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  1. So it turns out I WAS too stupid to find the link, and they did get back to me to explain how to find it. So thanks to them for that. Not very intuitive at all though....You should be able to click on it from your account page and there should also be a button on the homepage directing you this particular vid. Kind of clunky they way they have it.
  2. I was thinking about signing up but wanted to try one actual video first, paid $27 for that, it shows up on my account but nowhere do I find a link to this vid, unless it's just a 17 minute informercial, which you obviously wouldn't PAY for. That's OK, maybe there is a link and I am just too stupid to find it, BUT, there is not a single option anywhere to call or email them to ask a quesion. Zero customer service! I find this unbelievable. I posted a question about this vid on the forum (and I wasn't the only one!), but no answers. Very disappointed, but lots of other options out there. Anyone else had a poor customer service experience with Rotary Swing?
  3. Wow, this is an old thread, but I signed up for the $27 video on Rotaryswing.com, I got charged for it, it shows up on my account, but nowhere is there a link I can find to actually view the video. I mean it could be there somewhere, IDK, but the bigger issue is there is ZERO customer service, not a single option to call anyone, or to email anyone in any way, shape, or form. I was going to sign up for the whole program but just wanted to try out one video first. Paid for it and can't even view that! What the heck is up with this outfit?
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