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  1. As others said, swing changes are probably your best bet but if you are looking at the gear alone, there are a couple of options. I fixed my height issue I had using 16,5* Taylormade '17 M2 with second hand Taylormade M5 fairway wood. That 60g weight plate really helps with increasing the launch and option of lofting the club up 2* is a bonus. The club head of the M5 is smaller than the newest SIM Ti with similar technology (as far as weighting goes) but that was exactly what I was looking for. With my previous 2017 M2 fairway wood I always had a fear in the back of my head that extended back will hit or at least graze the ground (silly, I know) and with M5 I have absolutely no fear of doing that. Some would despute the forgiveness factor of M5 but I had no problems with it. I love that club and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. If you are looking at other brands, you cannot ignore PING and Cobra fairways. The regular versions tend to launch the ball the highest. Just my 0.02$.
  2. I recognize that currently there are definitely more important things to do, things get done a bit later than usual and health and well-being of the staff should be the priority. That being said, it is evident that the MGS is still running. The ball testing is being carried out, seemingly without a hitch. There are Most wanted testing results being regularly published which include detailed club measurements not to mention in-person testing which seems the most riskiest job for MGS out there. I doubt the testing of all the clubs was already finished in february or is done remotely. I figured if MGS was able to carry out all the other tests and measurements, it is a bit strange there was no word about the CG and MOI report. It seems mapping drivers would be the most risk free, hence perfect option for the past months when there was really nothing much else or at least safer to do than being ''locked up'' in the lab (assuming MGS have all the necessary gear - I have never noticed remark that MGS hires other companies to do that).
  3. I've been asking myself the same question? MGS CG reports have been historically released in maj/june (if I remember correctly) so with each passing month I am more and more worried that CG reports are the thing of the past. Real shame. I hope MGS are waiting for the drivers that are scheduled to be released in fall, like Srixon and Titleist drivers, so that the database would be more complete. For the time being I suggest you take a quick peek at the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOHkZPKBdKA&t=810s It is very basic CG and MOI breakdown of 2020 drivers but it is better than nothing.
  4. Another factor I think is as important as flight window is playability from the rough. Hybrids are miles easier to hit from the rough compared to utility irons and high strikes on the club face that happen (at least for me) more often in the rough are not nearly as penal with hybrid as they are with irons. Another point that TXG did not mention in the video is also that (at least in my opinion) there are ''subspecies'' within certain category. For example within utility irons Taylormade P790 UDI is significantly lower launching than Srixon Z U85 2iron, and for example Titleist TS3 hybrid behaves more closer to a chunky utility iron, whereas Titleist TS2 hybrid is probably closer to a fairway wood. Ball flight on chunky hybrid like TS2 is similar to low spinning fairway wood. If fitting or testing different clubs is not an option you can estimate which type of club would fit you best. For example I am for sure losing strokes when I play utility irons and struggle with hitting 5 woods but I love the flight when I catch woods properly. Knowing that I bought chunky Titleist 818 H1 hybrid(s) that I hit much better and with similar ball flight to a fairway wood. On the other hand, hybrids are not a good option for a lot of people because they struggle with hooking them. If they like the flight of the hybrids on the good strikes, I would direct them towards cunky utility irons like Srixon Z U85 or newer Taylormade SIM DHY that have not so dissimilar flight. If they would want/need higher flight, the fairway woods are the way to go, if they want/need lower, then slimmer utility irons.
  5. Great looking bag. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Really great looking bag. What swing speed training thingy is that in your bag? Homemade or bought?
  7. I love the ''keep-your-ego-in-check'' golf setup and explanation of the golf course strategy. It reminds me of Youtuber Golfsidekick. I hope to see that Broke 80 badge real soon.
  8. I posed similar question a while ago and got pretty good answers. Link to the thread: My advice would be that if you want to see noticable change in ball flight don't focus on single setting but deal with the problem with combining advantageous settings. If you want to eliminate or reduce right miss combine upright lie with higher loft (which usually slightly closes the face plus higher spin stabilizes the ball and slightly softens the curve), if possible adjust movable weight to the heel side of the driver, perhaps try different profile of the shaft to get some more forward deflection of the club head and closing of the face this way. Please note that if you are severely out-to-in and struggle with face control those settings won't do much for you and you have to address the swing flaws. I speak from personal experience. Hope this helps.
  9. Nice sticks and pictures. Would you mind explaining what in why is in the bag?
  10. The price is way better but I think it is fair to say Nippon N.S. Pro 1050 GH and 1150GH shafts are noticably different, hence they may not produce the same result.
  11. Same here. I heard Club Champion likes to put some ''extra sauce'' on the price tag.
  12. YES! That's the spirit!
  13. Both. For example 6 iron total distance last year was 160m (pretty much all carry because the course is usually soft and balls stop at landing). Yesterday I hit pretty good 6 iron into the green from 140m all carry and app. 0,5 m of rool out. GPS measurements. Height was never my problem. I estimate the flight is a bit lower but I guess that could be the result of a poor strike. Good strikes fly about the same. Thanks for the advice about checking the specs. It certainly would not hurt to double chech the specs. I bought the irons from eBay about 2 years ago and immediately had them checked. They were anywhere from standard lie angle in PW to 3* flat in 5 iron. Lofts were spot on. I had them all bent to 1* flat and recently from that position to 1* upright. To the ''club bender'' I ordered specific lie angles and not just 2* up for every club. I was thinking about power leaks from ''glancing blow'' - perhaps being out to in (from video analysis my over the top move was quite apparent at the beginning of the season but I successfully ''recalibrated'' myself), with open face but the toe up face would neutralize the ball flight. I agree that GC Quad would be the best tool to analyze what is going on but unfortunately the closest one to me is more than 3 hour roadtrip away plus closed for the summer. Not really an option. Thanks for the advice.
