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  1. Hello. I've been a forum member for a short while, but am just getting around to the introduction post. 

    I've been playing golf for 11 years now. Started in high school, but didn't get the chance to play much during college. I really just started getting back into playing more frequently over the last year. I left off last year averaging in the high 80s to low/mid 90s, but have some pretty ambitious goals for improving this year. 

    I love the challenge of golf and the time spent outdoors and with friends. Nothing better than a round of golf and a few beers with the guys on a spring/summer/fall day.

    I found MyGolfSpy as I was getting back into the game and wanted to catch up to everything I had missed with regards to equipment, news, etc. It seems to be a great online resource and good forum community and I'm looking forward to getting more involved! 


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