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  1. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft #12 35" Took the stock grip off and replaced it with a new Super Stroke Flatso 1.0 grip. Used this putter 3-4 times. $75!
  2. Today @ 6:54pm #1 Mizuno Hot Metal Pro irons 6-GW Nippon 120x shafts GP MCC+4 Midsize grips +1/2" length 2* upright $575 These are the closest thing to new you will find beside the pro shop! Played 3-4 rounds and hit them on an indoor simulator. I can't call them mint because they are used, but I will say they are a 9.9/10! No damage, no chips, barely hit! Just wasn't right for me. I have registered them with Mizuno Golf USA. SW & LW have a Nippon 120 S shaft!
  3. Let me know if Soufrog doesn't get it!
  4. Yes sir, behind the main compartment is an umbrella sleeve, a drawstring with fastener, and at the bottom a place for the umbrella point.
  5. I'm 99% sure there is. I will double check though.
  6. FS: BNIB Ben Hogan BH-1 Stand Bag White $100 shipped. Great bag, but going with Mizuno or Ogio. Bag retails for $135. The new BH1 Stand Bag has been engineered to blend the best of carry bags and cart bags. Light enough to carry comfortably, but plenty of storage for those who usually ride and want all their gear with them at all times. Seven zippered pockets offer the ultimate in organization and are easily accessible, whether your bag is strapped on a cart or standing upright on the retractable legs. Available in four color schemes. Popular 5-way top Full length dividers Dual strap harness 6.6lbs 7 pockets include: Velour lined + waterproof valuables pocket Waterproof garment pocket Velour lined range finder pocket Two large garment pockets Two ball pockets
  7. I won a whole new bag of clubs from Ben Hogan.
  8. TK wedges, grips, ferrules sold! Ft. Worth heads $250.00
  9. These are new Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 heads in the high launch (23-47). I have custom painted these heads metallic Pearl blue, metallic Pearl red, and white. The loft numbers are a red, white, blue pattern. $225.00 I will ship it east of the Mississippi. Those on the west coast, we will work shipping costs out.
  10. I bought paintfill bottles from Golf Works. I overfilled the words so it was full. Let it dry about 5 minutes, then used a rag with acetone on it to wipe off the excess.
  11. Thanks! I'm still out on it. I really like it and I really don't. I think I am going to have to put them together before I make my mind up! To bad Lamkin doesn't make white UTx grips!
  12. I would like y'alls opinion on how to paint these irons?! I'm definitely going to paint Ben Hogan blue and the stripe red. I'm thinking about painting the forged white. But, can't decide on how to paint the loft numbers? Red or blue? I'm leaning blue.
  13. My Lamkin UTx grips and my custom ferrules from Cell-parts.net came in! They look awesome!
  14. I demoed all 3 Ben Hogan iron models. I went with the Ft. Worth 15s because of 1-feel, 2-I got them at a insane price for new clubs, 3-performance, 4-looks. The PTX is a great iron too, but I didn't find them that much more forgiving. In the 4-6 irons, they were easier to launch. Didn't have to swing as fast. I have pictures and caliper measurements of these irons on THP.com. Ben Hogan has made 3 progressive irons that measurement wise, separates them into different categories, but that separation is slim. For the price, even from Ben Hogan Golf, I don't think you can find a better value for the product anywhere else right now! Maybe the TEE EXS driver?!
  15. Hey hey hey....this is a family friendly post! Haha
  16. Is there any benefit for you to do this? Do they send you equipment, accessories, etc? If you don't mind me asking.
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