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  1. Sean From Iowa Current putter is Maxfli Revolution 2 My choice of EXO would be the Rossie I would almost assuredly switch grips to my current, so grip does not matter to me. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. Sean from Iowa 30 Years old, 18 handicap Current Irons are Taylormade RBZ 4-9, pw, aw, sw, lw w/ Stiff shafts and Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2g grips.
  3. Hi all! I am a new member and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Sean, and, as most of you probably have deduced, I LOVE golf. I am a "bogey" golfer with the occasional round near par. I currently play a Taylormade SLDR 430 Driver, a Nike VR Pro Limited 3-wood, a Taylormade Rescue 09, Taylormade RBZ irons consisting of 4-9 plus pw, aw, sw, and lw, and I finish of my bag with a Maxfli putter. I prefer to play Taylormade Project[a] golf balls.
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