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  1. Thanks everyone. 1. Taking them to a seamstress to have them customized is not in the cards $$$$ 2. Searching for "tapered" legs seems to be the key that I was overlooking. 3. Adidas and UA seem to be the only ones that fit the bill. Thanks again.
  2. Anyone know of golf pants for the bigger guy (44 waist) but with legs and cuffs that aren't the typical 10" at the cuff? The Rocco Mediate look is not for me. Just looking for something with narrower cuffs.
  3. Can anyone compare these two shafts? I've been playing the Tour Blue in R flex 65 for a year now and would like to try something different. Ten to 15 years ago my best driving was with an S flex Blueboard. That shaft really matched up to my swing. Now that I' 65 and my swing speed has dropped, I'm now hitting R flex shafts. I'm a user of Russ Ryden's Golf Shaft review website and, wanting to try to find some more magic with a Mitsubishi shaft, I think the Tensei Blue CK might come close to the flex profile (according to Russ's work) of the Tour Blue. The only thing about the Tour Blue is that the R flex might be a tad soft. Does anyone have any experience with these two shafts or can anyone recommend a MRC that fits the flex profile of Tour Blue that a 65 year old dude with a 90 mph SS (still hard transition from the top) could use?
  4. Thank you for that info, CNOSIL
  5. My only experience with assembling clubs with taper tips is with DG R300's. Are graphite shafts built similarly in that each shaft is built for a particular iron? I'm particularly interested in Steelfiber shafts.
  6. Do DG taper tip shafts have different first step lengths? I don't find any chart on the greater internet or on TT's website that addresses this.
  7. I'm not a pro at this but I've been doing my own club work for about 25 years. I don't use plugs to keep epoxy out of the tip. Never had an epoxy plug come loose of any size. I've had rattles in the shaft but they were quickly dispatched with a quick grip removal my air compressor. I've seen various OEM plugs/tips that have a tiny hole going thru the center that were there, I imagine, to relieve the pressure built up by the exothermic reaction of the epoxy. In my early, naive days of club work, I had a head raise during curing because there was no where for the heat/pressure to go. Never let that happen again.
  8. Kenny, It's only because I've played with heavy steel shafts for 40 years, I guess. When I first started thinking I wanted to transition to graphite, I bought a set of irons from Callaway Preowned that had Recoil (don't remember weight) but in F3 flex. I sent them back after a week but they just didn't feel right. I guess I'll just have to experiment and then just commit to a lighter weight and then get used to it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. I'm wanting to change my iron shafts from steel to graphite. I've played a set of Rifles in maybe 5.5 for 20 years. I say "maybe" because there are no labels and no stenciling on the butt end under the grips. They may be 6.0's. Regardless, they came in a set of TM 300 forged that I've played since they were new and I've recently put them in a set of B'stone Dual Pocket J40's. I've loved them from the beginning but I'm now 65 and it's time for graphite. I might go to a local Club Champion to try some different ones out but I thought I'd come here and ask for suggestions for heavier R flex shafts. What I can find so far is Steelfiber in 110. That may be the top of where I'd like to spend.
  10. My best driving days 15 years ago were with the original Blueboard. It really fit my loading/unloading. I've been searching for a long time for a Regular flex shaft but can't really find it. Anyone have a Regular flex original Blueboard that's laying around?
  11. I'm wanting to go graphite after having a long-time love affair with the Rifles that I pulled from a set of TM 300 Forged and have put in a set of RAC LT's. I'm looking to get a set of irons with modern lofts, perhaps in Mizuno, but would like to put some graphites that might come close to to those Rifles from 2005 (?).
  12. Cost is a factor but only in that I believe there isn't that much difference in the evolving technology that I can benefit by. I've hit enough drivers over the years that I've come to the believe that unless I can hit the true sweet spot more often than not, then these "higher tech" drivers won't benefit me. I first came to this conclusion with the first SLDR and the Fly Z with the weight up front. AT this point in my golfing life. I'm only looking for forgiveness which I guess comes with higher spin. I'll look in to True fit. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Is this the original M2? Or is this the same as the 2017 model? I'm under the impression that the 2017 M2 was the second release of an M2.
  14. Driver swing speed is in mid 90's. I'm still a moderately strong swinger for being in my early 60's. Two years ago I went from a 910 D2 to the Callaway line. I bought an XR 16 that I still have and which I think I'll be comparing drivers to. I flirted with a regular Epic this time last year. Thinking I wanted to try a 917 D2, I bought a head and put my favorite shafts in two Titlesit adaptors. Here's the scoop... I'm not all that sold on the 917. I started on the A1 setting and it took everything I had to control a significant fade. I've set it on A3 and it's somewhat better but it's still fades. The last time I had a driver fade like this was a Aeroburner TP. I don't think I'm going to keep this. The Cally Epic was OK but sold it after a month. I think what I feel in the Epic and the 917 is improved face technology that isn't perhaps as forgiving as the XR16. I don't think either of the Epic or 917 is that much longer but they both definitely "feel different". Because the 917 is still fresh on my mind, I can really tell the differences between the XR16 and the 917. Maybe I just prefer a forgiving and higher spin head like the XR16, if that's what I'm feeling. Now, the crux of my thread...is there a head out there that may have the feel (forgiveness and spin?) of the XR16 that is only 2-3 years old and yet be an upgrade to the XR and 910 (the two drivers that I've played the most in the past 7-8 years)?
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