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  1. Haha thank you. I play with a lot of younger folks so sometimes 59 seems old. As far as me adjusting to it, I knew my swing was not optimal to begin with. I knew it was the indian not the arrow. Really it came down to me leaning how to use it properly. Once I did it changed my game on so many levels. Golf went from frustrating with the occasional good shot to shooting in the 70s on a regular basis. Everything improved. I did end up changing out my three wedge shafts (Taylormade Milled Grind Black) from stiff Dynamic Gold to Elevate 95 regular flex. I had pretty much the same experience although on a smaller scale. I was concerned too much shaft flex would impact my short game, but it's been fine. On full swing I gained several yards and more spin. The temptation to get some Autoflex shafts for my hybrids and fairway woods is certainly there. I am sure I will take the plunge later in the spring. The performance gain is addictive. With driver I hit every fairway my last round. Every tee shot long and with a baby draw. Imagine that!! It never gets old. It really comes down to "How much would you spend to hit it straighter and longer"? If I put a driver in front of you that could make you hit it 25+ yards longer and straight guaranteed, but it was $1300, would you buy it? I would.
  2. As stated, this is my experience with the Autoflex iron shafts. A few things: I am 59 with shoulder and elbow problems that have limited my swing speed. I am a 6 handicap. I am at present about 92mph with driver. I tried the Autoflex driver shaft. After messing around unsuccessfully with a Maverick head I put on my G425 Max head and have never looked back. I hit it amazing. Longer and straighter; everything as advertised. It revolutionized golf for me. For once a golf gimmick that actually worked. It is worth every penny to me. Average drive gain was 20 yards. I bought some G425 irons (thankfully right before the shortage) and love the results, but I hate the feel. I think part of the feel is the graphite shafts. They are very clunky at impact. On a holiday shopping high I decided to treat myself to 3 Autoflex SF405 iron shafts. They arrived in 2 days (I am close to the dealer) and I decided to use them on my G425 Wedge, 9 iron and 8 iron. Per Autoflex I tipped 3" for the wedge, 2.5 for the 9 and 2 for the 8. I then removed the heads from the Ping shafts and matched the length for each and butt cut them. I used Golf Pride Align +4 grips. So yes, I paid $600 for 3 golf club shafts. I am blessed and fortunate to be able to afford to do that. God bless the USA for making it possible. Boy, am I glad I did. The performance gain was evident on the first swing. Every shot straight and long. I gained 10 yards on each club. Probably from the increased trajectory. The G425s were wonderful at helping me get the ball up in the air. With the Auto flex shafts the ball flew even higher and with an obvious increase in ball speed. I cannot say how happy that makes an old golfer! The feel is similar to the driver. You can feel the load and unload of the shaft through the swing. It is a very light shaft (I think 52 grams) so my swing speed feels faster. It for sure feels softer through impact but also with a spring effect. The previous clunky feeling is gone with a duller impact. Cast with never feel as nice as forged. I have no idea what the swing weights are. Everything feels fine. For reference my previous distances: Wedge (set G425 wedge) 110 yards now 120+. 9 iron was 120 now 130+ and 8 iron was 130 now about 145. This has caused adjustments upwards in my bag. A couple of thoughts on Autoflex. The driver shaft made me a better golfer. In the same way Gforce trainer flexes so does the Autoflex. Both require an even tempo and unhurried direction change. They also require an inside move to impact. I had to adjust my swing to the shaft to make it work for me. As a slow swing speed player, the adjustment helped my overall game as well. I believe it was not just the distance gains I got form the shaft, but the feeling of the slot it introduced me to. That bled into all my clubs and my handicap dropped dramatically last season. I mean 8 points. If you are a strong golfer who hits it a ton. You probably don't need Autoflex. If you are a sub 100 mph swinger and can somehow get your hands on one, do it. I am super excited for the 2022 season. I hope this all made sense. Thanks for your time. I tend to believe Autoflex helps slower swing speed players more than high swing speed players.
  3. @edingcGreat job laying out your experiences! Thank you for that.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I am using the SF405. The head weight in my case is helpful. I took 1 inch off the butt. Just love this thing. Hit all 7 fairways on the front nine yesterday. As a senior I cant hit it far, but the difference between 220 of the tee to 250+ with the Autoflex answered one question for me: Am I willing to pay for extra yards? YES! Apparently I am!
  5. Just to let everyone know who has been struggling with the Autoflex/Maverick combo; I tried it with the 10,5,2 and nothing weights looking to get it on or near the D0 swing weight. I couldn't control it. Left, right. I got discouraged after a few weeks and went back to my G425 with the Graffaloy Pro Launch Blue. I decided to give the Autoflex a try with my Ping G25 head. It was supposed to be too heavy according to posts on here, which is why I went and got a Maverick head for the shaft initially. I am so glad I did. The G425 Max head with a stock weight is perfect for me. I am striping it straight and long. I gained the "as advertised" 25 yards. I can feel the head better than before and that has made all the difference. Love it. Try the Ping head if you can. It very well may be the Maverick head is too light as was my case.
  6. Yes if you are already hitting a highish draw go with the V. I have the 90s and they are high launch. They are wonderful in the long irons in particular. Maybe try a 90 in your 4 iron. I bet you will love it if you have a low ball flight with it like I did.
  7. The hardest part is putting the film in the water without getting it wet on top. If it does you have to start over with another one. Use the hottest water your tap can produce and let the film soak for the allotted time + a few seconds before spraying it. When its ready it will look like the film is now water. Dunk one end to the other with a steady motion. Finally the rinse does take about 5 minutes so run it under the tap and make sure the slimy feeling is gone. Just spray with lacquer. I went glossy but I am going to put a flat coat on this week.
  8. Thank you! I know its been a difficult year for the NYPD family. My condolences
  9. Still look ok to me. I agree either you like it or don't; with respect to others not wanting the club. In the future I would tend to use less area and keep it inside the cavity. As this was the first attempt(s) I just taped the easiest lines around the edge. Time will tell if I do it again. The fact that it is very durable makes the decision to leave it easier. The driver however, is something I would do again. I am definitely considering doing the other woods to make a set. They are all different brands but this would unite them in a cool way I think.
  10. After a solid month of rounds and practice I can say the wear has been nearly zero. The wedges have been scrubbed in the range bucket and they show no wear so I guess it works pretty good. The driver is mark free. BTW the Ping Glide Stealth wedges are really nice. Very easy to control and seem to be accurate as they say.
  11. A PXG driver? I would be nervous!! lol No cost from me just what it would take to get it here. I will cover sending it back. I'm in San Jose, CA so probably not a lot to ship to and fro. Turnaround would be fast I have no life lol
  12. The photos are the prep. I did not photo the process as it moves pretty fast. The driver will be redone as it is upside down. These were my first attempts ever so I think they came out ok. They are turning out to be very durable. I suggest looking on youtube for examples. That's what inspired me to do this.
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