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  1. I completely agree with this. The i500s have a nice solid "feel" on flushed shots and miss hits are noticeable. I would say compared to other forged clubs they "feel" overall a bit harsher, but I cannot say if it is due to what I feel in my hands, the sound they make, or a combination of both. Since these are hollow headed irons, there is a difference in sound. The difference in sound is less noticeable outdoors but very noticeable hitting indoors or even under a covered outdoor driving range. Not sure if that helps explain how the i500s "feel" overall, but those are my thoughts.
  2. I think you are right that it is the golf ball the temperature is affecting, as I remember reading an article about temperature and distance some time ago. I guess I didn't make my point in a very clear way. What I was trying to suggest is that on 85 degree day vs. a 55 degree day, that's a 30 degree difference and the ball was flying noticeably shorter. I would not consider a 9 iron that goes one yardage on a warm day vs. another yardage on a day 30 degrees cooler as providing inconsistent distance control. I just wanted to point that out, as I noticed a few comments where people were saying they hit the i500s on one day and then got a completely different results some other day. On the other hand, if it's going one yardage one day and then, everything else being equal, going a different distance another day or at various points throughout the same round of golf, then that of course would be different. This comment has nothing to do with gaps between clubs, which I understand lots of people have had problems with. Like I said in my earlier comment, I was really worried about the gaps when i bought my set based on the YouTubers of the world - I think both Shiels and Crossfield commented on the gapping, especially towards the bottom of the set. This comment is just me thinking out loud about some of the different results with the same club from day to day when the temperature has been sort of all over the place.
  3. One other thought I have, not on gaps per se but on distance inconsistencies, is that temperature is a huge factor that can account for the clubs playing one distance one day and a different distance the next. I live in Maryland and temperatures have bounced around quite a bit over the past month. My i500s arrived on an 85 degree day, and I immediately tried them out at the driving range where I picked them up. The 9 iron was easily reaching the island green at my local driving range. For reference, there is a red flag in the middle of the green measured at 147 yards from the hitting bays I normally use. My shots were mostly just a hair short of the flag so about 140-145ish. A few days later I went to the range and the temperature was in the upper 50s and I was splashing balls in the water 15-20 yards short of the flag consistently. A few days later, the temperatures went back up and I was back to the 140-145 distance range I was seeing when my clubs first arrived. This is a weird time of year temperature wise for a lot of folks with some nice days and some cooler days. It certainly could explain the differences people are seeing day to day and also indoor vs. outdoor.
  4. I bought a set of i500s about a month ago, and prior to buying I had a chance to watch all the YouTube videos, etc. and tested and got fit but with just a 7 iron. I was hesitant because of some of the negative commentary about gapping between clubs and was really concerned about the gap between the PW and my Mizuno T7 gap wedge because from the videos, the biggest complaint seemed to be the gap between the PW and then the next lowest wedge in the set. I loved the look of the i500s and what I was seeing with the 7 iron so much that I went ahead with the purchase despite my concerns. Happily, I have not seen any of the gapping issues mentioned by others, so it does not seem to be a universal problem. My best advice is to make sure you get fit for these. Even though my fitting was just with a 7 iron, we really took our time at the fitting and one thing that stands out in my mind is that I tried four different lie angles to make sure the lie was right. I think this was really important because two of the lie angles were too upright and on each of those heads, the ball tended to go left and tended to go 5 yards farther. The other two lie angles were very close but the three degree flat brown dot was just a hair too flat. I ended up with the orange dot which is two flat, which is not too surprising but the stock lie angles in the Pings are different than the stock lie angles in my old set. It really made a big difference though. The orange dot is much more accurate, much straighter and not as long as the 1 flat or std lie for me. With the right fit, I am just not seeing the gapping issues. My gap wedge goes about 115 - 120 and my PW is at 125-135, 9 iron is 140-145, 8 is about 155-160, 7 is 165-170, 6 is 175-185, so the biggest gap is between my PW and gap wedge, but it's manageable. If anything, there is a problem where sometimes my 6 iron does not seem to go much farther than my 7 iron and i only hit it 170ish, but I think that is a quality of strike issue more so than a club issue. I am much better with my shorter irons (probably most people are), and I tend to dig with my irons and take a big divot. Occasionally, I am prone to semi fat shots with longer irons because of this. I don't know how to describe it, they are not fat fat but they have a different feeling and I am sure I am just a fraction behind the ball. In my old set, my 5 and 6 went almost the same distance and I am sure that is an issue with not consistently getting the ball cleanly with those irons and hitting just a smidge fat. For that reason, I didn't get a 5 iron in the i500 set and I am currently experimenting with a GAPR mid5, cut one inch shorter than standard. It goes about 190-195 on average but I can get it out there to 200 at times. It has a wide sole which helps me not dig too much and provides better consistency so far.
