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  1. Whoa! I am an avid reader of the club test results (and use them to assist with my purchases). This is awesome! I have played a set of Ping G15 since they came out (white dot) and hit the i210 and i500 at my local golf store. If selected, I would like to try the i500 and I would approach the review by comparing them to my g15 (or any g series) and the pros and cons. I would look to see if the fears of balls that spin too low and go to far is real. In addition, I would try them at the range and the unique courses in my area. I am an engineer so I would try to create a very thorough report. I am an avid golfer but don't have a handicap. My average score is high 70s (good day) to high 80s (missing fairways). I average 30 rds a year in Northern Michigan. Great opportunity! Thank you for offering it up! - Jason
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