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  1. Allen/Abilene, TX I currently use a range finder and GPS My current LRF is a Callaway 200
  2. Stumpnav

    Ball change

    I like a higher spinning ball...doesn't matter if it is wet or dry. The only time I don't really like the spin is hitting into the wind when it balloons on me.
  3. Allen Abilene, TX SS - 100 Currently playing Chrome Soft X Triple Track The only experience I've had with Snell was a ball I found. I liked it, but the water liked it more!
  4. Allen/Texas 4.8/102 Chrome Soft X 19 Yes, I have previously played both balls
  5. I do mine in a vise clamped to my workbench. It works, but it is not the best. I would love to have this kind of setup...I would probably end up changing grips once a month though!
  6. - Allen - Texas - Artisan Golf 0217 - Strength. It's what keeps the rest of my game together.
  7. @blcurreyI did the Mizuno shaft fit analyzer and was impressed. Two of the shafts it came up with are ones I've been fitted for before, so I think the thing works pretty well.
  8. We had a Mizuno demo day at our club a couple of weeks back. I tried the 190 and got good numbers with it. I got fit into a Tensei Orange shaft. It came in last week and I've been able to hit it at the range a couple of times. I like that I can hit it hard without worrying about it hooking.
  9. Pick the prettiest and go with them. You could go with any of them and be fine. The two shafts I get fit into most often are the C-Tapers and the KBS Tour V, so they must be close. Seriously, pick the clubs that you think will give you the most confidence and go play them. Hitting your choices outside at a demo day would let you see what the ball flight actually looks like.
  10. We have one in town that is a fun little course that is lit. It is great fun to go out there for a quick 9, but they have really let it go down hill over the last 5 years and its become a bit of a dog track. I would like to buy it and replace the grass greens with high quality artificial turf and the same for the tee boxes. I think that would cut the maintenance cost considerably and the condition will always be great.
  11. I would want the HMT so I could tell what the head was doing to cause the ball to do what its doing. However, I would not let that stop me from getting the GC...as long as it has the option to upgrade to HMT later. Then I would start saving my pennies for the HMT. The stickers are just the cost of doing business...a little inconvenience and a little money.
  12. Here's an article from Golf Digest that compares ball spin rates. Wedge Spin Rates Of course, nothing is exact, but you can see there are quite a few more balls that have considerably more spin than an e6.
  13. I don't use the line. I find that it doesn't look lined up once I stand over the ball. I know it is lined up from behind, but standing over the ball it doesn't. Leads to a lack of confidence. I much prefer to look down at nothing but white on the ball..no line, no logo, no number...just ball.
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