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  1. I bought paintfill bottles from Golf Works. I overfilled the words so it was full. Let it dry about 5 minutes, then used a rag with acetone on it to wipe off the excess.
  2. Thanks! I'm still out on it. I really like it and I really don't. I think I am going to have to put them together before I make my mind up! To bad Lamkin doesn't make white UTx grips!
  3. I would like y'alls opinion on how to paint these irons?! I'm definitely going to paint Ben Hogan blue and the stripe red. I'm thinking about painting the forged white. But, can't decide on how to paint the loft numbers? Red or blue? I'm leaning blue.
  4. My Lamkin UTx grips and my custom ferrules from Cell-parts.net came in! They look awesome!
  5. I demoed all 3 Ben Hogan iron models. I went with the Ft. Worth 15s because of 1-feel, 2-I got them at a insane price for new clubs, 3-performance, 4-looks. The PTX is a great iron too, but I didn't find them that much more forgiving. In the 4-6 irons, they were easier to launch. Didn't have to swing as fast. I have pictures and caliper measurements of these irons on THP.com. Ben Hogan has made 3 progressive irons that measurement wise, separates them into different categories, but that separation is slim. For the price, even from Ben Hogan Golf, I don't think you can find a better value for the product anywhere else right now! Maybe the TEE EXS driver?!
  6. Hey hey hey....this is a family friendly post! Haha
  7. Is there any benefit for you to do this? Do they send you equipment, accessories, etc? If you don't mind me asking.
  8. I have hit the Ft. Worth, PTX, Edge, and VKTR. I haven't hit the FTWHi yet. I have never played a hybrid before, but I was crushing that VKTR so well. Can't imagine anything being better. After getting fitted, I'm going to look at my stock 31* and maybe get the Hi. What does being a brand ambassador mean? What's the benefit?
  9. It was pure acetone. Picked it up at Wal-Mart. Just a warning, I tried to buy 2 quarts and they would not let me. Had to buy one quart at a time! But, you can buy a whole gallon if you want to just fine! What the heck is the world coming too?!
  10. Ok. We was up that way last summer. Had my daughter in my profile picture baptised at this big Catholic church in Schenectady, where all my wife's family was baptised. Went to great escape. She made me stop at this place in Saratoga for something called "doughboys"? Wasn't a fan myself. I don't like cream cheese or buffalo wing sauce.
  11. What or who is Druthers? We are gonna be a little north of Albany...Schenectady, Rotterdam, Clifton Park, Ballston Spa...maybe Saratoga Springs.
  12. Haha! That's all I needed to know. We are headed to Albany next week for Christmas.
  13. How do you like you Ft. Worth Hi irons compared to the regular long irons?
  14. Two choices...demo the shaft in a very similar iron head and then choose from there or the fitter will have to install/uninstall the different shafts in your clubs as you test using quick set epoxy. I found the PTX to be very similar to the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged/Tour irons. You could use them as a stand in head and then install those shafts in your PTXs.
  15. I demoed the VKTR hybrids when I was trying the irons...that thing is great! I was tattooing the 20* uphill into the wind 220 yards!
  16. How do you like the Ft. Worth Hi? I am thinking about going 19* 23* 27* VKTR, then 31*-59* irons? But, might go FTW Hi in the 31* as well.
  17. Yeah, I looked at them before I ordered the white ones. Thought about getting the “Nantucket Glory” ferrules but for the extra expense, I didn’t love them. Plus, I am going with a red, white, and blue theme with my bag, clubs, head covers, etc.
  18. I dipped my club heads in a cup of acetone for about an hour. Used a toothbrush and a small pick to clean the paint out. My heads are one piece forged so completely dipping them wasn’t an issue.
  19. I hope so. Finding the 55* TK wedge was like a needle in a haystack. Going to put Nippon Modus shafts in them. Not sure if it will be the 105, 120, or 125 Stiff or X-Stiff. Will figure that out when I get fitted.
  20. I am beginning to customize then build my Ft. Worth 15s. I got a great deal on these. They were new/never hit! I removed the original paint fill and am going to repaint them. I bought Red and Blue Lamkin UTx grips and custom ferrules from Cell-parts.net.
  21. I would have named it Carnage! Google Carnage Marvel character.
  22. I have never had any new golf clubs. I have always bought used or played hand me down clubs. I am in the middle of putting together a whole new bag. I still have a budget to stick to. I can’t afford to just buy all PXG or a JDM boutique set. I’m using new equipment from Ben Hogan Golf and probably Tour Edge for a driver and woods. Hogan has the direct to consumer model and Tour Edge isn’t a major OEM, so they don’t spend much on advertising or paying tour guys. This in turn, keeps their prices down. The majority of my budget will be going to my club fitter to fit me and build the clubs to my specs, MOI matching, etc. I am hoping to keep the total cost between $1500 and $2000. So, that’s my price point.
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