  5. I just want to follow up on my post and note that I had no real issues with the wind at all. I was able to control the flight when needed and also noticed on a few full swings into the wind taht the clubs performed quite well, and I only experienced a bit of ballooning on one shot with a 9 iron where a huge gust came in while the ball was in mid-flight. On that shot, I was shooting for a back pin and while the ball did balloon and did come up short, it still reached the green about 1/3 of the way back to the pin.
  6. So my old set were Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 5-PW with C-taper lite stiff shafts. My i500s are 6-PW with Project X LZ 6.0 shafts. I am currently experimenting with the Taylor Gapr mid 5 iron replacement, but I might buy an i500 5 iron in the future. I did not like the 5 iron in my JPX set because the set has very low bounce and I tended dig too much, especially with the 5 iron. The GAPR has a nice wide sole, and so far so good on nothing too chunky. The i500s do have higher bounce than the JPX900s though, so I am not ruling out getting the 5 iron later. Some other thoughts are that I love the look of the i500 vs. my JPX 900s, and the JPX were some nice looking clubs, but the i500s are just a bit less clunky and have less offset which is always good for a guy whose miss is a hook. I think Ping was really smart with how they beveled the topline of the i500s. It creates an optical illusion that makes the club appear much smaller. Performance wise, the i500 do not seem to be any less forgiving than the slightly clunkier JPX 900 forged, which is impressive. Objectively, the i500s are also about 7 yards longer in the 7 iron (I was able to compare using Trackman when I got fit at the outdoor range). Subjectively, the i500s appear to fly about half to 2/3 of a club longer, as there is a 147 yard target (an island green with a pin in the center) at the driving range that I couldn't quite reach with my old 9 iron, but can easily reach now with the i500s. Finally, I absolutely love the feel of the LZ shafts, they have a nice feeling of loading and unloading that the C-taper just doesn't quite have. I was a bit surprised by the difference in feel because when I was fit for my Mizunos both the c-taper lite and lz were recommended for me. I have only played 9 holes of golf with these so I don't have a lot of on the course information to share, but I am playing today and it is pretty windy since the remnants of the hurricane just passed to our south last night. Hopefully, I will have some good insights as to how these play in the wind because on normal shots they do fly noticeably higher than my JPX900s.
  7. I know and hate that hole at Connaught! Can't ever seem to get the tee shot right, and every time I have played there, that hole has always been into the wind. Other than that, I really like everyone's stage 1 reviews and I'm looking forward to the stage 2's. I just bought a set of these i500s and so far I'm very happy. Can't wait to see the changes between the i500s and my old set compare to what others are seeing in their testing!
  8. Didn't know I could be logged in from two separate browsers. Very helpful. I'll try manually first.
  9. Thanks, I have considered that, and it wouldn't be too difficult to do manually since it's only two holes. My only concern is not getting the distances 100% right when I do it manually. I think it would be more precise though if there was just a way to move the data over without the manual entry.
  10. So last Thursday, I played 9 holes and the Shot Scope tracked everything perfectly, except for one problem...for some reason it recorded my 9 holes as 2 rounds. One round of 7 holes, and then the last two holes as their own separate round. Has anyone ever had this issue come up before? If so, is there a way to merge them? I know there has been some discussion on merging 9 hole rounds played on different days into an 18 hole round, but this question is slightly different.
