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  1. Thanks I'll try both suggestions but it seems that the rubber ferrule doesn't last a shaft removal. And yes yours seems to be like mine when I dry fit the adaptor before shafting it. Thanks for your help
  2. I bought a 425 Max head off of ebay. First Ping I've ever owned. I had to go buy an adapter for it. Two questions. 1. This rubber ferrule thing. What's the technique to get it right? Do you put the ferrule into the adapter and thing slide the whole thing onto the tip with epoxy on it? 2. Does the bottom of the adaptor sit absolutely flush against the top of the hosel? When I screw the adaptor onto the head (dry fit) there is a slight gap that doesn't close up after the torque wrench pops. I'm aware of the flutes and ridges on the both the adaptor and inside the hosel that have to mate up .
  3. Late to this thread but I've been changing grips out with air for many years. I've haven't used double sided tapes for many years also. I use simple 2" wide painters tape. It's not as thick as the glue tapes. I've come to understand that you don't need these glue tapes nor do you need therefore any solvents to activate the adhesives. My experience has been, from many many many changeouts that the tape is only necessary for build up. After now know hoe much tape I need to get my desired grip size, I only put just a dab of a soapy liquid only inside the opening of the grip just to get the grip onto the shaft. Then I insert the tip of the compressor grip into the hole of the grip and start sliding the grip on. Easy As I said, it's been my considerable experience that glue tape and solvent is absolutely not necessary. Waste of money. Build up with painters tape and blow the grip on. Never ever had a slip except when I didn't understand how much tape I needed to build up and to expand the grip enough that it grips the shaft after the process is over and the rubber relaxes.
  4. I’m an inveterate tinkerer also. This has me intrigued. What head weight are you using? What shaft? How long? Any weight in the butt?
  5. I have head only Odyssey White Hot #1 their Anser style. Head is in decent shape. $40, shipped
  6. Does Colt nost count? Count me out on him when he thinks he needs to sound funny and cute. Now I know why Faldo decided to hang it up. Life's too short to put up with nost's BS. On the PGA ths week, I'm very glad that Andy North is out there. Good to have Curtis Strange and of course David Duval. But then again, I'm one of the old guys nowadays. Get rid of that hillbilly doing interviews...and I'm from the south.
  7. I have an original Odyssey 2-ball putter in almost new condition. Still a favorite on tour. Original OEM headcover. 34" in length. $115.00 plus $15.00 shipping I bought this to turn into a broomstick before realizing a broomstick needs a much heavier head.
  8. I have a set of J40 DP heads in 5-PW. They are in very good condition. I bought them new many years ago and played them for one season. My season comprises a 12 hole round in the late afternoon each week for about 10 months. I have included pictures of two of the soles which I consider to be the most marked of the set. They are truly in very good condition. $230.00 + $18 shipping CONUS.
  9. Thanks to all who responded here. You've given me alot to think about this spring. One of the the hybrids is an adjustable Titleist.
  10. I know it's probably my swing but my titleist hybrids (early model) hook like crazy (right handed golfer here). I don't have that problem hitting the equal in an iron so just hoping that there is a hybrid out there doesn't always make a hard left.
  11. Good luck with this. I built a set of TE Forged about a year ago and I'm still playing them. As good as any big name iron and I've been playing for 40 years and considered myself to be a world class iron ho'.
  12. Thanks everyone. 1. Taking them to a seamstress to have them customized is not in the cards $$$$ 2. Searching for "tapered" legs seems to be the key that I was overlooking. 3. Adidas and UA seem to be the only ones that fit the bill. Thanks again.
  13. Anyone know of golf pants for the bigger guy (44 waist) but with legs and cuffs that aren't the typical 10" at the cuff? The Rocco Mediate look is not for me. Just looking for something with narrower cuffs.
  14. Can anyone compare these two shafts? I've been playing the Tour Blue in R flex 65 for a year now and would like to try something different. Ten to 15 years ago my best driving was with an S flex Blueboard. That shaft really matched up to my swing. Now that I' 65 and my swing speed has dropped, I'm now hitting R flex shafts. I'm a user of Russ Ryden's Golf Shaft review website and, wanting to try to find some more magic with a Mitsubishi shaft, I think the Tensei Blue CK might come close to the flex profile (according to Russ's work) of the Tour Blue. The only thing about the Tour Blue is that the R flex might be a tad soft. Does anyone have any experience with these two shafts or can anyone recommend a MRC that fits the flex profile of Tour Blue that a 65 year old dude with a 90 mph SS (still hard transition from the top) could use?
  15. Thank you for that info, CNOSIL
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