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  1. Restarting an old thread as I just started the program, on day 4 of 60. 10 handicap golfer who started a few years ago in late 30's. Played all sports growing up but never golf until 4 years ago. Neadless to say I've got the bug. I've had a couple PGA lessons, but mostly self taught via YouTube, etc. Most recently following Tony luczak, who I like. I'll occasionally post feedback as I go through this . A lot of feedback I've seen in forums us negative, however most of those posters have not completed the program so I've taken that into account and am keeping an open mind. Given that it is a 60 day program with 40-50 hours of instruction, and it does not allow you to skip ahead, I imagine a lot if folks don't get far enough to give it a fair shake. Hope I can do that! Anyway, so far I enjoy it. Great stretching and body movements so far (I don't think you touch a club for a few weeks, and you never hit a ball during the training sessions). I've hit the range twice and hit the ball well. Maybe placebo affect? Hope not, we will see... Anyway, I will update weekly it as time permits if people are interested in hearing. Let me know..
  2. Adam Milan, Illinois 12 handicap Mizuno mp25: p-6, mph5: 5-3 Dynamic Gold x100 i500 is the set for me, please
  3. Adam from Milan, Illinois 43 years old 12 handicap Mizuno mp25(p-6) mph5 (3-5) dynamic gold x100
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