  11. So I went to the demo day at the outdoor driving range on Friday. There was a large difference hitting the i500s at the range vs. the numbers I was getting indoors. The driving range also had the Trackman so the comparisons are apples to apples. The spin numbers were much better, even on the ones that spun a bit higher, nothing approached the 8500 I was getting on the Trackman indoors. Even on the black dot, the spin numbers were lower than indoors. I was averaging around 6500, no matter which lie angle I was using, but I could get up into the 7000s on a strike lower on the face. I also had a few that were draws where the spin was down in the 5000s. I tested the black dot, red dot, orange dot, and brown dot. I tested with c-taper lite and project x lz, as both were recommended for me by the Mizuno shaft optimizer when I did my fitting for my JPX900s two falls ago. Finally ended up settling on (and ordering!) the i500s with the orange dot and LZ 6.0 shafts with the golf pride plus 4 grips (same grips I have on my current set). Used some lie tape on the bottom of the club and a lie angle board. The orange dot was spot on. Also, it was the one I hit the most consistently. I thought that I might have needed the brown dot because Ping's std. lie angle is approximately 1 degree more upright than my Mizuno, and my Mizuno are 2 flat off of their standard lie. But orange performed slightly better than brown in terms of consistency and the marks on the lie angle tape were right in the middle for orange. I was told by the PING rep that it would be no problem to bend the orange dots an additional degree flat in the future, if I decide I want to do that. Other observations from my session: 1. The i500 goes noticeably higher than my JPX900 forged. Stopping power does not seem to be an issue based on height, and even with lower spin numbers, I think it would still stop quickly. I can hit a knockdown with it and take some height off, but it it requires more effort than the JPX900. It wants to go high. 2. No problem working the ball left to right or right to left with the i500s. 3. The i500 7 iron was consistently 7 -10 yards longer than my JPX900, giving almost a full club more distance. 4. They really let me take my time and hit a ton of balls. I would like to than the PING Reps and my friends/former co-workers at Olney Golf Park for a great experience!
  12. Fitter seemed to think so too. I'm signed up for an outdoor demo day at the driving range on Friday so hopefully they will have an orange dot there I can test out.
  13. Good question, I don't remember the exact numbers for height but on the screen it did show the orange line for the ball ball going significantly higher. I hit the exact same set up the day before because I was at a conference and the golf shop was literally across the street. On that day, I was in the Ping nFlight fitting area, and they had me on a Foresight launch monitor, either the GC2 or quad, not sure which. The spin numbers on the Foresight were more like what I would expect, around 6500 on average, so I suppose it could have been a Trackman issue yesterday. The fitter did say that the Trackman gets better numbers outdoors because it can track the ball longer, so that may have been a factor as well. My local driving range has a PING demo day next week so I am signing up to try them out doors and see what the flight looks like and also get some outdoor launch monitor numbers!
  14. Every video review I've seen for the i500 says it is a low spinning iron. I had the chance to try out the 7-iron on Trackman with the PX LZ 6.0, which is supposed to be a lower spinning shaft than the C-Taper Lites I have in my JPX-900 forged. I absolutely love the look of the i500 and also the feel of the LZ shaft, but I was very surprised to find that my typical shot with the i500 7 iron was spinning around 8000-8500 revs, significantly higher than my JPX which was spinning pretty consistently around 6800 revs. My JPX are 2 degrees flat and they only had the standard black dot i500 head for me to try, so it was quite upright for me. I was very scared it would go left and the few shots that I hit longer and with better spin numbers were left. However, most of my shots were pretty much dead straight and those were the ones that were spinning 8000-8500 with a high of 8800. The fitter was shocked. He said no way the i500 with the PX LZ should spin more than my current set up. He suggested that I wasn't releasing the i500 as well as I was releasing my current set, and thought it was due to my fear that the lie would make the ball go left. My question for everyone is is that theoretically possible? With the i500, it did feel lite I was holding on a bit and not fully releasing. I should note that I also hit a Callaway Apex MB on the Trackman with the same c-taper lite as my current club (it was 2 degrees flat) and the spin number were almost identical to my gamer and substantially lower than the i500. I should also note that when I was fit for my Mizuno JPXs almost 2 years ago, the LZ and the C-taper lite were the two shafts the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer recommended for me. The golf shop said the PING rep is going to bring an orange dot head in the near future, and I plan on going back when they have an orange dot head or trying one somewhere else.
