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  1. Just put in a new set of irons. I really have been enjoying the Corey Paul wedges that I put into play last year. After looking for some possible replacements for my Titleist AP3 irons earlier this year I stumbled across a couple sets of Corey Paul cavity back irons on Ebay a while back. I played around with them a couple of months ago but wasn’t ready to put them in the bag. After changing grips on one of the sets and adjusting the lofts and lie angles I decided to try them again. After three rounds I’m looking forward to more. The shafts are KBS $-taper 120 gram stiff in the dark finish.
  2. The top end of my bag is still a work in progress. As I mentioned in the original post I’ve been struggling to find the elusive Fairway wood unicorn. Here is where I’m at for now. The Tour Edge C721 25 degree hybrid with the KBS TGI 80g shaft is my new 200-205 yard club and has a medium trajectory with a draw. The Tour Edge XCG7 28 degree hybrid is my 175 yard club and flies very high and does not draw. The Tour Edge XCG7 21 degree 7 wood is very good off the fairway from 215-220 yards and if I miss it tends to be right which is unusual for me. The Tour Edge EXS Ti 21 degree 4 utility club is a very handy rescue club and is very easy to hit low running shots 200 yards. Addictively easy. A fun club. I have found it to be difficult to hit short because the face is so hot. Great unless I have a long carry. For that reason I keep it in reserve for windy days and for playing specific courses. The Taylormade SIM titanium 19 degree 5 wood with the Diamana limited 75g stiff shaft is in my bag. Great off the tee. Ok off the fairway. Have it set to 17.5 degrees and it performs well for the one or two shots a round that I use it. Not crazy about the sound or feel though. Tied my best round ever a couple of weeks ago playing with our Men’s group. Shot a 68 with 8 birdies. A personal best. Decided to move back a set of tees after getting a bunch of crap from everyone. Will play the back tees until the end of the year as we are only allowed to switch tees twice a year. As a result of the switch I will probably be using my mid irons and hybrids a lot more. Will hopefully help my game and force me to develop my approach game a bit. Heading north to Wisconsin for a month and look forward to a change of scenery and some different courses to play.
  3. I also bought a Tour Edge CBX 119 16.5 fairway wood recently with the Evenflow Blue 5.5 65 gram shaft. Love the way it looks, feels and sounds but it is producing high hooks for me. The shaft is just a little too soft. This club is one of several that I got recently to try and replace my Tour Edge EX 10 16.5 degree 4 wood, which had also started hooking on me. I just replaced the shaft in the EX 10 to try and fix the hook issue that way as well. The other fairway woods being tested are the Tour Edge EXS Pro 18 degree 5 wood with the Tensei Orange 75 gram stiff shaft and a Taylormade SIM Ti 19 degree 5 wood with the Diamana Limited 75 gram stiff shaft. So far the Taylormade SIM Ti 19 degree 5 wood turned down to 17.5 degrees seems like it is beating out the other contenders.
  4. Thanks for the lead tape tip. I will try it.
  5. A month or so ago I was sitting on the back porch of the clubhouse with some members of the Men’s Group sharing a post round libation and solving the world’s problems when the conversation turned to finding the elusive perfect fairway wood. The conversation started with this question: Is there a more difficult club to find than a Fairway Wood that is accurate, long and straight off the tee and also easy to get in the air when hitting off of the deck? The conversation was heated at times. Opinions varied. Generally though the participants agreed that if you looked into most golfer’s bags that the oldest club in the bag would either be a fairway wood, a hybrid or a putter. Universally however there was a common refrain about “the one that got away.” As in, “I had this club once and I should never have gotten rid of it.” It seemed especially true of Fairway woods. The consensus among the group was that the 7 wood is the easiest of the fairway woods to hit off of the