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  1. Completely relatable. I was just in this position as well. It sucks. My wife reminded me I usually play batter after a bad round. Of course, she was right. I think its because I spent 3 days going over everything at home and actually paid attention when I played. Sometimes the back just wont let me go so no amount of work will make my game better, just rest.
  2. Played really bad today. Shot 85 when I normally shoot 75ish. Nothing was in sync. Just one of those days where I woke up a different player than the day before. Just lost standing over the ball. All in my head. Zero golf mojo. Humbling, frustrating, disconcerting......all the things....
  3. Thats great to hear!! Great job!!! I am sure you will be a force come spring!
  4. Good luck in the most expensive place to live in the USA. Also the most overrated place in the USA. Its filthy, full of homeless and garbage/graffiti, the crime rate is outrageous and, did I mention expensive? If you like rude, spoiled, self-important people than the south Bay Area is for you. Be ready for water restrictions, outlawing fireplace usage, road rage, brown everything because there is no water, incredibly bad traffic (seriously bad), overpriced housing to the extreme. You will see brown air all year long while you golf from the overpopulated pollution. All this with the highest taxes of all kinds in the country, and the highest gas prices in the country. Golf? Sure. The munis are the best deal, but grab your wallet, and be prepared to wait for everything because it is massively over crowded everywhere. Grew up there. 55 years a resident. It has been thoroughly ruined. I will never step foot in that dumpster fire of a state ever again. But good luck to you if you go.
  5. Just overall, all your best shots were in-tempo and unhurried from the top. You can see the difference in the bad shots. It appears that unhurried transition you have is key to consistency. Consider looking for consistency in that smooth transition. You are really hammering it btw. You are seriously not that far off of really going low.
  6. I just wanted to add that I believe this is an anti-right/slice compensation at its core. You have worked very hard to create a really good swing, but the face is out of alignment the entire time. Its not unlike trying to drive a car straight with the wheels cranked left. Not a great analogy but still. You have to learn to trust your swing with the proper grip alignment on the club. Its going to feel open at address and closed at the top with a flat wrist but its actually on plane and neutral. From here an experienced player can open/close the face to create shots. You will be able to as well in no time.
  7. Lessons are of course, the way to go. However, if you are not going that route here are a couple of minor things that might also help: I was watching the last swing on the video of driver. At the top I noticed you are cupped but the head/face is not open. It is square to your forearm as it should be. This means that when you square/flatten/neutral your wrist you shut the face. In other words, your grip on the club is closed at address. The face is closed as you grip the club to begin with. In order for it not to be closed at impact you have to maintain a cup of that wrist (not happening) or make other adjustments to your swing path. Ideally you want a flat slightly bowed wrist at the top with the head/face even and parallel to the forearm. You do that with a cupped wrist. You move that wrist flat at any point and that face is dead shut. I have the same issue. The fix is to turn that shaft more open then grip it. Align the back of your left wrist with the face. At address it is going to feel wide open and like you could go right. This is neutral though. You WILL go to the right if you cup that left wrist at the top. So that has to end. Put a popsicle stick in the glove to remind you. You have been making compensations with this wrist position and it does cause inconsistency. If this is the case with all your clubs I think you will see a marked improvement in every club with this fix. The rest of your swing will follow naturally as you have so many good attributes already. Your shallowing is fine. Its all about the face for you. Align the wrist/face and flat wrist at the top. Drop into the slot just like your doing and BAM! I'm excited for you! Go to it before your weather changes!!!
  8. It looks to me like you just need to hold the shoulders closed a fraction longer. Feel closed slightly at impact. That should let the hands catch up as you rotate through. Swing looks really good. You are very close. Your tempo is very good. I think this idea may sync things up.
  9. Its pretty cool, thats what I think. However, he who controls the music controls the range lol
  10. 90s country music exclusively. Modern music sucks and has no originality anymore. Too much autotune imo.
  11. I am plying it at 46 inches, cut from the butt end only. I have a Midsize CPX grip on it. Easiest club to hit in the bag.
  12. Same thing happened to me at (Poor Mans Pebble) Pacific Grove but with seagulls. Bastards had no shame!
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