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  1. I am definitely thinking of upgrading my old reliable Mizuno MP-68s for a set of new Mizuno Pro 221s. The simply look fantastic, and I reckon they will feel & play fantastic as well! P.S. I wonder if I need a new set of Mizuno MP-22 wedges as well???
  2. I am often facing greenside shots from deep bunkers, or from thick, sticky rough coming up an embankment to a short-sided pin - so it's very useful there - plus it suits me for manufacturing shots in that 30-40-50 yard range. And I can get excellent stop +/- backspin on the ball at its full range of about 65 yards. My floppy is a quality Mizuno MP-R12 64* wedge with 5* bounce, with a really nice balance and weight to it. I think getting a high quality mega-floppy wedge is important if you're going to put one in your competition bag. I know its not for everyone, and a mishit can put a smile on your ball's face, but I really like it, and practice with it a fair bit - so for me, its a very useful "emergency!" specialty club.
  3. Why exempt putters? They should really be limited to just 36"!
  4. Lofts??? You guys need to try a 64* Mega-Lobby Wedge! Simply amazing what you can do with that much loft!!!!
  5. Three for me - Mizuno, PING and Callaway: Callaway Epic Flash Driver 12* Callaway 1.5 Mini-driver 14* (set to 16*) Mizuno MP Titanium 5-Wood 18* Mizuno MP-18 Fli-Hi 22* Mizuno MP-68 blades 5-PW Mizuno T7 ion-blue wedges selected from [loft/bounce] 52/9, 54/12, 56/14, 58/8 & 60/6 Mizuno MP R12 64*/5* PING Darby-i putter 34"
  6. I am currently playing 4 wedges in my bag. Starting with my Mizuno MP-68 set Pitching wedge 47*, plus Mizuno T7 52* loft/9* bounce, T7 58*/8* and MP R-12 64*/5* wedges. On a shorter course, sometimes I will swap out a fairway wood, or long iron, plus the T7 58*, for my Mizuno T7 56*/14* and T7 60*/6* wedges so there are less yardage gaps, but generally I am happy with the 6* gaps which give me about 15-16 yard gaps on a full swing. I've learnt to play 'in-betweener' wedge shots with firm 3/4 swings while gripping down the shaft about 1", so the gaps are manageable. Having four wedges with such varied lofts & bounces gives me plenty of options and versatility around the greens - the 64* lob lets me go at some crazy shots, and that's a lot of fun! P.S. A 43* wedge, Berg Ryman? That's my 9-iron!
  7. I thought he had a 64* wedge in his bag???
  8. I have a rotator cuff injury as well. I had nasty, sharp left shoulder pain when lifting my arm straight out, away from my body, starting at about a 45* away from the hip. Avoiding that motion, it was okay, mostly. No definite injury, it just hurt more & more from about June. Like dhartmann34 above, I could still play golf, but it would ache after the game, like it was bruised. And it was starting to affect my swing & scores. Saw my doctor & xrays showed normal bones with no arthritis, but an ultrasound showed a complete tear of the Supraspinatus component of my Rotator cuff tendons. The shoulder specialist recommended surgical repair - just one hour of keyhole surgery - which he did yesterday (October 4th). Wow - does it ache today! The real problem is recovery time, slower than grass growing! Six weeks in a sling, with minimal movement - can't even drive (a car!), then six weeks of low stress mobilisation & physio, then another six weeks of strengthening physio - IF EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT. Hoping to get back on the course sometime in February, but until then, I am an armchair expert on golf!
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