deck but it just isn’t quite long enough. The 4 & 5 wood had their fans and most people felt they were easier to hit off the tee and off the deck than a 3 wood and just as long in most cases, but still not as easy to hit off the fairway than the 7 wood. The 3 wood was almost universally scorned as hard to hit off of the deck. For a little while now I’ve been playing with a Tour Edge EX 10 16.5 degree 4 wood and a Tour Edge XCG7 21 degree 7 wood. Both have the Fujikura Fuel Red 60g stiff shaft in them. Over the last year I have gotten a little stronger and my swing speed has increased and the shaft in the 4 wood has started to feel a little soft and I’ve been fighting the hooks with it off the tee. The 7 wood being a little shorter seems stiffer and doesn’t hook. So once again I’ve embarked on the Fairway wood Unicorn hunt. As a result of an epic clean out the garage episode, I traded in a bunch of old clubs recently and through the combination of trade-in bonus offers and some of the clubs being still in demand I found myself with quite a bit of store credit to use to underwrite the hunt. First I got a great deal on a new old stock Tour Edge CBX 119 16.5 degree 4 wood with a Project X Evenflow Blue 65 g 5.5 shaft. Loved the way it looks, feels and sounds. Unfortunately high hooks again. Should have gotten a stiffer shaft. Not returnable. Damn! Then I took a risk and picked up a Mint condition demo club, also at a great deal, a Taylormade Sim Ti 19 degree 5 wood with the Diamana Limited 75 gram stiff shaft. Great early results, but not really a fan of the way it looks, feels and sounds. Launches low spin bombs off the tee and with the adjustable hosel allows lots of turn ability. It is in the bag at the moment. The next contender is a brand new Tour Edge EXS Pro 18 degree 5 wood with the Tensei Orange CK 75 gram Stiff shaft. It doesn’t seem to be as long off the tee as the Taylormade and feels heavier and harder to load the shaft. Just feels like more work to swing, but it doesn’t hook either. Will give it another chance and it comes with a 90 day playability guarantee. I picked up a Diamana Limited 75 gram stiff shaft off of Ebay for about $50, removed the Taylormade adapter, pulled the Fujikura Fuel Red shaft out of the EX 10 4 wood and created a golf club love child. Hard to part with this trusty 4 wood even if it is beat up a bit and trying to give it a new life. Testing has just begun. Lastly, a new Tour Edge EXS Ti 22 degree 4 utility iron has joined the party. Sporting a jaunty look and a super hot face, the ball jumps off of it and has already proven in a few short outings on the course to be a nifty rescue club. But it is not as long as my 7 wood and just a bit longer than my 5 hybrid. Going to keep it for windy days, dry and firm conditions and links style courses. It will become my official 15th club in the bag, pinch hitting as needed. The hunt has been joined! Stay tuned. What Unicorn club are you looking for?
  6. The Z101 irons look good. The J33s are the ones I would like to try.
  7. Been gaming my Titleist AP3 irons since spring of 2018. Have liked them but have about 500 rounds on them and they are a bit dinged up. Been experimenting with a set of Corey Paul cavity back irons picked up off Ebay for cheap and have really liked the looks and feel. They are traditionally lofted compared to the stronger lofted AP3s 3 degrees weaker per club. They also have slightly stiffer and heavier shafts in them which reduces my hook miss. Will be making a decision soon.
  8. Quick update: The Tour Edge Exotics C721 25 degree 5 hybrid has proven to be a nice addition to the bag. I have sold my Titleist 818 H1 25 degree hybrid to another member of the Mens Golf Association so there is no going back now. Since I play KBS shafts in all of my irons, the KBS TGI 80g shaft has made for a very easy switch. It has removed the dreaded hook and replaced it with a baby draw. In other news, I’m now testing a Tour Edge EXS 22 degree 4 utility iron, a Tour Edge CBX 119 16.5 degree 4 wood, a Tour Edge EXS 18 degree 5 wood and a Taylormade Sim Ti 19 degree 5 wood as possible replacements for my Tour Edge EX 10 16.5 Degree 4 wood will probably start some new threads for them.
