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  2. I often experience that the time is correct when I turn on the watch but when I then start a round, the time goes back around 30 mins. I then have to end the round, re-start the watch and start a new round. Now the time is correct. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Yeah, you are probably right. I normally count my shots until I hit the green and lock that up in my memory and then count my putts. When putting from off the green, I guess I just have to get used to also remembering that shot when doing the pin collect.
  4. Got my Shot Scope V2 about a week ago and now have two 9-hole rounds under my skin. Initial impressions are good. Only slight edits have been needed afterwards. One hole had the green mapped in the wrong place but the support had corrected this in a matter of hours. One question about pin collect for you guys... I received their July newsletter in which it said: ------------------------------- "Recording PinCollect To record PinCollect, simply press the number of putts you have had whilst holding the watch above the hole. *Remember* PinCollect needs to count all putts - this includes putts from off the green. For example the image below: 1 putt from off the green and 2 putts on the green is a 3 PinCollect. In the system this will be separated out for your stats, so that the number of putts per round is only counting putts on the green. The putt from off the green will be classed as a short game shot." -------------------------- It confuses me a little bit why I should record a stroke from off the green with the putter as a putt. What are you guys doing in situations like those? Are reason why I should not just keep registering only "true" putts when pin collecting? The reason for my question is that my hcp is where I can make birdies and pars, but I also regularly screw up and make a lot of 3 putts and rarely worse. The problem is if I'm putting from the fringe and then 3-putt on the green then that would be a pin collect "4" which is the max you can register. Had I used an extra putt in that situation, I could not pin collect it as 5. Do you see where I'm going? And have you come across this as well?
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