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  1. 3 months ago I had Bicep tendonesis , decompression, Frozen shoulder repair scar tissue removed and manipulation. Left shoulder righty golfer. Surgery went well but they found a big piece of cartilage 1 cm , Range of motion after diligent therapy is great and since winter in WI no need to rush back but I am back to lifting pressing is a challenge but pulling is back to normal feeling and strength is improving as well. I couldn't get my wallet out before surgery and can touch between my shoulder blades now. Don't know if the cartilage broke free during manipulation
  2. I did by the prgr launch monitor and have just done dry swings (no golf balls) but for swing speed it seems to be very close to my trackman data of just two weeks ago. It is small enough to carry in your bag and you won't notice it. Easy to read in the sun easy to change clubs appears decently made. Compared to Swing speed radar the numbers just seem more realistic and consistent. Ill try to post gain when I can hit some balls. So far so good!
  3. BJPJJS62 - John Current Ping i200 1.5 long 2 degree upright 4-u wedge Nippon 105 stiff shaft 6.1 Index i500 Fingers crossed
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