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  1. Interesting thought gb13 and dpatt... I think u have the answer for where to start


    I'm not adjusting loft 790, the gap perfect to me and are consistent thru the set.

    I will be getting a 52 w/KBS WEDGE flex and then replace/or adjust 58 to 56/57 and take out 54, that will leave a slot for course special club (hybrid, 5wd, driving iron, 2nd putter,... Or lighter bag)

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  2. Have P790 set Aw-4 (DG300 shafts).. about 15-12yards carry gap per iron


    AW (50*) hit 125

    54* TM wedge (KBS Wedge shafts) hit 90


    huge gap, wedge flex shaft the issue?


    thoughts? should I get a 52* TM with (KBS Wedge Shaft) have it adjusted to 51* or 50*?

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