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  1. GG,

    Welcome to the forum...Hope ya get involved..Alot of good conversation & some great people....

    Have a great season...

    My Best,


  2. Thanks for the great post. I too have been having some putting issues and found a similar solution in Dave Stockton's new book Unconscious Putting. His focus however, is not on the hole or the ball, but on the line. He encourages readers to study the green, find the correct line to the hole and then focus on the line. Forget the ball, just align the clubface square to the line and putt away with confidence. Since reading his book I've pretty much eliminated 3 putts, and more often than not end up with 1 putts or a few 2. Good read.
  3. I agree. Orange Whip is a great tool to help me with my tempo.
  4. I usually try using 4 balls at a time, trying to get the ball within a 3 foot circle around the hole. Helps with my accuracy and touch.
  5. Great drill. I agree with your side note of not following the ball with your eyes or your head, but just listening for the drop. Makes for a much more accurate putt.
  6. Your routine echoes my own. Only one thing to add.... figuring out which club to use, especially on chip shots... practicing a new process... same stroke for all chip shots but change the club depending on distance from ball to hole... taking the time to choose the right club is now a part of my chip routine.
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  8. I recently traveled to Florida for a couple of weeks this early spring. Had to buy a new travel bag. The old one had bit the dust. I did research online and chose the Orion Tour Trek - $199 bag - cost at golfsmith.com was $129.97. Has great pockets, padding, straps, easy inline wheels... did the job. One thing that takes getting used to is the zipper... it runs all the way around and you have to remember to not leave it at the top of the bag, but move it down the side... othewise when you pull on the top handle, the bag has a tendency to open. It's not a big deal, and once you know it, not a problem. I recommend this bag. You can check out some of my research - I published it on my blog: http://golfgurls.com/2009/12/03/play-golf-will-travel-protection-for-your-golf-clubs/ hope it helps you with your decision.
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