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  1. 1. I am a 4 handicap living in Billings, Montana. 2. My current irons are the Taylormade PSI with the stock stiff shafts. My 8 iron carry distance is 154. 3. I know that they are a smaller, direct to consumer producer who is fairly new to the game. I have been checking out their irons since I first became aware of them and was intrigued by their looks and lower prices. In addition, they have received strong reviews and seem like a great company to work with.
  2. Kyle from Montana 28 years old - handicap is 1.8 Taylormade PSI 4-PW, Standard L/L/L, KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff, Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Standard Thank you to Ben Hogan and MGS for the opportunity!
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