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  1. After a couple weeks off due to injury I did a return to form workout today and was disappointingly slow.
  2. Been struggling lately with the third program of my Stack System swing speed training. Have had several things come up that interrupted my schedule and my Grit Score took a slight hit. Lots of excuses: Hurricane power outage followed by cleanup of debris. Tweeked a muscle in my back and neck from the cleanup, Club Championship, Club Ryder Cup event, reinjured neck and back muscle. The bottom line is my swing speed has plateaued or even taken a slight hit.
  3. 4th workout complete of my Full Speed Spectrum 2nd program. Kind of stuck.
  4. Excited to see that there will be a number of people getting the opportunity to test and review the Stack System soon. It ought to add some life to this thread. If not this thread, maybe the threads can be combined. Been using the Stack System for 4 months and just started my 3rd program of workouts. In that time I’ve picked up 12 MPH of swing speed. Looking forward to seeing similar results from the testers.
  5. Took a break for a week from doing the Stack System workouts because I hurt my back doing non golf related stuff. Grit Score took a hit as expected. Completed my 3rd workout of the 2nd round of the Full Speed Spectrum program yesterday and picked up right where I left off. Still in kind of a plateau at the moment. Made a fair amount of gains early on and now kind of stalled a bit.
  6. Haven’t updated y’all recently. Finished the Full Speed Spectrum program this past week and did my Progress Check. Up another 4 MPH. Total swing speed increase since starting with the Stack System in April is 12 MPH!! Was recommended by the app to repeat the Full Speed Spectrum program and completed my first workout this morning
  7. A couple of days in the car coming back from my place in Wisconsin didn’t help my Stack training. Was a little late in doing my workout so the grit score took a little hit and I was slower this morning. Fortunately it didn’t hurt my golf game. Played with the men’s group and had my best round of the last month. Two close ups. Low gross award for my 74. One of my three birdies held up and I won all my side bets!
  8. Added a 7W to the bag a few years ago. The top of my bag now is Driver, 4 wood, 7 wood, 5 hybrid, 5 iron. Playing the Tour Edge E723 7 wood now and it is so easy to hit. It is in the place where my 3 iron would be. Cobra LTDx 5 hybrid replaced my 4 iron.
  9. Reached several personal bests during yesterday’s workout.
  10. Got a full set of the 195g weight to 101 MPH yesterday for the first time!
  11. Did my workout at 7AM before golf today.
  12. Another workout in before golf today. Playing from the tips at Spooner golf club for the first time. Called off the course due to lightning after 6 holes. Rain Check!
  13. It happens. Might be under warranty. Contact whoever you bought it from and see what happens.
  14. A little different workout today and it seemed to help me. First time I reached 100 MPH for a full set with the 195g weight!
  15. Another workout yesterday. Continue to see some progress.
  16. This is what happens when you are in a rush and don’t take the time to warm up correctly.
  17. @Mediocre Golfer Here is the baseline and progress check for the Foundation program.
  18. Finished my 4th workout of the Full Speed Spectrum program today. First time doing the step swings and was a bit awkward at first. My last two swings with the 195 gram weights were my best ever at 101 MPH.
  19. Great practice round yesterday at Legacy Golf Links. A fun and pretty course in good shape without too much trouble that eased us into the area. Today’s 36 hole extravaganza is going to be a tougher test I expect.
  20. @Brother Daveand I have arrived. We are going to have a practice round at Legacy Golf Club in Aberdeen, NC. We have fueled our truck and our bodies with Buc-ees brisket sandwiches and ready to roll.
  21. 2nd workout of the Full Speed Spectrum program completed. Switching between Full and Max intent swings seems to be confusing me a bit with some slower speeds than what I was seeing at the end of the Foundation Program.
  22. Looks like a bunch of good golfers in the group, but of varying ages and swing speeds. If most of y’all are committed to playing your own ball then I would say be equally committed to playing whatever tees each golfer wants. If you end up making too many birdies and are having too much fun you can always move back a set of tees during the next round. Speaking of birdies, I’m happy to get an optional birdie or skins pool going for those interested. Probably should agree on a few things as a group such as whether to “Play it down & putt it out” or “Roll it in the fairway & inside the leather is good” Playing on new courses with people you don’t know well can be stressful. I know it is for me. My hope is that we can be relaxed, have fun and try to be chill out there. Looking forward to seeing and being with all y’all in a few days!
  23. Just curious, what tees or yardages do y’all normally play from? I normally play from the Blue tees at 6200 yards. @Brother Dave normally plays from the Gold tees at 5300 yards.
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