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  1. Two Christmas’s ago I received 4 dozen chrome soft. They mostly sleep with the fishes now. I switched to the maxfli cg balls after looking at the data in the MGS buyers guide. As unskilled as I am it is probably all in my head but they seem to go longer and straighter. Also. Dicks has them on sale through the 13th with free personalization.

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  2. I'm considering switching putter grips to a superstroke and adding the weight  to the grip.  However, the normal method to attach a shotscope tag will not work since there is no threaded hole in the grip end. 

    I am thinking about removing the threaded end of the tag and using a super glue or similar to affix the shotscope tag to the weight.  Has any else attempted this ?  



  3. My Father hooked me on the game.  And his Father in Law (my Grandfather) introduced him.  Reformed him from the evils of Baseball, I like to say 😆

    And I try to get my son to play.  He does occasionally 🙂. Perhaps he will play more as time allows.

  4. On 8/22/2019 at 7:19 PM, Maltenator said:


    There's too many on the market to choose from. Anyone have a specific brand they like to use? Looking for a clip on that I can take with me to the green to wipe my ball, hands, wedges. Not looking for a beach towel.


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    As mention by many the club glove two packs are nice. I also carry 1 or 2 of generic trifold towels with the grommet And the clip. The trifolds can completely cover a putter or wedge grip during early morning rounds when you need to walk to an approach side shot and lay one club in the grass while hitting. Oh and the frogger brand magnetic clips are nice. No fumbling with a snap hook. Just get the magnet close to the holder. Or to snag a club on the ground if necessary 😎

  5. On 10/4/2019 at 12:58 PM, CHoyle14 said:

    I just recently got fitted for irons and the main reason was to eliminate the left side miss.  I was playing standard clubs (Ping iblades) and my miss was a 10-15 yard hook.  The fitter said the first reason for the hook was the shaft I was playing (Project X 5.5), my 7 iron swing speed is in the upper 90's.  He also suggest that I go +0.5" due to me being 6'1" and adjust the lie to 2° flat to help with the miss left.  So, with that information out there, I was fitted into the Wilson Staff Staff Model irons with Dynamic Gold X100's.  What's the problem you ask?  Now I miss right....and I mean right!  I can still draw the ball, but it takes a lot more effort than it should.  I would be happy with a little fall to the right, but starting right and going right (10 yds) is not what I want.  So fellow Spies...Is it me or the fitting?

    I am by no means a fitter and no where near your skill level but bens197 and rtracymog have good points.  The new set has has more that two significant changes. 

    Based on your skill level, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's probably not your swing

    Question..Did the fitting include an outdoor range session to see true ball flight and turf interaction?

    im 6'2" and hitting +1 but my clubs are 2 Up instead of 2 flat.  I'm not sure how many fitters still use a lie board  but that was key when the fitter was recommending my lie angle and i'm sure that was based on my path to the ball.

    Also, If you still have the ping's, extend and bend your favorite to see if the ball flight changes.


  6. 10 hours ago, romeopapazulu said:

    Rev, I think if the OEMs were pushing a club selection strategy to make more money, they would be pushing more $400 woods than $200 wedges. 

    I can count on two hands  in the last year that I have used my hybrid, driving iron or 4 iron. I hit that many wedges less than two rounds. 

    Broadie showed how Tiger smashed the field in his prime. I just don't see how the typical amateur is going to improve that much trying to learn how to stick 4 and 5 irons in birdie range. 

    I had a laminated card with all my partial wedge distances.  It made selection of a wedge a 5 second process. I lost it and have reverted to a one wedge tactic and my game is suffering for it. 

    I have started using the rule of 12 recently when I am in chipping range and have liked that a lot. 

    Question...what is the rule of 12 please?


  7. On 9/23/2019 at 6:55 PM, Tarheelvolvo said:

    When it rains, it pours...wedges! So after reading through this and thinking about my gaps sub 130yds (current full-swing GW @ 48*), I went and bought a couple Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges @ 54.12 and 58.10 to compliment my PW & GW. However, upon mentioning this to a couple buddies, I was also forcibly donated a Cleveland CG11 52*, a Cleveland RTX3 56*, and another Ping Zing 2 @ 60*. So now i'm overrun with wedges and need to figure out which is best for my game. 

    After playing a round last Friday with the Ping's I'm really liking the feel, turf interaction, and grip/spin they create. Still need to get them dialed in a bit at the driving range to understand their capabilities better. I'll give the others a try too and see what range they offer with a shot scope. 

    Speaking of new wedges - what are your guys thoughts on matching shafts to irons? Right now I have KBVS Tour 105 stiff +1" on my irons and feel like the wedges make me hunch over more than normal, given the extra length in the irons. Once I find the right setup, should I get them reshafted? Is that overkill? 

    I just purchased hogan wedges and had them built to my spec. I felt it would help since the set wedges they replaced were upright and +1. I don’t think I could have hit them otherwise

  8. Great info Rev

    I think I understand where you are coming from here. I have two set wedges,  PW and AW in the XR-OS's along with two old Renegar's which I always left in the garage because they were "non functioning" (wink) .

    The AW has always been a full swing 70 yards and the PW a full swing 90 yards.  I have tried for many years to employ the Pelz 3 swing method.  Occasionally it works, most of the time it's just ok.  So, in an effort to have some consistency under 70 yards AND have something that will actually have a chance to hold a green, I decided to try some Hogan's.

    I picked up a TK 44 and three Equalizers ( 48, 52 and 56 ). Once they arrived, off to the range I went.  I can say that I now know the Equalizer 52  is a solid 50 yard club for me.  The 44 can replace my set PW .  The jury is still out on the 48 and 56 as I just have not had the time I would like to practice with the new tools.

     The pro of the decision.

    Feel and versatility from the forged clubs AND I now have a change to hold a green as they will definitely impart actin on the ball that I have never been able to achieve with the the set wedges. 

    The cons of the switch.

    I found that I have to commit to learning HOW to hit these clubs as they are not Game Improvement models.  AND  Now I have two more clubs that may or may not have a place in the rotation in regards to yardages.

    I guess Time will tell..... AND they are Really Nice Looking Clubs   IMHO 🙂


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