  14. I need a little input from MGS members. After seeing TXG video about lie board and lie angles of irons and after doing some additional research I decided a couple of months ago to have lie angle of my irons bent from 1* flat to 1* upright. Reason for this was mainly the flight as I was seeing LOTS of pushes on the golf course and range (possibly due to the occasional poor face control) plus static measurements of my height and arm reach suggested that the lie angle of my irons should be 1-2* upright. Also before bending the irons they seemed to sit not on the heel portion of the sole but on the middle or slightly towards the toe portion. It is worth also mentioning I have no access to a lauch monitor to measure dynamic lie angle so I was forced to ''guesstimate'' the numbers. The irons were fine and sat beautifully until I took them to the course. I noticed I lost at least 15 meters of distance with the irons (whereas distance with the woods and hybrids remained pretty much the same) and having serious problems with ball striking especially (but not exclusively) in the long irons which was not the case the previous season. At first I thought it must be my post-pandemic slower than usual swing and I need to work on it. After about 10 rounds on the course, 8 hours on the range with the video and one hour with a pro nothing changed. Direction of the flight is usually nice at the target (with occasional 2 meter pull) but when I was messing around with my posture at address I noticed my ball striking and distance significantly improved if I stood more upright. Also I have some contradictory feedback about the dynamic lie angle. ''Sharpie line on the ball test'' says that the dynamic lie angle is perfectly flat (the line on the club face is completely vertical with no tilt) but when when I look at the compressed plastic residue from range mats on the club soles I notice the material from the mat reaches way further towards the heel than the toe section of the sole. I will post some pictures when I get home from today's range session. Has anyone else experienced such dramatic change in ball striking with just 2* of change in lie angle in their irons? I am thinking of bending the irons back to 1* flat or at least standard lie angle. I am curious about the MGS member's thoughts on the matter. >>sorry for the long post<<
  15. Regular with 105+ mph swing? I have heard that shaft flexes are not universal and sometimes one company's stiff is other company's regular etc. I have also heard that long drive guys often choose stiff shafts despite the fact they are well into TX territory but I don't think that is relevant for mere mortals like us. At least without expert analysis and advice. I am not saying that regular shaft couldn't work for you but it sounds to me that choosing softer flex tries to manage the timing of the shaft. Now, whereas I would (kind of) trust well established fitter's such recommendation after the fitting, I certanly would not trust computer program to asses this kind of thing (especially if it relies on my assesments of my swing). Just my 0,02 USD.
  16. They are also on Cleveland official website: https://www.clevelandgolf.com/us/wedges-/rtx-zipcore-tour-satin-wedge/MRTXZCTS.html
  17. I hope Ping will name its driver G420 and offer Mary Jane green color scheme. Stoners rejoice!
  18. Thinking of going to a bit more friendly setup with replacing 50* Cleveland RTX-3 wedge with Srixon Z565 set 50* gap wedge and for certain occasions (wet weather with muddy fairways) use Titleist 818 H1 21* hybrid set at 22* or 23* instead of 4 iron and Titleist 818 H1 19* hybrid instead of 3 iron to get some additional carry instead of roll out. I also tested Tensei White 90g hybrid shaft in hybrid and I quite like slightly heavier combo. Any thoughts about this setup?
  19. This thread (pun intended) is absolutely outstanding. Thanks for sharing!
  20. I second that. For me S300 felt significantly heavier compared to Modus 105 iron shafts, but Modus 115's feel quite nice.
  21. Great looking bag. What's up with 2 sand wedges? There must be an interesting reason behind it.
  22. I would think again if the regular F7 or F9 Cobra fairway wood is the right club for you. If you are really steep into the ball and dig the club this means you usually have high strikes on the face. Rails on Cobra fairway wood prevent the club from digging but not from high strikes and Cobra fairway woods have the most shallow faces on the market (noticably shallower than taylormade M2 fairway wood). This means if you switch to shallower face fairway wood you could see more high floaters and sky-ed shots and I don't think this is what you want (for more information see a youtube video TXG made about fairway wood face depth) If I were in your position and will be set on Cobra fairway wood I would look more into Cobra Speedzone Big Tour fairway with slightly deeper face and bigger overall profile. If you are steep into the ball this usually requires lower loft so Big Tour should be in your alley (for more information see a youtube video TXG made about playing the right loft in fairway wood). I would suggest that if you have a chance to test Cobra Speedzone Big Tour (or even better have access to a good fitter), take it! I would certainly go this way. This is my 0.02 USD. Hope this helps.
  23. Looks sweet man!
  24. I have to unfollow this thread because I don't think I will be able to resist my temptations for much longer and my wallet would get a whole lot lighter. I envy (and congratulate) you that you can afford changing your equipment like socks...
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