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  1. @edingcGreat job laying out your experiences! Thank you for that.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I am using the SF405. The head weight in my case is helpful. I took 1 inch off the butt. Just love this thing. Hit all 7 fairways on the front nine yesterday. As a senior I cant hit it far, but the difference between 220 of the tee to 250+ with the Autoflex answered one question for me: Am I willing to pay for extra yards? YES! Apparently I am!
  3. Just to let everyone know who has been struggling with the Autoflex/Maverick combo; I tried it with the 10,5,2 and nothing weights looking to get it on or near the D0 swing weight. I couldn't control it. Left, right. I got discouraged after a few weeks and went back to my G425 with the Graffaloy Pro Launch Blue. I decided to give the Autoflex a try with my Ping G25 head. It was supposed to be too heavy according to posts on here, which is why I went and got a Maverick head for the shaft initially. I am so glad I did. The G425 Max head with a stock weight is perfect for me. I am striping it straight and long. I gained the "as advertised" 25 yards. I can feel the head better than before and that has made all the difference. Love it. Try the Ping head if you can. It very well may be the Maverick head is too light as was my case.
  4. Yes if you are already hitting a highish draw go with the V. I have the 90s and they are high launch. They are wonderful in the long irons in particular. Maybe try a 90 in your 4 iron. I bet you will love it if you have a low ball flight with it like I did.
  5. The hardest part is putting the film in the water without getting it wet on top. If it does you have to start over with another one. Use the hottest water your tap can produce and let the film soak for the allotted time + a few seconds before spraying it. When its ready it will look like the film is now water. Dunk one end to the other with a steady motion. Finally the rinse does take about 5 minutes so run it under the tap and make sure the slimy feeling is gone. Just spray with lacquer. I went glossy but I am going to put a flat coat on this week.
  6. Thank you! I know its been a difficult year for the NYPD family. My condolences
  7. Still look ok to me. I agree either you like it or don't; with respect to others not wanting the club. In the future I would tend to use less area and keep it inside the cavity. As this was the first attempt(s) I just taped the easiest lines around the edge. Time will tell if I do it again. The fact that it is very durable makes the decision to leave it easier. The driver however, is something I would do again. I am definitely considering doing the other woods to make a set. They are all different brands but this would unite them in a cool way I think.
  8. After a solid month of rounds and practice I can say the wear has been nearly zero. The wedges have been scrubbed in the range bucket and they show no wear so I guess it works pretty good. The driver is mark free. BTW the Ping Glide Stealth wedges are really nice. Very easy to control and seem to be accurate as they say.
  9. A PXG driver? I would be nervous!! lol No cost from me just what it would take to get it here. I will cover sending it back. I'm in San Jose, CA so probably not a lot to ship to and fro. Turnaround would be fast I have no life lol
  10. The photos are the prep. I did not photo the process as it moves pretty fast. The driver will be redone as it is upside down. These were my first attempts ever so I think they came out ok. They are turning out to be very durable. I suggest looking on youtube for examples. That's what inspired me to do this.
  11. Thank you! I will post some in-process pics tonight, including the top of my G400 Max driver, which is done with a different pattern.
  12. I hydro-dipped these today. Any thoughts? One range session and used the scrub box to clean it. Came out perfect. Pretty durable so far.
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