great place for info and connecting with other Skytrak users... There are many FAQs to help answer common issues and problems as well. 2) I found that the USB connection to my computer was far more reliable than WIFI...so may be something there to help with the misreads, if you are using WIFI 3) The height of the device also affected my reads. I have a Fiberbuilt mat I hit off of and there isn't enough room on the mat for the Skytrak. When it's lower vertically than the mat, it can have trouble detecting shots. I ended up putting a thin piece of wood under the device to raise it so the bottom of the skytrak was level with the top of the mat. That reduced a lot of misreads 4) Try hitting 1-2 inches behind the red dot. Higher lofted clubs may not trigger the Skytrak's laser curtain depending on your AoA and how quickly the ball elevates. Moving the ball back a bit tends to help for many clubs... 5) Consider investing in the Skytrak protective case (metal not plastic one). I'm embarassed to say I've shanked a few that would have done some real damage if I didn't have the protective case. The case itself also comes with some risers to help raise the device which can help with the issue in number 3. 6) May not immediately be in the cards, but eventually look at TGC 2019 simulator software. There's something amazing playing Augusta with the Masters in the background or playing The Old Course. Many of the course recreations are painstakingly precise and you can play different yardages to see exactly how difficult the PGA tour is. There's an online tour community that even plays courses recreated or similar as the PGA tour the same weeks as the tour events.... fantastic for rainy days. All in all, enjoy the Skytrak! I really have enjoyed mine thoroughly... feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  8. I appreciate all the feedback; I am happy to be upfront about my cost and desires... should I just say I am willing to look at more exotic driver and wood shafts but want stock or oem provided up sell options for irons?
  9. Plan on doing a full bag fitting (mostly just curious what works best for me). I don’t plan on buying anything but a driver this season as my irons are really only 2 yrs old (unless I’m really using something way off). I got a putter last year and absolutely won’t be replacing that one yet. im a data geek, so seeing how my results are changed by different club/shaft configs is important. I’m not a good golfer but have in the past just picked my traditional oem’s latest game improvement clubs. I really question if they are best for me (should I be in graphite, should I be in sgi, is Callaway they best style club for me)?
  10. I’ve been a long time hacker of the golf club and have decided this year to take the plunge and get fitted for clubs. I have a few questions about it and hope the folks on here could help me out. I have a reservation at club champion here locally in Houston because I wanted to be oem agnostic and find the best manufacturer for me (be it pxg or tour exotics I care much more about performance than labels). I tried hitting at golf galaxy and felt total pressure from them to hurry up and buy; their limited selection didn’t help and it almost felt like they were getting a bonus to move extra stock at the eoy instead of picking what works best for me. i am similarly concerned about going to a oem specific fitter as they are really going to fit only their equipment and I really am not sure which will work best for me. I do have the luxury in Houston of pga tour superstore in Katy being an option or club champion. So a few questions, 1) any suggestions on where to be fit (concerned about the club champion up sell here - is it worth it?) should I prefer a Pga store? 2) what should I be noting in the fitting to find similar shafts/clubs? I assume swing weight, kick point, flex? Anything else? 3) is it worth it to get those preferred characteristics and then shop for shafts that fit those parameters or are all shafts so different you really have to hit it to know? 4) any recommendations for fitters in Houston area? Willing to go to Katy or sugar land or Pearland if needed appreciate any insights or thoughts!
  11. I use a garmin watch and a yardage book. I've found that GPS on my phone isn't bright enough for me to see. The Garmin watch gives me a good yardage to the center of the green, and the yardage book gives me yardage to hazards, back of green, front of green (with simple math). I've been making yardage books for courses around here as its "face melting" hot outside...a good off season activity to do. The real difficult part is finding a source of information for green data (I like knowing the slope of the green, not Stackaline detail, but general run out) for approach shots.
  12. Hi, Shawn from Pearland tx. Interested in comparing arccos 360 with arccos 1.0 that I currently use. Also use a Garmin Approach GPS watch to compare distances 11-ish handicap as of this morning Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. New to MGS forums, very inconsistent (frequency and accuracy) player. Glad to be here and playing more than ever (~10 handicap)
  14. Welcome to the forums Bryndom :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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