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  1. I’m sure my wife has most of our weekends planned already haha... it’s hard to keep a 4 year old busy. But the TopGolf near me just opened and I’ll be doing putting practice in the living room and chipping in the garage. The driving range near me has a few heated stalls. I’m sure they will be packed anytime I could go but I’ll definitely try to check it out. As far as other hobbies, I train M/W/F and go to the gym for cardio everyday but Sunday (I try to anyway). And my son loves to go bowling and he wants to try indoor soccer now so that will keep me busy for at least a couple months
  2. Yeah... heartburn is no fun but it kinda forces me to eat healthy. If I have a lapse in judgment one night, it quickly reminds me that it was a bad idea haha Now I snack like I live in a retirement home... Jello, water ice and pudding mostly (and sugar free of course [emoji20][emoji23])
  3. A little weather rant... Mid 60’s two days ago and now barely breaking 40* with 20mph winds and heading to Six Flags with the family in a couple hours. Looks like I’m breaking out the winter coats and hats [emoji20]
  4. I used to eat peanut butter like crazy when I was a kid... I would get a huge teaspoon full and eat it while watching tv haha. I can’t eat it much now cause it fires up my heartburn really bad. I do miss having toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches [emoji20]
  5. Haha I’ll see what I come home with and keep you in mind [emoji1303]. We can never get through all of them haha
  6. Haha my dad is a machine mechanic where they make those pretzels... every Christmas we get 2-3 huge containers haha
  7. I love carbs way too much haha. My go to was usually Doritos, sour cream and cheddar ruffles, or sun chips When I get a sweet tooth I go for gummy bears or the coke bottles and twizzler pull and peel haha Oh and I love me some tacos... we have a different variation probably 2-3 weeks out of the month haha. We do tacos, quesadillas, taco soft bakes (we call them taco lasagna haha) and I’ll have taco meat mixed with brown rice for lunch some weeks. It’s the running joke among our friends and family that we always have tacos for dinner
  8. Same here haha... I get it all typed, I re-read it and realize it could be worse haha.
  9. I’m a part of a few forums and each one has an “off topic” section with different sub-categories (politics, religion, ect...) and each is moderated differently. There are ones that allow anything (that’s not illegal that is) and some that are a little more strict. It’s all how the admin and mods want to handle their site. If it’s the matter of deleting the rant thread because it’s getting off the topic of golf, then the happy tread/ what are you drinking/smoking threads should go too along with any other off topic threads. Start a new “rant about your golf game and/or equipment thread” and a “happy about golf/ equipment thread”. If everyone wants the site just golf, that’s how I feel it should be. If the admin and mods want to keep a rant thread or any other “off topic” threads then start a off topic sub-forum with different sections if need be and have guidelines to follow. Just because it’s a golf site doesn’t mean we can’t talk anything else (we all have other hobbies/passions). And if you don’t want to talk or read about the things that are in the sub-forums, then don’t. Edit: Just to clarify, I don’t mind this thread. Hell, I was gonna post a few things a couple times but I got over them. I was just giving my opinion because a moderator asked for opinions about the tread.
  10. That’s what I’m doing wrong [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Absolutely!.. I have a few buddies with connections to a couple country clubs around me, hopefully they can help point me in the right direction if I decide to get lessons. And I just put that DST Compressor 8i on my Christmas list haha. My wife is just gonna kill me [emoji23]
  12. This was a 5-6 year fight with my wife after we moved in together years ago haha. I’m an over and she’s an under. I finally convinced her over was right and all is right in my bathroom again haha
  13. Thank you for the advice... I will check it out! I’ve been looking into lessons around me also... never had one, just watched YouTube videos. The range around the corner has 2 pros but they both seem like they have short tempers and get flustered quickly (seen them working with an old couple and was quite snippy with them). I don’t handle people like that for long haha
  14. Been there unfortunately... my wife wanted a remote start in her S40 and in the end was about $1000. I needed a key so they could bypass the security system and was around $400! All around bad experience getting it installed and it only sometimes worked haha. Wouldn’t recommend it but they probably come standard by now. I hope it all works out for you!
  15. Played our 9 hole par 31 course on Sunday with my brother in law and my buddy... shot a 49 to win the round haha. Still have the yips with the irons but the driver treated me better than usual. Hoping for another couple rounds before the really cold weather hits [emoji1696]
  16. Haha that’s a great movie! My wife and I are horror buffs (not as much now for some reason) but we just watched Truth or Dare on Netflix. It was great and what the one that was in the theater should have been. Can’t go wrong with anything that Rob Zombie produced either... House of 1,000 Corpses, Devils Rejects, ect... There are so many, just can’t think of any other really good ones right now
  17. So... went to the range last night with my brother in law (first time in a week or two) and probably topped every iron shot or hit on the heel or toe of the club. I’m usually very much dead on with my irons but not now. Tried again today at the range with my son and the same deal... topped shots and all. I really hope this isn’t how I’m gonna end my season [emoji20]
  18. DougC38


    Ah nice... I’m happy they kept up with the quality. I really like their tires... good quality/treadwear/etc for the money
  19. DougC38


    Yeah that’s true haha... Cooper has a Discoverer AT2 I believe that’s was a really nice all terrain and pretty quiet. Not sure if they still offer them anymore though (I sold quite a bit of tires when I was service writing for a shop a few years back)
  20. DougC38


    Goodyear Duratrac I’ve ran mudders on most of my trucks but these are the best of both worlds. If you don’t mind a little noise, the Firestone Destination MT was a really good tire and I got amazing mileage out of them. I’ve also had Mastercraft MT’s and Dunlop MT’s and both did pretty well but more noisy
  21. I have a softer one for everyday and a hard one for when I have an issue... I have to foam roll and stretch about twice a day to stay loose or I lock up pretty bad. When I have pain in my sciatica or if my hamstrings get very tight I use the hard roller or a tennis ball and it usually takes it right out. Being an auto tech and powerlifting training puts a hell of a beating on my posterior chain
  22. Ah I must have misread it... I’m sorry! But hey, still awesome for both of you! Definitely a proud daddy moment for sure!
  23. This is so awesome!! And the fact you got it on video is even better!! Congrats big Kirke!!
  24. I can’t wait til that one opens up... I already told my wife to put a gift certificate under the tree this year haha
  25. Went pitch and putt this morning... with zero warm up I did much better than my first outing there. Only topped one shot and if they were not on the green it was just before it. I need a lot of work on my putting but my short game is looking up [emoji3]
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