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  1. Would really like to test these.. been playing Ft Worth irons and TK wedges since their introduction. age: 62 hcp: 7.9 Playing northern Washington/ southern British Columbia Current irons: Ft Worth 20* to 46* TK wedges 52, 58. Equalizer 54* Driver CWAY BB Epic 9.0* 3-metal CWAY Epic 13.5 Putter : Nike Drone 2
  2. Just to introduce myself as an avid golfer . Western seaboard: Southern BC/Northern Washington is my playground. Love the game, why else would I be here. Love tech in golf, gear is great, but ultimately know that it is the golfer's nervous system that does everything, the tech is just the chocolate coating... Just so nice that the nervous system is so much influenced by the technicalities of golf gear, summed up in one concept: Confidence. It means we can go on buying stuff till our confidence runs over!
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