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  1. Miner/ Aurora, Colorado Multiple golfer family, What IOS Device Will You be Using:Iphone XR,se2,11, iPad Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: Outdoors and Indoors Will You be Using a Net Yes or No: yes indoors only
  2. 1. 10.1 , Aurora CO 2. Mizuno Jpx919 forged, 147 carry 3. Not a whole lot other than they are Direcr-to-Consumer. Really don't know much about many golf companies but I know what feels right and what doesn't.
  3. I have always struggled with distance control and CB has not helped at all, especially with putts over 6ft. Keeping hands quite and smooth it will help, but if its short it doesn't matter.
  4. Ivan Aurora, CO 13.1 index 714 AP2 4-w standard, Project X i500 (love to take this head to head with my son P790)
  5. Interesting thought gb13 and dpatt... I think u have the answer for where to start I'm not adjusting loft 790, the gap perfect to me and are consistent thru the set. I will be getting a 52 w/KBS WEDGE flex and then replace/or adjust 58 to 56/57 and take out 54, that will leave a slot for course special club (hybrid, 5wd, driving iron, 2nd putter,... Or lighter bag)
  6. Black is back...good luck can't wait to see reviews no matter who gets honours.. Ivan from Colorado/south Denver 45year/13.1index Titleist 714 AP2 4-PW Standard / ProjectX 6.0Shafts.
  7. Have P790 set Aw-4 (DG300 shafts).. about 15-12yards carry gap per iron AW (50*) hit 125 54* TM wedge (KBS Wedge shafts) hit 90 huge gap, wedge flex shaft the issue? thoughts? should I get a 52* TM with (KBS Wedge Shaft) have it adjusted to 51* or 50*?
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