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  1. Daniel Jacksonville Beach, FL Yes I use a net on a regular basis at home I use a Swing Speed Radar
  2. Daniel / Jacksonville Beach, FL 9.3 Cobra King Forged Tec
  3. First Name/State - Daniel / FL Current Driver Shaft Project X Evenflow Blue 65 6.0 Current Driver Swing Speed 110-115 What if anything would you like to improve in regards to your driver shaft..such as more or less spin, better dispersion, more distance..etc. - Slightly more spin, better dispersion Do you have regular access to a Launch Monitor--Not required, but would be helpful in testing. - Yes, access to a foresight monitor
  4. I swapped out the standard grip on my ER3 with the Gravity Grip and could not be more pleased. Feel like I have so much more control and am able to start the ball on my intended line which wasn't always the case. I am not sure if this is due to the unique weighting of the grip or more due to the actual shape of the grip. The Gravity Grip's long front to back shape fits my long fingers perfectly.
  5. Daniel / Jacksonville, FL 14.8, 110 mph Cobra Oversize 3-4 19* - Need something that fits between low irons and 3 wood for 215+ shots
  6. Daniel, Jacksonville, FL 110 mph Kirkland 3 piece I have played the MTB black for several rounds and been impressed with the distance and the green-side spin. They have the look and feel of all the other top premium balls. The only real noticeable difference was the branding.
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