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  1. IMG_1482.JPG


    Driver: Krank 6.5

    Shaft: Matrix Prototype 2x Stiff

    Loft 7.5


    Woods: RBZ 3 Wood (Best 3 wood ever)

    Shaft: Matrix X Stiff

    Loft: 15


    Hybrids: Ping Anser

    Shaft: Stock Stiff

    Loft: 23


    Driving Iron: Apex UT

    Shaft: KBS 130G Tour X Stiff

    Loft: 21


    Irons: Ping i210 6-9

    Shaft: KBS Tour 130G X Stiff



    Vokey 46 KBS 130G X Stiff

    Ping Forged 56 130G X Stiff

    Taylormade MG 52 130G X Stiff

    Taylormade MG 60 130 X Stiff


    Putter: SeeMore RST2 and Ping Bergen Vault







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  2. The adjustability of the hosel let's me set it to a 2 iron, which is the current setup. I just haven't been able to remove my beloved traditional 2 iron yet.

    However, I ordered a MacDaddy PM grind 64 degree wedge recently that will pull that 2 iron out of my bag. The gapping is perfectly fine though, I have a very high swing speed, so I tend to use a lot of wedges and lower irons. Hence the lack of a 3/4 iron in my bag. So a 64 is my must have for the 2019 season and officially replacing my old 2 iron. That's all. The 3 offered me a better adjustability range overall than the GAPR 2. Sorry, probably a bunch of uneeded information.

    That's a nice bag!
    I'm just curious, if you like the GAPR, why don't you play a GAPR 2 iron as well? Does the gapping not work right? 

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  3. Very nice!
    How do you like the GPR? I've been considering one for a little while now.
    Love it. The adjustability is great, feel off the face is very good and the distance is spot on. The GAPR Lo was my preferred model, due to the fact I play blades, it looked better at address. The only downside is that the black paint wears fairly quick, which has always been a TM downfall. However, I do play it alot, so that could be a factor.

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