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  1. Sorry for the delay on my Stage 2 guys, I am new to this! Find my Stage 2 results here:
  2. Dang, I wear an 11. Love these things, someone is getting a hell of a deal.
  3. I am kind of surprised by the lack of interest in this thread. I suppose I'd have to guess it's due to the ER2-B not being new tech, just a new color option...
  4. @ncwoz I think you've highlighted one of my own biggest findings with the EVNROLL putter. My miss hits still get close to the hole. I do not have a ton of data, as I have only recently started tracking putts, but I have cut down on my number of 3+ putts per round. I think much of it has to do with knocking those first putts close, even when they hit slightly off the toe. I think the image on the EVNROLL page highlights the wrong aspect. Take a look: Notice how they show a measurement for misses left and right of centerline when hit off the toe or heel. Those putts are off only 8". What I have experienced is my grouping of putts all falling at a similar distance. The image showing all putts within 12" of each other fore and aft is the bigger win in my opinion. Left to right you save 8", but fore and aft you save 1-2ft. Feels about right.
  5. My previous gamer was a Wilson Staff Lake Shore. A non-groove anser-style putter. I think the biggest difference for me is the head weight difference between the two. Take a look at the difference in the head size (while still being similar anser style putters)
  6. I look forward to sharing my Stage 2 review with you guys. We had a LONG summer, but unfortunately I am probably being pushed into the indoor putting practice group too with the weather we've had blowing in.
  7. Man, the confidence I have with this putter in hand is unreal. Anyone use an EVNROLL Gravity Grip on a non-EVNROLL putter?
  8. Yessir. Snagged a Haack knock-off on Ebay for $59. Works like a charm.
  9. Looks (10 out of 10 points) Looks. Wow. I'd have to say this putter is a category leader when it comes to looks. The all matte-black components allow the user to focus completely on the single bold white alignment aid. The grip and its color compliment the red/black/white color scheme of the putter head. The look of the putter at address provides a ton of confidence. Sound & Feel (9 out of 10 points) I have putted with both insert and non-insert milled face putters, and the Sweet Face technology on the EVNROLL feels like a blend of both. It's soft like an insert putter, but not dead feeling. There is no click like you get with a standard milled face either. Basic Characteristics (13 out of 20 points) MGS has given testers guidance on what makes up Basic Characteristics of putters. Two of the biggest ones were Accuracy and Distance Control. This is where I feel I have struggled the most with the ER2B. The distance control is phenomenal. I am consistently leaving the ball closer on long putts than I have with my last putter. I've reduced the number of three putts per round as well. Unfortunately, my accuracy has struggled. While I have reduced the number of three putts per round, I have also reduced the number of one putts. On-Course Performance (18 out of 30 points) This rating ties pretty directly to the Basic Characteristics. The ER2B has helped me fix the worst of my putting, but I feel has hurt me with one putts. I average 69% two putts. I only one putt 15% of the time, and I three putt 15% of the time. While practicing on the putting green or in my garage bay, I have terrific confidence. When I have a 6' putt for birdie though, I've got nothing. When on the fringe, my confidence with the putter is tested, and sadly I use the wedge when a putter is likely the better choice. I am not sure where the lack of performance really starts, but I do not look forward to putting during my rounds. Miscellaneous (9 out of 10 points) The "other" stuff is what makes EVNROLL a fantastic value. For starters, a professional club builder called me to get my specs. We talked about my putting style, tendencies, and other items that factor into how a custom putter would be built. Another positive was the head cover. The head cover is a super high quality leather, with plush inside and a powerful magnet closure. Play it or Trade it? (10 out of 20 points) Unfortunately, due to my lack of confidence in the putter, this thing is being filed away in the trade it category. When practicing in my garage bay, my previous putter is my go-to. It might be completely confirmation bias, but I make more putts at any given distance with my previous putter than I do with the ER2B. I think the player that would benefit the most from this putter is one that struggles with distance control the most. If you're constantly putting the right line, but leave putts short, this is for you. If you struggle with accuracy, I would check out a different EVNROLL model. Conclusion The ER2B is the F117 Nighthawk Steath Bomber of the putter industry. This thing looks and feels like a lethal weapon, ready to help you rack up birdie after birdie. It is sleek and sexy. The Gravity Grip inspires confidence and looks good while doing it. The Sweet Face technology really helped my distance control, cutting the number of three putts per round. Sadly, the putter does not perform as I would like, and will not have a long-term home in my bag. Final Score: 69/100