  9. Over the last 8 years I have probably had a dozen different fairway woods in and out of my bag. Currently testing 3 new ones now. My issue is that my swing path is generally fairly steep and I swing in to out with a negative attack angle due to delofting my club at set-up and at impact. Consequently I hit the ball low and with a draw. Great for iron play, not so good with woods. What I’ve found for me that is working is more loft. Added a 21 degree 7 wood to the bag and it has been a huge help from the fairway. It is my 215 yard club. My current 16.5 degree 4 wood has worked well off the tee but has a tendency to hook. I just don’t have confidence with it from the fairway. I’m currently experimenting with another 4 wood and two five woods. The 4 wood that I‘m testing, love the way it feels, looks and sounds. I got a slightly softer shaft in it hoping it would provide more launch. It launches higher alright, but it also hooks a lot more because the tip is not as stiff and the shaft has a higher torque. Ordered a new shaft to see if I can tame the hook. One of the 5 woods I’m testing has a stiffer and heavier shaft in it and it feels like a lot of work to swing it. The other 5 wood has adjustable loft from 17-21 Deg. And also has a heavier shaft. It may be the Goldilocks. Super long off the tee, almost as long as my driver and just a slight draw. Still need to spend some time on fairway shots, but it is promising. The problem is that I don’t really like the way it looks, and it sounds weird to me. Also trying out a 4 utility iron. Super hot face, launches low bullets that run like a scalded dog, but oddly satisfying. Probably a club to keep, but not use much unless it is very dry and firm or very windy.
  10. I contacted both Tour Edge and Rock Bottom Golf about exchanging the club. If I had bought it directly from Tour Edge than their playability guarantee would be honored. I needed an order number which I didn’t have. Because I bought it through Rock Bottom I had to contact them first. It was not one of the clubs that had the 90 day playability guarantee from Rock Bottom. Generally it is only the new release clubs that come with that. No worries though. With what I saved on the purchase, I can buy another shaft and either give away or sell the Evenflow 65 g 5.5 shaft to recoup the cost of a new shaft from EBay. Seeing as how I bought this with trade in credit and also got a good deal on it, I feel like it was a free club. The EXS Ti 4 utility that I just received was put into play today for the first time and it is awesome! I’m still waiting on the EXS Pro 5 wood that is backordered. Rock Bottom did allow me to change my order for the EXS Pro 5 wood to a heavier shaft after I figured out what my problem with the Evenflow shaft was. Now I’ll be getting the Tensei Orange 75 gram stiff.
  11. I traded in a bunch of clubs and got a 25% trade in bonus and had a 10% coupon too! Used the money to order a bunch of stuff for my wife and I. The CBX 119 was purchased to replace a Tour Edge EX10 4 wood that I’ve had for a while that hooks a little too often for me and is a bit beat up. It is a great looking and sounding club but I’ve already figured out that unfortunately I did not order a stiff enough shaft. The new CBX 119 16.5 with the Evenflow Blue 65 5.5 shaft is producing high hooks for me which is what I was trying to fix with the EX 10. The CBX 119 is not returnable so I will be pulling the shaft and putting in something heavier and stiffer with lower tip torque. So after some internet research it is off to EBay to get some shafts and the tinkering will begin anew.
  12. Rock bottom golf is selling new old stock CBX 119 fairways for $119 right now. Just got one last week. No returns.
  13. The 7 wood has become a very popular club among the men’s group that I play in. Last year I added a Tour Edge XCG7 21 degree 7 wood with a stiff shaft to my bag. It was a brand new, never used old stock club bought cheaply and has proven to be the best fairway wood I’ve ever had to hit shots off of the deck. It has a shallow face with a long and low pancake shape to it, but it works for me as my 210-220 yard club. I am just now starting the testing of some 4 & 5 woods now for off the tee. My recent tests have only been productive so far in showing me what doesn’t work. Waiting on some more clubs to arrive and some different shafts to move forward. Fairway woods are the bane of many an amateur golfer. I’m heading in the direction of slightly heavier shafts designed specifically for fairway woods to see if that will help.
  14. I love hybrids for the height and carry distance they provide. My only problem with hybrids is that I tend to hit hooks with them. Over the last ten years I have replaced my hybrids more often than any other clubs searching for the right ones. Even after getting fit for Titleist 818 H1 hybrids that were better than what I had before, they still went left more often than I would like. I finally found a couple of hybrids that aren’t going left. Both are from Tour Edge. Last year I put a new old stock XCG7 28 degree hybrid in the bag and just this week put a C721 25 degree hybrid in the bag. The 25 degree is my new 195-205 yard club and the 28 degree is my 170-180 yard club. A few questions: What are you trying to gain with a hybrid? Do you want more total distance or more carry distance? Are you needing more height, better landing angle and spin to get more stopping power on the green than your irons are providing? Is shot shape correction or miss hit forgiveness important? Depending on your answers might determine if a utility iron, hybrid or high lofted fairway wood would be more suited to your needs. After many attempts, I’m still trying to nail down which clubs work best for me on the top end of my bag. My recent experiments with higher lofted hybrids and fairway woods have shown that I can get more height and carry distance and about the same total distance as the lower lofted versions I had been using. Good luck with your search.
