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  1. Alec Evans Dallas iOS Will test indoor and outdoor, no net.
  2. Alec Dallas, TX Taylormade M6 Hdcp: 7.9 SS: ~100mph TSi2
  3. I’ve heard GREAT things about Rawls! Never heard of Diamondback so I’ll check that out!
  4. The Tribute is on my list!! Also The Bridges in Gunter is very fun. So is Coyote Ridge as you mention. Got some tough holes!
  5. I also just got back from playing 5 rounds in Glen Rose. Squaw Valley has two amazing courses: The Lakes and The Links. Both in GREAT shape, very friendly staff, very affordable and a nice little getaway in a small town. Also shot the best round of my life on the links! 79 for a 5.7 differential! Makes for a good time when you go low!!
  6. I agree Duck Creek sucks. I really don’t mind Sherrill. They re-did #1 and I actually enjoy it. To each their own.
  7. I’ll need to go try that one out!
  8. Love falconhead too! Played in before a wedding in Austin! Tough course. Updated it to my original post!
  9. Currently, my favorites are: Fazio Canyons/Foothills, Coore-Crenshaw Cliffside, and Palmer Lakeside at Barton Creek Slick Rock and Ram Rock at Horseshoe Bay Stone bridge Ranch - Dye Course, Cowboys Golf Club and Stevens Park in Dallas Falconhead in Austin Squaw Valley in Glen Rose I live in Dallas so my exposure to other cities is limited. Really excited to play Sqauw Valley in Glen Rose this weekend. Anyone play it? What're your favorites in Texas?
  10. (when you dont get picked for Cobra Connect challenge)
  11. How do people post GIFs that are embedded into the forum post?! I should know this...I'm a millennial!!
  12. Alec; Dallas, TX; 50 rds/yr @alecchaseevans on instagram Handicap 11, Swing: ~105 Probably easier to see in my signature, but TaylorMade M2, Cobra F8+ 3W, 718 AP1 irons, mixed wedge set F9 Conventional Irons, with desired driver,wood,hybrid, wedge loft/specs. Would LOVE the Ultralite Stand Bag! Although those are all of the answers you required, I feel like adding some additional detail and context might showcase that I am a more than ideal candidate for club testing! I am a data-driven, golf-obsessed player who lives, eats and breathes the data from clubs,
  13. Yeah!! We stayed at Buffalo Thunder and played Towa 3 times (on the rotating 3 9-hole courses). We played Marty Sanchez once and Santa Fe CC once. Awesome trip.
  14. Not sure if this thread is still active/relevant but I have found Tour AD shafts to be WORTH EVERY PENNY. Are the expensive? Sure. But so is PXG and plenty of other golf equipment. That being said, these are not one size fits all. I highly recommend being fitted. When I saw my guy at PGA SS (Scott Swords in TX), I saw him multiple times over multiples sessions. I hit new heads with new shafts, new shafts with my existing head, different lofts, different weight settings, EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. What was the result? He did not push me to buy a new driver head and shaft all-toget
  15. Thank you, sir! The first one is at Heritage Ranch (Fairview), the second is at Stevens Park (Dallas) and the final 3 are all from Santa Fe, NM. Beautiful courses there.
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