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  1. That's so great. He was long and accurate - and whenever he had the putter going he was gonna be tough Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Those look SO good - they came out really great. Some of my favorite Ping irons. GLWS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have never, until my current set, had a PW stronger than 48 degrees and as a consequence I have only carried 53/58 for the past 10 years or so. When I got the i500's I immediately picked up a 50 (bent 1 degree strong) due to the stronger lofts but it was something I wasn't really comfortable with. When I replaced the i500 9 and PW with the Blueprints I was able to drop the 50* and go back to 53/58. I will look at perhaps replacing the 53 with something a bit stronger but I have found the 2 Crossover and 5 wood serve me better than the extra wedge. I have never had a problem with partial wedge shots and have found gaps in my long game being a bigger issue for me. As Rev so aptly pointed out - you need to find out what works for YOU but you actually have to find out. I have always found it easier to take something off than hit something hard (when speaking about scoring clubs) but everyone is different. Find what works and then wear it out in practice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Was really windy today and I had just made my first birdie of the day on the par 5 7th when I hit a terrible tee shot on a short par 4 8th. The eighth is a narrow hole with trees on the right and out of bounds left. The wind was into out of the left and I tried to hit a low cut like I had on the previous hole but the ball got away from me and I hit it into the trees on the right. The ball was in the rough but I had a shot - I was 169 yards out into a strong breeze to a back right flag but I had a lot of tree trouble. I needed to hit a shot that started out low and faded 20 yards or so. I hit a 5 iron that did just as I needed it to and ended up in the middle of the green with about a 25 foot putt. I made a really solid 2 putt and kept the momentum going. Felt really good to pull that shot off.
  5. What a great bet to win! Langer's bag is nuts and I love it. I saw were he was playing Hogan Apex in the long irons all the way to Taylormade RSI PW! I love it - he plays what works. You are SO right about the stiffness of the #5's. I went to college in Lakeland, Florida (mid 90's) and I had a friend who did the club work for Andy Bean. Andy was in his early 40's at the time and still playing full-time on the PGA Tour. He is a big guy and loved all of his stuff SUPER stiff and my friend had put a set of irons together for him with Apex 5's tipped and asked me if I wanted to hit them. I was 25 or so and thought I was hot stuff and I thought "that guy's 20 years older than me I can handle his irons" - WRONG! It was like swinging rebar - I couldn't feel a thing. My driver swing speed at the time was 112-115 but they were way to stiff for me. I know they were tipped but man that made an impression. I had a friend who played Hogan Apex irons with 4's in them and I thought those irons felt just about perfect but he would not part with them no matter how hard I tried.
  6. Played today with my oldest son at Lincoln West - I haven't played for a little over a week due to my back. I have had a great summer back health wise but the last few weeks have been rough so I thought I would take a break. It was really windy today so I had to scramble at the start of the round but once I got going, I played great. I was in four bunkers (1 fairway bunker/3 green side) today which is a lot for me. The first green side bunker shot was relatively easy but the other two were really deep bunkers with the green being above the my head but I hit 3 really good shots and got up and down 2 out 3 times. It would have been 3 for 3 but I hit a really poor putt - a horrendous pull from 4 ft but all in all I was really pleased with my bunker play. That poor putt led to my only bogey of the day but I was able to offset that with 4 birdies which was better than my last round of 71 where I hit the ball well but couldn't find a putt. 68 FIR 6/13 GIR 12/18 Putts 27 My son shot 77 but after his 69 a few weeks ago - he thinks every round over that is terrible - I was proud of the way he managed his game today when he didn't have his best stuff. We play golf every Monday (which is his day off) and it's such a great day - crazy that my boy has a boy and is no longer a boy at all - proud of him. This is a great game - I hope I can share it with his son too.
