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  1. So, here's one for the record books.  I played this past weekend in 3 hours and 40 minutes.  We rolled from the #9 green right into the waiting line of carts on the #10 tee.  We had plenty of hydration and didn't need to hit the club house at the turn.  And for the back 9 we still waited on 3 holes and a few sessions of " duck and cover" from the group behind us. Oh and we did miss the fairway on occasion and had to scour the tree line for the errant "fade".  Not sure how this happened but I am willing to bet it is an isolated occurrence but I am not complaining 🙂

  2. Date 05/28/2023
    Course Name Chickasaw Golf Club
    Gross Score 99
    Course Handicap 21
    Gross Strokes over/under par 27
    Net Score to Par 6
    Net Score 78
    Net Birdies or better 6
    Longest Drive 246

    I was able to play a local state park course that "used to be" a Bear Trace Course designed by Jack Nicholas.  It closed several years ago and reopened.  The layout is still the same as before.  Fairways are ample but challenging.  Layups are recommended unless you are a long hitter. All greens are elevated and protected.  The best part of the day, my father and brother were my playing partners.  

    *Question.. I am not sure I am calculating these net birdies correctly.  Does anyone have a recommended site that can explain the process? * 


  3. Date 05/22/2023
    Course Name Lakeland Golf Club
    Gross Score 102
    Course Handicap 18
    Gross Strokes over/under par 31
    Net Score to Par 13
    Net Score 84
    Net Birdies or better 0
    Longest Drive 247

    First round after a two year healing break and it was cart path only.  Two holes with decent drives. Two irons shots to the front of the green,two chips and two one putts = 2 pars. Everything else about the round shall be erased from memory 😂😂

  4. All great comments here.. I have gone covered or uncovered at various times.  For some, I am sure it can be a form, function or even fashion statement. For me, an iron cover decision is functional to keep the bag chatter down or keep from losing a badge off the back of an iron.  As I like to tell my buddies that play, "My sponsor dumped me so I am out of pocket for equipment".  With the high cost of equipment I try to keep my gear cared for. Not that is helps residual value, but if I want to give my set to my son or brother when I upgrade, I would like the irons to be presentable at the very least.  And if someone like my choice of iron covers, great.  If they don't, that's great too, either way it's a conversation.

  5. To start, I really appreciate the time and effort the MGS staff dedicates to ball testing and data analysis. The results a couple of years ago prompted me to switch from Chromesoft to Maxfli CG.  Reviewing the data, the performance for me was somewhat of a push.  I hit balls in the water and the woods, so cost is a factor for me:)  In the last two seasons, I have improved.  I hit more fairways and a few more greens.  This is most likely a result of practice and effort, not a switch in golf balls. If I can increase my swing speed and consistency, I might consider another switch.

  6. Have you thought about sand blasting?

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    Yup. I had a wedge that I did all of the work on by hand. I flattened the face with a file and regrooved manually etc. Afterwards I found a local shop and offered lunch or a reasonable fee to give the head a light blast after I taped it off really well. Then I started painting.

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  7. Use the Joe Rogan podcast code and get a free mug if you do. Been drinking their stuff a while, I select my own roast every delivery because if you order at the wrong time you’ll get the same delivery every 2 weeks. I order from them bimonthly and buy a couple other bags from local places as I drink a LOT of coffee.

    Nice. Thanks. I will.

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  8. All these old blades look totally fantastic. I always wanted to hit my grandfathers Wilson Staff blades from the late 60’s but I was not allowed. I’m sure that is normal and I am certainly not the ball striker he was so it was totally fine. Skip ahead 35 or so years. I would never think of hitting his Staff’s although I am sure there is still magic left in them. But I did score a full set of 1972 Wilson Staff Button Backs with the woods. I have always planned to try a restore and maybe game them. I will keep an eye on this thread in case there is a classic bag challenge

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  9. I agree about keeping the courses open. I have only see the “pool noodle” method. The lifting gadget seems like it would be a back saver but I have noticed a couple of courses that take the flag out and drop it at night. It seems the disks or handles could damage the green.

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  10. Have you tried this yet?  I'd be interested to see if this works...

    Sorry for the delay. Had some family health issues and not really thinking about golf. But. I did receive the SuperStroke attachment and the shot scope tags would need to be shaved down to fit. I have not tried to mod it yet. About 1/32 would need to come off the external diameter. Just haven’t had time and I don’t know the thickness of the casing on the tag. Another option would be a blast motion oversized putter grip adapter but
    it is a bit oversized for the SuperStroke I have. Now that shotscope has made available extra putter tags Without the threaded shaft that is probably the way to go

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