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  1. Daniel / Jacksonville, FL 14.8, 110 mph Cobra Oversize 3-4 19* - Need something that fits between low irons and 3 wood for 215+ shots
  2. Daniel, Jacksonville, FL 110 mph Kirkland 3 piece I have played the MTB black for several rounds and been impressed with the distance and the green-side spin. They have the look and feel of all the other top premium balls. The only real noticeable difference was the branding.
  3. Daniel - Florida 18, 110 Kirkland 3 piece Have not played them before
  4. Daniel Jacksonville, FL 110mph, 20 hdcp 15* 3 wood, 19* hybrid, 21* hybrid right handed
  5. Daniel Florida Tommy Armour Impact #3 Depends on the round (so in reality a weakness)
  6. I signed up for the two week trial of the D7 irons and have been hitting them the last week or so. They sent a 5, 7, and PW. I will say that once you get used to them, they are very easy to hit and very forgiving. The ball seems to go and go no matter how well you strike them. One thing that was very hard to get over was the feel. Whether you hit it flush or off the toe, there was not much difference in terms of feel or sound. It was very hard to tell like you normally would whether you had just hit a nice pure strike or whether it was a mishit. Obviously these clubs are marketed towards high handicappers who are mostly worried about hitting it straight and far which is what they do. For those looking for a little more feel out of their cavity back irons, these are not the ones. In terms of straight looks, there is quite a visible bulge staring at you when you look down from address. Of course the results are what matter, however some will not be able to get over the visual look.
  7. Delightfully cracked into the 130's for the first time last night with the green at the end of a session. I am a couple of weeks in and have found that I consistently have higher speed swings when I am not trying to swing completely out of my shoes. I think when that happens, it becomes too much of an arm dominant and focused swing. My best results come when my core is flexed and my swing thought is focused on keeping my arms long and turning through.
  8. Daniel - Florida Taylormade M1 440, 9.5, Kuro Kage Stiff 21 - 105mph SS - Foresight GC 2 Have not played with a Tour Edge driver but have the CBX Exotics 3 wood and love it
  9. Daniel Scott - Jacksonville, FL - 50+ Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook 15 hdcp, 105-110 ss Taylormade M1 440, Tour Edge CBX 15 * 3 wood, Titleist 714 AP1, Cleveland RTX3 wedges Driver, 3 wood, 3/4 hybrid, King F9 one length, King wedges
  10. Daniel - Florida Tommy Armour Impact #3 Bettinardi putters are quality that come with years of research and production to justify the price.
  11. The numbers just seemed a little out of whack to me when I first saw them. I plan on going through a proper fitting in the near future where hopefully I will have an optimized setup. Thanks for everyone chiming in.
  12. The monitor is the Foresight GC2 that PGA TOUR Superstore uses in their bays. My launch angle consistently is in the 16-18 degree range, but the ball flight doesn’t seem to baloon. Obviously excluding total mishits, I tend to have a slight fade that is able to find the fairway. I am more than satisfied with a consistent down the middle drive that rolls out to 275, I am just wondering if there are tweaks to what I am currently doing to maximize what I have. I do tend to hit the ball on the upper half of the face. Would teeing it up lower and hitting closer to the center of the face as opposed to slightly above bring launch lower and spin higher?
  13. Ball speed is usually in the 150's. The monitor doesn't capture swing speed but based on the radar i have, I am in the 100-105 range at the moment. I did see a little bump in spin by sliding the weight all the way to the back. I am just wondering if there is something else to be done outside of changing equipment.
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