  7. It's been years since I hit Apollo shafts - I recently just found out they still make them. I don't know if they are actually the same or just the same name but those shafts were always great. Specs were always on point. The vintage bag was my father-in-laws. He and I were as close as any father and son could ever be and I have kept it in a place of honor in my office. It's full of clubs I bought him in the early 90's - Original Big Bertha Driver and War Bird Strong 3, Cleveland Tour Action 588P 2-PW, Cleveland Tour Action 485 56* and 60* and Acushnet Bulls Eye. Still a fantastic set of clubs I would play right now. I thought about doing a WITB for that bag too I want to put together vintage bag. I have Woods Bro's Driver and 3 wood that was made for me in the 90's and I would like to rebuild a set I had back in the day: Woods Bro's woods, Founders Club 200 Series or MP 14 irons, Titleist BF 56 wedge or Cleveland 588 wedges and Wilson 8813 putter. That would bring back a lot of memories - those were the clubs I used when I really started to learn to golf my ball. Brings back good memories. I've had so many great clubs through the years. One wedge I wish I had never got rid of - Beryllium copper Ping Eye2 L wedge. I bought it for 15 bucks and that clubs was money from the day I bought it. One quick story - I was playing at a little par 3 course with my father-in-law Jimmy 25 years ago. I don't remember the yardage but I was hitting my lob wedge and I hit it close - inside 6ft or so. Jimmy says "Well sure - of course you can hit it close with that fancy club" so I grab his 485 60* and proceed to hit it inside of my first ball to which he walks off the tee in silence until I hear "Smart aleck" I miss that man WAY more than I miss that wedge - and I still have the 485 so life is good.
  8. I've also failed to mention the Orange Whip - it is extremely helpful in warming up my back. I have found it extremely helpful in getting loose, as well as, getting my sequencing in order. Well worth the money for me.
  9. I thought I would update my WITB - I've made a few changes; some cosmetic, some substantive. I had a new headcover done by JuJu - she does really great work. I replaced the 9 and Pw from the i500's with Blueprints. Because of the Blueprint wedge, I was able to remove the 50* and put my 5 wood back in the bag. The 5 wood is the Adams 4555 with Matrix Ozik Altus 80 in Strong Flex. I also included some pics of some of my putter covers.
  10. There's no doubt the Apex Shafts were ahead of their time. Bernhard Langer still plays them or at least did up until a few years ago. There was quite a number of guys who hoarded those shafts and played them in whatever heads they were contracted for. Great shafts - been years since I played them but I could go back to them without any issues.
  11. Great group of testers here! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I bet your dispersion was a lot better! [emoji23] You certainly have a great set of sticks and I'm glad your fitter got you squared away. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. That's a big change going from G400 with AWT 2.0 regular shafts to c-taper in x stiff. How did that come about? What flex are you woods? The T 100's look really great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I noticed that's what Phil was doing when he uses the Stroke Lab. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I noticed that's what Phil was doing when he uses the Stroke Lab. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Last year I was playing in Scottsdale at TPC Champions. I was playing a match against my two oldest boys - them against me. The 5th hole is a 442 dog leg left par 4 from the blue tees. I completely duffed my tee shot into the desert in front of the tee box while the boys hit perfect tee shots into the middle of the fairway. I had 245 yards from a marginal lie in the desert - I hit 6 iron thin to 50ish yards short of the pin. The boys had put their second shots on the green with lengthy bids at birdie. I hit my 58* to about 8 ft left of the hole and made the putt for par. One of my sweetest pars and the boys could only tie me when they were sure they had the hole won after the tee shot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Well I sure hope you are able to do it. I understand on the shafts - I went lighter last year for the first time for thr same reason. I'm playing Modus 105 now - they are extremely precise. They took some time to get used to but now I'm only good for swinging my old irons with Modus 130 for 9 holes. What's the difference in weight between the Hogan Apex and the Propel Action? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Huge fan of the Personal 2's - just beautiful and so much cleaner than the 1's. I like just black ferrules with a single chrome line and definitely leather grips - that sounds so sweet [emoji106] That said, DJ does beautiful work with clubs so he knows what he's talking about. Whatever you do - those clubs are sweet. My last set of blades were Endo forged - Saqra 1150. They were designed by a long time employee of Epson. They are amazing and the Personal's are among the best of the best. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Excellent! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I've always liked Mizuno fairway woods but they seem a bit underrated. 3 wood's are funny things - when you find a good one they are hard to get rid of. I've always like a smaller footprint in fairway woods and the two in my bag are both on the older side simply because I know what they will do. Having one that is straight and goes 240 is hard to beat. What you are describing in your wedges is exactly why I went to 52/58 so many years ago. I felt like my gaps were too great and I could do everything I need to with 58 that I could with the 60. I'm interested in what you end up with - I read your review on your current wedges so I will be following along with what happens next. I need a new 58 but I'm hesitant to change. I've been sharpening my grooves since last year because I like the feel and performance of my current wedges but I know that won't last forever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Tim - I have really enjoyed reading your comments. I have been playing the Ping i500's for the last year and this summer I swapped out the 9 and Wedge for Blueprint's for the same reason you describe. I really like the forgiveness in the i500's but I have struggled with the consistency of the scoring clubs. I have hit good shots with the 9 and wedge of the i500 but the Blueprint is just so much easier to control. Blended sets used to be quite popular and it seems like manufacturers are beginning to think that way again, with Mizuno and Titleist leading the way. Mizuno has been doing it for some time and I think there is a real market for other brands to participate. It's not uncommon for pro's to mix and match but amateurs often don't explore that option. That could be because of a lack of options or financial restraints but it would be great if we, as average golfers, could have more opportunities to experience blended sets. At any rate - you and all the rest of the testers have done a great job with this review - I've really enjoyed it. I'm working with a few beginners and I think these irons would be great clubs that would last for quite some time.