  15. Update: Contacted Customer Support and they were very helpful. Offered to send a new watch or a replacement screw. Opted for the replacement screw since the watch itself has been working really well.
  16. Three questions: 1. Any inside info on what the features are going to be? My newsletter email said all will be revealed on September 10. 2. Has anyone noticed that the screw that holds the flap that covers the charge port has rusted? I've only had my watch for about 3 weeks and the tiny screw that holds the part of the flap that is attached to the watch has some rust already. It has been brutally hot and humid so I'm sure my arm had some sweat, but it doesn't seem like the screw should have rusted so quickly. 3. Since the screw is rusted, what should I do about it? Thanks in advance!
  17. Ahh, I wish I hadn't just bought these three weeks ago! I have been following the routine and definitely feel like there has been some improvement, but I'm not entirely sure how accurate the radar that I bought along with the superspeed is. Excited to see what other people think once testing begins!
  18. Congrats to all and looking forward to reading the reviews of those i500s!
  19. I think the feet together drill is also good for a sway off the ball on the backswing because the whole point is to keep you nice and centered to promote rotation and not a lateral move. Swaying on the backswing really has never been an issue for me, but on the way down I would and (sometimes still) slide way out in front of the ball leading to either a big block or big hook if I try to save it with my hands. That lateral move really only happens now when I try get extra distance, usually to try to set up reaching a par 5 in two, and go at it hard with my driver or three wood. I suppose that makes sense though, subconsciously it's like I'm trying to jack a home run or something.
  20. I was a baseball player in high school and also on a competitive travelling golf team in the summers. The end of high school baseball season overlapped with the beginning of the competitive golf season. My golf instructor, who I have been going to for 22 years, was/is a big fan of the feet together drill. The version he had me do involved my heels touching with the feet slightly flared to allow for better balance. Long story short, the purpose of the drill was/is to prevent too much of a lateral move in my downswing, which my instructor says is a carry over from playing baseball. The lateral move was always worse when playing both sports at the same time. I haven't played baseball in 18 years, but, even now, the move can creep into my swing and I get too much lateral movement on the way down. Old habits die hard I guess, but when the lateral moves starts creeping back up, the feet together drill still really helps bring me back in sync.
  21. Played again over the weekend and made sure to carry the club in the right hand when walking from the cart, and it worked like a charm - no erroneous tags. Haven't had enough time to see any difference in my game yet since I have only used the V2 for two rounds, but looking forward to getting and analyzing more data.
  22. Thanks, carrying it in the opposite hand makes a lot of sense and will keep the sensor out of range. I will try that next time I'm out! It wasn't a huge pain to edit, but if I hadn't edited it right after my round I might have forgot what actually happened. Overall though, I had no major issues and was stunned with the score keep accuracy even when I forgot to enter my number of putts on a few holes.
  23. I used the V2 for the first time last week, and was very impressed with how accurately it kept track of my score. On the day I played, I was riding in a cart and I had a partner riding in the cart with me because we were playing a better ball format. There were times where I would grab my club and get out of my cart and walk to my ball, which was usually ahead of my partner. After the round I noticed that the V2, on a couple of times including my longest drive, recorded the distance I walked from my partner's ball to my ball as a shot. I play this kind of better ball format a lot, so the issue is bound to come up again. Has anybody else had similar issues where they were playing in a cart, pulled a club and walked 20-30 yards to their ball, and had the V2 record that distance as a shot? If so, any tips how to not make that happen other than not walking to my ball?
  24. Justin Maryland/USA 11.5 current handicap (sadly the last few months have been rough on my handicap) Mizuno JPX900 Forged(2 degrees flat)/C-Taper Lite Stiff Choice - i500 Thank you for this opportunity, I have not played PING clubs in probabaly 15 years, but the i500s really caught my eye and could definitely bring me back! I have been watching and reading as many reviews as possible on these i500s since they came out, and signed up for the Ping Demo day at my local driving range next month (it sucks having to wait). The chance to review these in depth and actually get the chance to really take them out on the course and range multiple times, for an extended period of time, rather than for just 30 minutes on a demo day with a just a 7-iron, would be amazing!
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