  15. After reading a number of great reviews of the new Tour Edge Exotics C721 hybrid I decided to get one to replace a Titleist 818 H1 25 degree hybrid that I added to the bag last year. My problem with hybrids is that I tend to hook them. The Titleist 818 H1 had a lot of adjustability with the hosel and the Surefit weight cartridge. The shaft was a 60 gram Tensei Red Regular and it seemed a bit too light for me as I still tended to only be able to hit a draw with it even when set for maximum fade. I added a 28 degree Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 new old stock hybrid to my bag last year and it has proven to be the most anti left hybrid I’ve ever had while producing high 175 yard shots that land soft. Recently I cleaned out my garage of several old sets of clubs and traded them in. Used the store credit to buy the new C721 25 degree hybrid with the KBS TGI 80 gram Stiff shaft. It is a rocket launcher. It is about 10 yards longer than the Titleist that it replaced. It is now my 200-205 yard club. I use KBS shafts in my irons and wedges. This is the first graphite KBS shaft I’ve had. It has a familiar feel to me. Looks great and performs well. I’ve played a couple of rounds with it and like it so far. I can still hit a draw with it when needed, but it doesn’t seem to be a one trick pony. With the rest of my trade in credit I’m ordering a couple of Tour Edge fairway woods and a utility iron to try as well.
  16. It is hard to understand why amateur golfers punish themselves by playing tees that are further back than they should. I see it all the time. It is painful to be behind a group that is playing from the tips and watching them struggle and back up the whole course. Our pro is constantly suggesting to people to move up, but often they balk at the idea. His response is, “If you move up and find yourself making too many birdies and having too much fun, then move back.” Rarely do people move back once they move forward a set of tees. Our course has 5 sets of tees. Our men’s group generally has people playing from the three most forward sets of tees depending on where their handicap is established from, their age and their ability. On many courses the par 3s end up being the determining factor. Our teaching pro has also suggested that if you can’t reach the 150 yard marker on your tee shot on the par 4s than you should consider moving up a set of tees and if you are consistently inside the 100 yard marker than maybe you should move back a set of tees. I have the length to play the back tees, but it isn’t very social to be the only guy in the group playing from them and having to hit first all the time. I’m glad to move up to play with the group and when I do I hit the club off the tee that puts me where I would normally be for my second shot even if that means not hitting a driver all day. I play golf to have fun and for the camaraderie. It is already humbling enough without punishing yourself off the tee.
  17. Bought a couple of the Wristlock grips last year and installed one on a backup putter. I use a left hand low stroke and the Wristlock did not work that well for me unless I used my right hand to wrap around the grip and grasp my left arm. Still have the other unused grip and will trade for a different grip if someone wants to try it.
  18. I have several Tour Edge clubs in my bag right now. The Tour Edge EX 10 16.5 degree 4 wood is a great club off the tee for me when I want to hit a draw and there is trouble off the tee that driver might bring into play. The Tour Edge XCG7 21 degree 7 wood is my long fairway and rough club and long par 3 club. The Tour Edge XCG7 28 degree hybrid is my 175 yard club that is as anti left of a hybrid as I’ve ever found. It hits the ball very high and is great when I need to clear something or want to hold a green. These three clubs now also all have the same shaft in them, the Fujikura Fuel Red 60 gram Stiff. Despite them all working really well for me, I’ve heard such good reviews of the new C721 and E521 fairway woods and hybrids that I’m tempted to demo them as well. Depending on your needs, a 4, 5 or 7 wood may offer more height, easier launch, more carry and the same or possibly even more distance than a 3 wood. Best wishes to you in your search for what often is the hardest club in the bag to find.
  19. Stocked up for the season. Just took advantage recently of the free personalization, free shipping, buy 3 dozen get 1 free deal to acquire 12 dozen Bridgestone Tour BRX balls with Boom Shaka Laka printed in red on them. Ready to whup some ass now.
