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  1. I love walking as well, sometimes it's just a completely different way to play the game and it's refreshing
  2. I've been wanting to test this theory for a while but never get around to it for multiple reasons. The only thing that bothers me is when there's a burr on the cover, the man nimum damage in that test was pretty mild. Nothing wrong with used balls
  3. I guess it would depend on what the low capper looks for in an iron and what's important to them individually. I've gotten as low as a 2 and have had combo sets, GI sets and blades and without a doubt my miss which is thin if I miss it has the same outcome no matter which iron I use. I prefer the consistency of a blade, the same yardage's all the time with no flyers depending where on the face you hit it, I love a dull thud instead of a hollow sound or a ting sound, I love a narrow sole for great turf interaction and a small head for aesthetics. I started on SGI irons and I worked
  4. Man that's terrible, I'd be heartbroken without my 3 iron in the bag, especially if the head couldn't be found. You going to buy another one?
  5. I was reading that earlier wondering how in the heck that's a rule, golf has some crazy rules but for a club to do this is ridiculous. I know, their course their rules but it's still stupid to me.
  6. Guilty, sheesh sometimes I get so self conscious it's not funny. Type, delete, typ delete, my life in words. I do it for the same reasons you guys do lol
  7. I thought about that too but I don't think so, it looks like they're enhancing the line to cover all the bases for players, I'd think most blade players don't like to change equipment as often. That was my immediate thought too, I was wondering if they bought the patents for the Vapor line, very similar
  8. Awesome group guys, I'm looking forward to your tests, these look pretty nice
  9. Man I have no idea what it will be like but if I took a guess I'd say it's going to be a lot less popular, new metals, longer courses and outrageous fees will drive away the normal folks, the land will probably be more valuable for the housing we'll need so there will be fewer courses too. No matter what it does, it will be interesting to watch it develop
  10. Good question about how they started, I've never really thought about looking that up before. Most are just average courses that are a little more affordable to play, packed to the gills, with decent conditions. I cut my teeth on a few in Maryland like Little Bennett, Poolsville, and a couple others, munis is where it started for me
  11. I loved the platinum tour, one of the best balls I've played. The TP5 as others have said is close, darn close
  12. That was a great read, I've always kind of thought of Allenby as a wanker but this piece was wonderful
  13. Thank you mods, we should have an official celebrate the mods day though, we can make it like the purge where you can abuse ar ban anyone you want just because lol, one day a year. You have to reinstate them the next day though
  14. I'd like to see a tougher policy on phones too, practice rounds allow you to bring cameras and are loose with taking pics, Thursday thru Sunday should be no phones and no shouting stupid things at tee shots. Take a pic? Get bounced, scream something stupid? Get bounced
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