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  1. I had a similar issue years ago. I ended up using a generic elbow support with pressure pads. It had a Velcro strap to put pressure on a gel pad. It is a tight sleeve that also supports and covers the elbow. It didn’t really hinder movement. You can pick them up at a pharmacy store so it is an inexpensive fix and might help

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  2. I found a shorter length put me in more fairways. That's not scientific by any means but just by noting I hit the fairway on my scorecard. I tried several longer ( today's standard) shafts and I had no control. Not that I have that much now but it seemed to help me. And I did not loose distance that I could tell.



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  3. I agree with PlaidJacket. I just returned from the range where I was hitting a 20 plus year old first flight driver. It goes about 210. Considering age of the test robot and declination in swing speed the club is just fine. Note. I use that small head to focus on strike since that driver head could fit inside my current driver and still have room to move around



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  4. Nice. That's gives me an idea. I am moving. Perhaps I should place my 72 staff button backs around the house at strategic locations for the next home owner



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  5. @harveydiamond

    Fully agree. After progressives I took the glasses off to play. That only lasted one season. After I literally missed the ball on a few approach shots I put the glasses on . It took about three range sessions to realize exactly what you said. When the head and eyes stay put so does the ball.

    Now I can't play without the glasses.



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  6. I currently use the Adams Red 22*. I still carry a 4i as well as the hybrid replaced my 5W. I may drop the 4i for another wedge. I enjoy the Adams Red. It's not the most used club in my bag, but does come in handy.



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    XR OS 2up 1over

    BB 454 driver -1

    Razor fit 3w

    Nickent 3h and Nickent PP-001

    yup. Original owner

    In Tennessee with an 18 handicap


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