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  1. Why are they so dang expensive? I’m trying to get better and some of these so called “cure” aids cost hundreds of dollars. Makes no sense to me Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I think that Jack Nicklaus started a debate that shouldn't exist. The game of golf is evolving just like every other sport. Golfers are stronger golf balls are better. That simple. You can't keep making these extremely long courses to compensate because the large majority of people are not hitting it 300 plus. As stated earlier if you buffer the balls for the tour pros the effect trickles down.
  3. Seeing heavy marketing for the 2nd gen CBX wedges from cleveland. Many other manufacturers have come out with models similar to these. I just don't see the cavity on a wedge doing much. Anyone have cavity back wedges or has given them a try? Are they worth the hype?
  4. As stated later definitely give the inserts a try if you are looking to hold onto steel shafts. if not get the graphite shafts and the inserts. With that you should be good to go. It will cost more though for graphite shafts.
  5. The 915s have heads floating around still. If you find a spare head you'll be set.
  6. I will definitely say what is buttery soft to one man could be perceived as terrible feel to another. Feel is in the hands of each and every golfer. The way we interpret said feel is so different.
  7. I feel you on that. I just upgraded mine. I had the speedline fast 10. I had to get the shaft replaced and fell out of love. So i understand that senitiment.
  8. What am saying is don't get too absorbed in the look. I love the way my rossie looks. I see no need to change. I like what i am looking t. I just think getting the ball in the hole is most important.
  9. With divided bags being of countless variations, what do you all prefer? I have a mizuno Aerolite micro bag that i have been using for about 4 years. I would like to get a new 14 way bag because I am a meticulous person. But I figured I would ask since there is nothing else better to do with this quarantine.
  10. I use a mix of grips but i prefer the golf pride multi compound mcc plus 4s a nd the lamkin wraptech and utx grips.
  11. Big fan of the mid level multi layer construction golf balls. I love this ball and I love the new Titleist tour soft.
  12. I have had the original white hot Rossie for seven years. And honestly its not the best looking thing in the world but it gets the ball in the hole. Getting the ball in the hole on the green is the most important. The tool you use to do so is the only important thing.
  13. I can say 3 wood technology is something that doesn't change that much. If henrik stenson can use the same 3 wood for 10 years then all that needs to change is the grip and shaft. The 3 wood is a club that should be capable of hitting a specific distance consistently. if you have one of decent quality you can squeeze a little extra out from time to time if need be.
  14. I've taken a look at sub 70s I am definitely saving my money for those. Thanks for the input everyone!
  15. I am looking to find an upgrade in the iron department. as a college student I can't go out and break the bank on shiny new compact irons. I'd like some opinions on cost effective options with in the price range of under 800$. i was considering a set of ben hogan PTX pros. I am looking for something with a compact shape, minimal offset, and a reasonable top line. to keep it short I want to have solid feel but have a tad bit of help. Love to get some good opinons.
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