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  1. @vandyland Thanks for that explanation. That's exactly what I was hoping to understand. But the Standard setting for the Z 220 starts at "1' instead of "0" for the 230. But I, at least, now understand that one is closing the face with the negative values.
  2. This is the chart I was referring to. In the standard setting, "1 Face Angle" doesn't mean 1 degree closed? IDK
  3. Thanks, man. Happy NewYear. The NVS truly works just fine for me. And I just got a MIzuno St-Z 220 with that Tensei shaft in it. Have only hit it once on the course so far. SO far it played well with my swing
  4. I recently purchased a used Z 220 in 10.5º. Can anyone explain the adapter settings on their provided chart? In the Standard setting does the 1 designate that it is 1º closed?
  5. Hi Chisag. I was Tom0956 on the GEA forum back in the day. I have always wanted to try a GD Tour ADxx but never got around to pulling the trigger. I see alot of the ladies using them and always felt if they can find one that fits them I should be able too. I am always on the lookout for an OG Blueboard in Reg flex but have missed out on two that popped up. I even got into the Kaili line many years ago. Have you tried or know anything about the DJ? I've been a regular visitor to Russ Ryden's golf shaft reviews and have gleaned alot of info from there. It's too bad that his website is so difficult to peruse. I wish he'd hire someone to modernize that thing.
  6. What is the difference in the TR and Velocore models. I forgot to mention in my original post that I've tried a Blue in 6 regular. I could really feel the tip stiffness.
  7. I think I should have been more clear. My swingspeed was 105 back in my day. Now I'm sure it's in the low 90's.
  8. I'm 67 and the original Blueboard, back in "my day", was the bee's knees for me. Back then my SS was around 105 and was pretty strong. Now? Ha!! The shafts I've settled into lately are older shafts. One real old...Aldila NVS in regular flex. I also loved the Fuji Motore VC6.1 in Regular flex. If I was to buy one of the Ventus shafts which one do y'all feel I would like the best. I doubt that there's anything in the Black line and I see more in the Red line on the Champions Tour.
  9. Thanks I'll try both suggestions but it seems that the rubber ferrule doesn't last a shaft removal. And yes yours seems to be like mine when I dry fit the adaptor before shafting it. Thanks for your help
  10. I bought a 425 Max head off of ebay. First Ping I've ever owned. I had to go buy an adapter for it. Two questions. 1. This rubber ferrule thing. What's the technique to get it right? Do you put the ferrule into the adapter and thing slide the whole thing onto the tip with epoxy on it? 2. Does the bottom of the adaptor sit absolutely flush against the top of the hosel? When I screw the adaptor onto the head (dry fit) there is a slight gap that doesn't close up after the torque wrench pops. I'm aware of the flutes and ridges on the both the adaptor and inside the hosel that have to mate up .
  11. Brampton's 5/20 has been my go-to for one or two shafts for a while now. If I'm doing more than two at a time, I'll use their longer cure epoxy. I also like it because of its relatively low heat breakdown. And for some reason it clean up is a piece of cake after pulling the shaft.
  12. Late to this thread but I've been changing grips out with air for many years. I've haven't used double sided tapes for many years also. I use simple 2" wide painters tape. It's not as thick as the glue tapes. I've come to understand that you don't need these glue tapes nor do you need therefore any solvents to activate the adhesives. My experience has been, from many many many changeouts that the tape is only necessary for build up. After now know hoe much tape I need to get my desired grip size, I only put just a dab of a soapy liquid only inside the opening of the grip just to get the grip onto the shaft. Then I insert the tip of the compressor grip into the hole of the grip and start sliding the grip on. Easy As I said, it's been my considerable experience that glue tape and solvent is absolutely not necessary. Waste of money. Build up with painters tape and blow the grip on. Never ever had a slip except when I didn't understand how much tape I needed to build up and to expand the grip enough that it grips the shaft after the process is over and the rubber relaxes.
  13. I’m an inveterate tinkerer also. This has me intrigued. What head weight are you using? What shaft? How long? Any weight in the butt?
  14. Does Colt nost count? Count me out on him when he thinks he needs to sound funny and cute. Now I know why Faldo decided to hang it up. Life's too short to put up with nost's BS. On the PGA ths week, I'm very glad that Andy North is out there. Good to have Curtis Strange and of course David Duval. But then again, I'm one of the old guys nowadays. Get rid of that hillbilly doing interviews...and I'm from the south.
  15. Thanks to all who responded here. You've given me alot to think about this spring. One of the the hybrids is an adjustable Titleist.
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