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    no one, is that bad
  1. Craig. But everyone calls me CT
  2. Craig, Michigan Callawy MD3 S Grind. 50° and 54° 50° and 54° thanks
  3. CT here, live about an hour north of Detroit. I am lucky if i get 10 rounds in a year any more. I have not had time to get back in my league the last few years, family commitment. I am a 12 handicap i used to be single digit but just dont play enough anymore. i found the site while looking for info on full finger grip/10 finger. I have a huge issue with blisters using overlap. For some reason it happens in my follow through and i have not been able to shake it. I know i am not gripping to tight at address but the follow through it all goes wrong and i get blistered.
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