  22. Man - I miss Ohio in September. It might honestly be the prettiest place ever in September. I used to live in Sheffield Lake - right on Lake Erie and I swear the sky is so blue and the grass so green - golf courses are always beautiful. I live in Oklahoma now and no one would ever accuse it of being beautiful... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I'm going to sound a bit like a broken record here since I only have the 9 and W but these clubs are so good. They are rightfully identified as "scoring clubs." My one challenge with the i500's is the high center of gravity - that's an issue for me because I tend to be pretty shallow in my delivery. The Blueprints are so easy to play with differing approaches into the ball depending on the type of shot I'm trying to hit. I am really enjoying hitting different speed shots with these irons - I have talked about how good the Wedge is and it is but I want to talk about two particular shots with the 9 iron from Monday's round. The number 2 handicap hole at Kickingbird Golf Club is the par 4 4th - it typically plays into the prevailing wind and is a slight dog-leg right with woods guarding both sides of the fairway. The fairways pitches from right to left and has a fair amount of slope to it depending on where you land. From the blue tees, it plays 398 yards but plays a bit longer due to the wind. I hit a high baby fade off the tee with driver and left me with 139 yards with the ball above my feet. The wind freshened a bit and I almost pulled 8 iron with the intent of hitting a knockdown but with the ball being above my feet with a very tight lie, I hit a full 9 iron. I normally carry 9 iron 136 yards but with the wind I was afraid it would come up short - I took a good rip at it and though I hit it flush, I couldn't see where it landed. When I got to the green, I had a 6ft birdie putt below the hole (which I made ). Number 10 is a par 4 of 376 yards with a slight uphill tee shot that favors a draw. I had 127 yards left but I could just see the top of the flag - there was a slight breeze behind me and the ball was slightly on the upslope. I wanted to hit the 9 iron in order to flight the ball down and take some of the spin off the shot. I hit it very solid but I could see where it ended up. I had left myself about 8 ft below the hole and made birdie there as well. The only other birdie I had all day was on the par 5 15th (554 yards) and that was set up by my third shot of 119 yards to a back pin with the Wedge. These clubs are really, really good. I honestly don't think I will add any more because I enjoy the forgiveness of the i500 and I'm very interested to see what updates they might make to the i500 this next year but we will see. I really appreciate Shankster allowing me to share some of my thoughts about these great clubs!
  24. I've done a lot of fundraising for youth ministries in the past and I have had varying degrees of success with the following: 1. Golf tournament - I know Shankster recommended this earlier but if done well - this can do really well. The down side is that the amount of work - organization is fairly intensive but worth it. A lot of times, people will donate prizes and sponsor holes and your profit can be quite good. 2. 5k health run - if you combine it with a health fair (lots of places will participate for free) and do free health screenings lots of people are drawn to it. I used to do one in the fall and link it with a fall festival for the kids and one of our sponsors was the Cleveland Cavaliers. A fair amount of work but quite lucrative. 3. Spaghetti dinners - spaghetti is inexpensive and easy to fix (compared to some other things) and the kids would serve. We made it donation based and we always did better than when we charged a particular amount. 4. Car smash - I usually would do this one connected to fall festival - it's a crazy idea but people love it. Get a car donated and charge for swings with sledge hammers. There are some insurance things to consider and waivers to provide but that one always did well with minimal effort. You can combine some of these and the spaghetti dinners can be done multiple times. These worked well for me in the past but YMMV.
  25. Good stuff Shankster - glad things are firing on all cylinders. I would enjoy hitting the 2 iron - I have an MP 14 1 iron I still hit and my guess is that they are basically the same loft.
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