  10. Stage One – KurtActual’s Introduction October 16, 2019 I would like to start off by thanking MyGolfSpy and EVNROLL for selecting me to test this putter. Trying to put into words the kind of guy I am can be difficult. I spend most of my days reading and researching my hobbies, as most of my free time after work is spent with my family. Regarding golf, this leads to lots of theory crafting but also a lot of general knowledge. I started playing golf in 2006 when my grandfather-in-law passed down some of his old clubs to me. My (newly-wed) wife and I would go to the range at least once a month and play the on-base course at Norfolk Naval Station once a month as well. Now, living in Houston, I try to play twice a month, and practice at least 4-5 times a week. I do not have a dedicated “home course” as I like to experience as many courses as possible. Most of my rounds have been played at Legendary Oaks Golf Club, which is a short (5900 yards) course in Hempstead. Part of my online theory crafting research brought me to build my own indoor practice putting/hitting area. Much of my testing is done here, where I can hit hundreds of shots with the least number of variables. What I love most about golf is trying to be better than you were yesterday. There is never a peak. No amount of work is enough. It’s like learning, you should never stop improving. It also helps that my two boys (especially my 7 year old) love golf too. The Golf Questions My current bag: Driver: Nike VR-S Covert Fairway Wood(s): Cobra King F8 3/4w Irons: Nike VR-S Forged 5-PW, Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi 3i Wedges: John Daly T-5 52*, Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP 56*, Cleveland 588 RTX Rotex Face 60* Putter: Wilson Staff Infinite Lake Shore My bag make-up is an evolution that has matched my evolution as a player. When I started playing golf, Tiger was still in his prime. This sort-of explains my affection for Nike golf equipment. Through reading and research on this forum, I found the Cobra fairway wood, and have literally replaced my driver with it. The wedge mix started with an appreciation for Wilson Staff equipment, so the 56* joined the bag first. The other two were just yardage gap fillers from friends or Goodwill. Let’s be honest, the putter is what matters in this review. My first putter was part of my hand-me-down set. It was a beat-up Odyssey Dual Force Rossie 2. To find some help with my putting game, I replaced the grip with a 1.2 oversized knock-off from Amazon. When I removed the original, I found the shaft was bent (likely from a missed putt from a previous owner). I replaced the Odyssey shortly before being selected by MGS for this review. I replaced it with the Wilson Staff Infinite Lake shore. This model is counter balanced with a milled face, and oversized grip. Other than that, it’s a dumb putter technology-wise. My current handicap is a 25. My putting style favors a lag put, dying at the hole. Unfortunately, my miss is usually coming up short. First Impressions Now that you’ve made it past my word forts describing myself, lets get to the meat and potatoes. I ordered my EVNROLL ER2-B with specs to match my Wilson Staff Lake Shore. I wanted an apple to apple comparison between the sweet face technology ER2-B and the dumb-tech Wilson Staff. I went with a 35” shaft, 71* lie, 3* loft set-up. EVNROLL allowed me to add a Gravity Grip when ordering as well. First impression was concern. The box was left on my doorstep, and it had sustained a small amount of damage. I tore into it immediately. To my surprise, there was literally NO packing inside the box. Just the putter, head cover, and a plastic bag. Initial inspection showed no damage, but considering the cost of the putter, I would have felt much better if it had more protection. Upon removing the packaging and headcover, I found the most attractive putter I’ve laid my eyes on. The black on black finish is so easy on the eyes. All the fancy stuff is engraved on the bottom, hidden at address. Aside from a small issue with the white paint in the EVNROLL, the putter looks phenomenal. According to EVNROLL, the Sweet Face technology produces straighter, more consistent putts. Basically, as the grooves narrow toward the heel and toe of the putter, the energy imparted on the ball increases, making up for a miss-hit. Another bit of technology included in my order was the Gravity Grip. The GG is an oversized grip with a 70g steel rod placed under the putter shaft, along the length of the grip. The GG is supposed to assist the golfer in feeling the putter face angle more through the stroke. Seeing how most of the strokes in a round are hit with the putter, I would love to see if the Sweet Face technology can improve my scoring. Is a $350+ putter going to shave strokes that a $99 putter wouldn't? Which is Sweeter, my socks or the EVNROLL technology?
  11. I finally cut my first test ball. I’ve been using it in my garage bay “range”. It’s been cycled approximately 400-500 times by clubs ranging from my 60* to my 3i utility club. The ball had some slight cuts from wedge shots early on, but on Monday I finally penetrated the urethane layer. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Sorry dude, you didnt buy Titleist or KBS or any other brand name from DHGate. You bought knock-offs.
  13. Polos and ProV1s. I go through both faster than I prefer to replace.
  14. I would normally say "screw fantasy" too, except I drafted Lamar Miller (on IR), Saquan Barkley (Out), and just started Jamaal Williams last night (Out) Screw my fantasy team is more like it.
  15. Perhaps there was some miscommunication. My comment was that some of us have balls that do not display the same quality issues as others. I've put hundreds of shots on the same 3 KSigs that I have been testing since delivery on Sept 18th, and the worst damage any of them show is a few scratches from my hardest wedge shots.
  16. What? @10shot is talking about the newly released, and quickly refunded ball. Many of us got balls that had little to no issues. I'll certainly be playing my 2 dozen, if a few groove cuts are all I have to worry about, then I am happy.
  17. Wasted $12 in return shipping. Haha. Good looking shoes, but they didnt fit my feet well at all. Felt really unstable, as if each foot were standing on a balance ball type surface. They shipped next day priority, which was nice.
  18. I have a Wonderboom 2 for beach and pool days. Love the little thing. The guys I go fishing with have Megabooms, and the sound is incredible. Sweet review Dave!
  19. You mean a recall SHOULD be in the works, or actually is?
  20. I’ve continued my “testing” and still haven’t caused any more damage than I posted in my previous shot. The damage shown in the Instagram post seems pretty extreme. I’d like to know if it happens to more than a handful of people (seeing how Costco sold out, there’s plenty out there) Edit: to reiterate what has been said: I think people need to stop comparing this to a ProV1, as it’s a $15/dozen ball. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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