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  1. Christopher keller, texas 2 taylor made p 790 (last years model) stiff shafts T100s I had mizuno blades for ten years before moving to the 790s last spring. At 58, I was tired to seeing guys with lesser swings hit a club or two shorter on par 3’s. I finally decided (or admitted to myself) that I could use a bit more help. After the iron change I also added a new driver and 3 wood both Titleist T-3s and I have loved them. I have never played Titleist irons but these new sticks look tempting. I am going to add a new volkey lob wedge shortly - just need to finalize the grind and bounce I want as my home course has very firm bunkers but most competitions that I play in have much deeper and softer sand I will be playing in 6-8 Sr events this year and would have the opportunity to compare performance in different environments (casual and tournament play). Tournaments are currently on hold but we are fortunate in Texas to have great weather now and at this point still have access to the course. I also have access to a monitor that would allow me to compare outcomes of the two sets. You may have some directions on feedback but I would include the following as a starting point distance flight characteristics spin accuracy feel workability and each of these categories might be further divided by how the club feels on a hot sunny no wind day versus having to hit punch shots all day in the Texas wind. thank you for the work you do and I look forward to hearing back soon kind regards Christopher
  2. Christopher Keller Texas - so next to Fort Worth!! 2 handicap Mizuno blades, stiff shafts, one extra roll of tape on the grips And it is time for something more forgiving and a bit longer!! Thank you
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