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  1. I'm wanting to go graphite after having a long-time love affair with the Rifles that I pulled from a set of TM 300 Forged and have put in a set of RAC LT's. I'm looking to get a set of irons with modern lofts, perhaps in Mizuno, but would like to put some graphites that might come close to to those Rifles from 2005 (?).
  2. Cost is a factor but only in that I believe there isn't that much difference in the evolving technology that I can benefit by. I've hit enough drivers over the years that I've come to the believe that unless I can hit the true sweet spot more often than not, then these "higher tech" drivers won't benefit me. I first came to this conclusion with the first SLDR and the Fly Z with the weight up front. AT this point in my golfing life. I'm only looking for forgiveness which I guess comes with higher spin. I'll look in to True fit. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Is this the original M2? Or is this the same as the 2017 model? I'm under the impression that the 2017 M2 was the second release of an M2.
  4. Driver swing speed is in mid 90's. I'm still a moderately strong swinger for being in my early 60's. Two years ago I went from a 910 D2 to the Callaway line. I bought an XR 16 that I still have and which I think I'll be comparing drivers to. I flirted with a regular Epic this time last year. Thinking I wanted to try a 917 D2, I bought a head and put my favorite shafts in two Titlesit adaptors. Here's the scoop... I'm not all that sold on the 917. I started on the A1 setting and it took everything I had to control a significant fade. I've set it on A3 and it's somewhat better but it's stil
  5. Oh if I was 20 years younger!
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