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  1. Doh! That's what I get for assuming.
  2. While Sub 70 wont end up in my bag, I cannot recommend highly enough the demo process. Dealing with Cody (mentioned on the previous page) has been an absolute pleasure. I would definitely reach out to him if there is more than one club head you're interested in testing.
  3. I see the Maxfli Tour got glowing reviews. Is it not a GIANT redflag to anyone else that the Maxfli Tour X was the absolute worst ball on the list? Should they be treated so individually?
  4. I'd love a launch monitor. I took a LONG break from swinging a golf club, and combined with new irons I have no idea what my gapping is. If I could smash balls into a net in my garage for 20min a day and get an understanding of my yardages without having to find out the hard way on a course I would probably add years to my life span. No range within a one hour drive from me has accurate distances marked, and I do not own a laser range finder so a launch monitor would be pretty useful.
  5. How bad were the centricity issues? I was reading on the epsom salt test, and the time the ball takes to return to "marked side" up could describe how badly out of center the core is.
  6. Thinking I need some extra help with my iron game, I ordered a set of Tour Edge EXS 220H while they were on sale.
  7. I won’t speak to playability or “feel” as they’re very subjective and dependent on too many factors, but here is a comparison side-by-side. Maltby is in the middle of the 699 Pros in every pic. The 699s aren’t pictured, and are slightly bigger in top line width, blade length, and offset.
  8. After playing really poorly my last outing, I was thinking about going mega Game Improvement Irons. Saw these Tour Edge EXS 220H irons at RBG for under $71 an iron. Looking here and on YouTube for reviews is pretty shocking. There was 1 mention I could find here, and all of zero thorough reviews on YouTube. Guess I'll keep waiting for my Sub 70 demos to show up.
  9. I've looked for it after a rash of pointless threads, but was unable to find it. Here I am with a glimmer of hope again
  10. @ChrisNH Im confused. When you say your stock 9i is 140, and you had one fly 155ish off the tee, are you implying your stock 140y shot is off a tee and that is what you expected? I know I am a noob with a high handicap, but iron shots off tees always go longer than off a fairway, correct?
  11. Shot one of my worst recorded rounds. Raven Nest in Huntsville, TX is the home to the Sam Houston State University Bearkat Golf Team. (My alma mater) They have done some serious turf work on the greens, and they're a wreck currently. Pretty disappointed the Pro Shop didnt mentionn it when I paid for my tee time. On top of the patchwork greens, they also sanded them 40 min before I tee'd off. If only I could blame my triple digit score on the greens... maybe I'd have 8 more balls in my golf bag than I do now. It was nice to get out and walk 18 in Texas without dying though.
  12. I'm hoping Sub 70 will sell individual 799 irons. You should take a look at em
  13. The dudes at Cleveland are killing it in the design department. I'll agree with the above, not in love with the blue, but I can get over it really quick. Such good looking irons.
  14. I'll be able to compare them side by side shortly. 699 and 699 Pro on the way. TS-1 7i already being tested.
  15. Thank you for sharing his contact info. He's been incredibly helpful! I'll be demoing some clubs soon!
  16. @Kenny B I was just rereading the thread from the start, as my social media could use some cheering up. You posted that joke 6 years ago
  17. Alright boys, this isnt news to yall, but WOW the TS-1 feels good. I finally got to hit real golf balls with my test iron today. The past week or so I've only hit BirdieBalls, so this was a new experience for me. I took a section of synthetic turf and some of my "trash" Kirkland balls to a field near my house. Hit a few with my Nike 7i to set a baseline, then the rest with my test TS-1. Ball flight was very similar, and distance was pretty much identical (same lofts) with the only difference being shafts. Nike has a TT DG Pro R300 Regular Flex, and the TS-1 has a Nippon Modus 105 Stiff shaft. I think I only had one miss hit, where I caught it a few grooves low, which ended up about 15y short of the rest. Now I am in a really tricky spot. Do I need to be fitted for shafts before deciding what to do?
  18. Been flirting with 100* lately here. Silly me was hoping for Fall weather soon.
  19. Did I find them boys?!?!?!?! Puma Cell Fraction https://www.amazon.com/PUMA-Fraction-Running-Castlerock-Elektro-Green/dp/B08KKLX3H1/ref=asc_df_B08KKLX3H1/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=532889469565&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=14284669385147224494&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027746&hvtargid=pla-1381370770212&psc=1
  20. Thanks @edingc I suppose I should just fire off an order on a demo set. I haven't been fit, and do not really know my swing speed so I guess I should just order the same flex that I am currently playing? Edit: Nevermind, no regular flex demo 699s currently.
  21. Without rereading all 32 pages, is anyone gaming the utility irons, or 699/699U combo?
  22. I've not been pleased with my irons. Nothing in particular and most likely it's the archer and not the arrow. Still interested in replacing them. Can't really justify the pricetag of major OEMs, so considering options like Maltby, Sub 70, etc
  23. There is no "contact us" info on Inesis website, so I've facebook messaged them... thanks for the help!
  24. I doubt they even have them in-store. The ONLY way to find any info on the 500 series irons is via the link MGS has on the Most Wanted article. The irons cannot be browsed to through the golf section at Decathlon. It's pretty odd to be honest. Also the link says they have carbon fibre shafts, but all the pics I find are of Nippon steel shafts. Neither Decathlon US or Inesis Golf respond on Instagram for questions. I wonder how MGS got a set of them...
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