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  1. Will the "little friend" in Saratoga be available to rent at Tark's?
  2. Wow!!!!! You guys have really made the big time. This is a HUGE step forward for MGS. Now you can do outdoor testing, compare radar to camera systems and find out the advantages and disadvantages of each, and more importantly, get CLUB DATA which will incredibly enhance your lab testing. For example, there is a shaft acceleration profile program that can immediately tell you if the tester is swinging the proper shaft. It is not some bogus shaft optimizer that selects the ideal shaft (that still requires old-fashioned fitting) but it will vastly improve the numbers we get. For example, imagine trying to present all the information in an MGS review with and without a computer. This is exactly what a clubfitter faces when working off ballflight versus working with a FS or TMan. There is one downside. I recall several threads where Golf Spy T lamented the difficulty in presenting all the relevant data in a form that is easily presented in the blogs/forums. While the FS software is far more user-friendly in accumulating this data, I am not sure it is designed for this type of presentation. We may need to take up a collection for T to get a good supply of Xanax, Klonopin, or similar pharmaceutical. Seriously, FS has decided they want to become THE major player in radar-based launch monitors. While TMan is still considered the gold standard, FS is devoting more time and energy to the applications and software side of the monitor, which is most relevant to the average golfer. Once you have spent some time on a FS, you will almost certainly become addicted to it. The club information you get is the equivalent of a lesson. BTW, where will our little friend be located?
  3. Normally, I would be onboard with the guys regarding launch monitor fitting. However, I get the distinct impression this is as much mental as it is a scientific issue. I would try and get my hands on your old stick from RELIABLE sources http://www.taylormadegolfpreowned.com/ or http://www.globalgolf.com/gallery/golfclub/-/bid--27/taylor-made.aspx?gd=3 Then you can see if it is a swing or equipment issue and proceed accordingly.
  4. I noticed it also, but when I saw the website was "under construction" and had a 2010 copyright, my enthusiasm waned. I appreciate the difficulty encountered by small companies, but either these guys are complete engineering/gearhead geeks too busy to bother with marketing (not a bad thing, frankly), or they are getting zero traction and desperately trying everything some consultant is advising.
  5. Are you serious? I am the guy who loves to push the envelope and on the (rare) occasions I am invited to a Member-Guest or Guest Day at Snobby Valley Country Club wear a NASCAR polo with the sleeves preofessionally shortened to show my NASCAR tat, and get out the old Redneck Racing golf bag. Hell, a Fowler outfit would be dressing up for me.
  6. Still not giving away those Muira irons and switching to GI irons? You just know we're going to get you one of these days.
  7. Thank you for standing on important principles. REAL MEN DO NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! A golf device should be designed to faciliate real men playing manly golf.
  8. Thanks Rick. Since this is my "friendly" league I rarely play "rule games" with the opposing team. I will share GPS and rangefinder info if asked and if I have played the hole previously that day, will volunteer pin placement or drainage/other problem issues if they so desire. The ROG are important, but when it comes to friendly competition, I believe in allowing minor transgressions such as the aforementioned, especially when it speeds up play since I consider pace of play to be the Golden Rule of Golf.
  9. LOLOL...the guy my partner was playing is a close friend of the Rules Fuhrer of our league so I know exactly where you are coming from.
  10. My Friday night league plays a combination type of match play. It consists of a two-man team with an A and B flight member on both teams. There is a simultaneous team best ball w/handicap, as well as individual competition between the flighted players w/handicap. My partner is a notoriously poor green reader, so he asks me to read all of his putts. Last Friday his opponent was whining about my reading his putts, and using my green map. I have "mapped" each green on the two courses I play regularly with a Breakmaster, so I have a really good idea what almost every putt will do, as well as the average grade for most putts. We replied that since it is a team best ball, we can freely give advice. The opponent contends that since 50% of our product is individual competition this is a rules violation. We have no league rule or by-law that specifically addresses this issue. Any rules gurus have any recommendations?
  11. If you REALLY want a great golf school..... http://xgolfschool.com/ Jacobs is great, and Brian Manzella is a real character. You will learn a great deal.
  12. Jim, Depending upon your budget and how extensive a demo you want, I can suggest three or four fairly good places in each area of the state(Monroe County, Albany County, Rockland County, or Suffolk County) where you can get a Trackman and/or Flightscope outdoor fitting.You may not opt to BUY at these locations, but they would give you and your fitter all the info you need to have the best chance to select the right club.
  13. RR, OK, we will let you off this time, but Team Shovel still gets a point.
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