  20. Bridgestone Tour BRX or BRXS. As soft or softer than the Chrome Soft.
  21. The Orange Whip swing trainer has been a great tool for me to warm-up before my round and to help with swing sequencing and tempo. Very often now before my round when I go to get it out of the bag one of my playing partners is already using it. It works and it is easy to use. I also have the Light speed and have found that it has helped me to gain more distance off the tee if you do the drills that they’ve created for it. A few months ago I bought the Power peel package and enrolled in their GFX online fitness program. It has really helped me over the last 6 weeks. I have gained mobility, strength and distance through the program. Just recently I bought the Orange Whip wedge and putter and have just started to use them. I can see already that they will be beneficial. In fact I can say that the Orange Whip products are probably the best training aids I’ve ever purchased and combined with their GFX fitness program the best thing I’ve done this year for my game. My GHIN handicap index is 4.9 as of this morning and I’m trying hard this year to get that down further.
  22. My gamer is the Bridgestone Tour BRX ball which is decently long. But the E12 speed is consistently a club longer. Haven’t tried the new E12 Contact. The E12 speed though really runs out on both chips and putts too.
  23. Just picked up a used Rapsodo MLM yesterday from a friend. Looking forward to getting it set-up and using it for range sessions with my wedges.
  24. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    I had such good results with the Fujikura Fuel Red shaft that I had to try it in my driver and was able to get the shaft for about $50. When I put the Fujikura Fuel Red shaft in my driver what I found was that the extra length of the shaft and the slightly lighter weight of the club head made it play stiffer than it did in the fairway woods. Also the Alta shaft is counter balanced and so there was a swing weight difference as well. I played around with the head weight by getting both lighter and heavier weights to replace the standard adjustable weight and also did some experimenting with shaft length and found that after a lot of trial and error I couldn’t improve on what I already had. The new Fujikura Ventus Velocore Red shaft is very intriguing to me, but I’m not in a hurry right now to try it because I’ve been hitting my driver pretty well. The $300 price tag is also a bit of a deterrent too.
  25. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    It is coming up on the one year anniversary of my original post and thought I should give an update. A year ago I was really struggling with the top end of my bag, especially with my fairway woods, hybrids and long irons. First and foremost, thanks again to everyone who encouraged me to make some changes, tinker with my clubs and consider buying older and even second hand clubs. All of which I had never done before and in retrospect definitely should have. The Tour Edge XCG7 21 degree 7 wood is still in the bag and it is now my go to club for any long fairway shot of 200 yards or more. It is also great off the tee when I need a 215 yard shot. As mentioned in a previous update, I replaced the shaft in my Tour Edge EX10 16.5 degree 4 wood to the same shaft in the 7 wood, the Fujikura Fuel Red 60 gram Stiff and it has been a night and day difference. The 4 wood is a monster off the tee and is longer than the 7 wood, almost driver length distance, and easier to hit a draw with. The 7 wood though is much easier to hit off of the fairway and from tight lies. I took out my Titleist AP3 6 iron since my last update and replaced it with a Tour Edge XCG7 28 degree hybrid with the Fujikura Red 60 Stiff hybrid shaft. It was also bought as new old stock. It is the first hybrid that does not want to go left on me without any adjustments. It launches the ball super high and the ball lands softly without a lot of rollout. It is now my 175 yard full swing club and is great for long par 3’s or when the wind is in my face and I need a little extra oomph than the 7 iron can provide. After experimenting with the Fujikura Fuel Red 60 gram stiff shaft in my Ping G410 LST 10.5 degree driver I have gone back to the Alta CB 55 Red Stiff shaft because I get more distance with the standard shaft and similar dispersion. Everything else in my bag has stayed the same. Due to Covid 19 I played more golf in the last year than ever before. I have 215 scores entered into the GHIN system in the last 12 months and that doesn’t include everything because of scramble events, alternate shot events, and team match play events. I have played a lot. I reached several personal bests since I started this post. I shot my two lowest rounds ever, a 68 and 69. I got my handicap index down to its lowest ever last fall, 3.9, although it has creeped up some over the winter. My average scores have also continued to improve to its lowest ever. My lows have gotten lower and my high scores have gotten lower too. It would not have happened if I hadn’t started it all by adding the 7 wood to my bag! So, even if you are a good player, if any of you reading this are struggling to get the ball into the air with a fairway wood or long iron then you may want to try a 7 wood. For me, It made all the difference in the world. Best wishes to everyone for a great golf season and for continued success on the course.
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