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  1. - Ryan - Illinois - Cleveland Huntington Beach #3 - Fronltine Elevado Slant Neck Appreciate the opportunity!
  2. Ryan/ Illinois 14 hdcp Ping G 170 yards Thanks!
  3. Gonna have to give this a go this week. Recently I came to the realization that i cant be flag hunting with the longer irons. 190+ out I need to aim for the center of green and more than anything think about just making solid contact. This could be a good addition to that thought process and hopefully help straighten out my longer irons. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Dont have all the facts here, but heard an interesting comment from Dechambeau this morning. He claims that he takes more time over certain shots but that he hurries to his ball while others take their time.... (insert GIF of Koepka sauntering down fairway lol) If this is true, should he be allowed more time at his ball? I would imagine that you can make up more time hurrying to your ball than is actually taken once behind it?? Not on either players side here but thought it was an interesting point. I personally dont have too much of an issue with slow play at the tour level as i could watch a pre-shot player/caddy convo all day. Especially in the bigger tournaments. As someone mentioned above, i think the issue is at the local courses where avg. golfers mimic what they see on tv..... and then you also have ppl with general lackadaisical attitude toward getting to their shot, and getting out of others way... unfortunately I think this issue is here to stay for awhile.
  5. Worst feeling in the world, is thinking that your golf ball may have been picked up by another group.... With that said, a couple years back i decided that unless the ball is mine- I'm not picking it up. Maybe generate some good karma!! I know that doesnt answer your question lol, so Id say play them or giveaway should you have some you don't care for.
  6. Ryan/ Lombard, IL I currently use 18 birdies app for GPS distances, but dislike having to carry my phone around with me at the course. Prefer to leave it in the bag. Thanks for consideration!
  7. Tier 5: JB Holmes tiebreaker: -13
  8. It was time for an upgrade. After many years of faithful service, my Callaway Diablo Octane driver was ready for retirement. I needed to see how the new twist face technology on the Taylormade would make me a FIR hitting machine, and of course how the Jailbreak tech in the Callaway was going to give me epic distance! These are the clubs Tiger, DJ, Phil, Rory, etc all play, and the same tech that I have heard discussed each time there is a commercial on PGA radio or golf channel.... With holiday gift cards in hand and an excitement level that rivaled Masters week, I drove across the street to the PGA superstore i conveniently live near. After getting situated in a fitting bay, I warmed up with my old driver while the fitter grabbed several clubs for me to grip n rip. I started by hitting 10 balls with each of the OEM drivers I was handed, each time analyzing the numbers that appeared on the simulator screen. In between clubs, we would make certain that we documented the change so we could compare the data at the end. All the while, i was noticing subtle things about the feel, look, and sound of each driver head. When it was all said and done, I could not believe that neither the TM or Epic had generated the best results. Instead, I was now stuck between two fantastic drivers, and for very different reasons. The first was the Ping G400max, and with this I could not miss a (virtual) fairway... it was so forgiving, and yet It also had ideal launch angles and solid carry... the only thing i wasnt fond of was the loud, tinny sound that came with impact.... but how could i go with anything else!!! But then there was the TS2.... It wasnt the FW magnet that the Ping seemed to be, but it had something more tangible....I had no idea hitting a golf ball could feeeeel that damn good! Even mishits felt as if they too were produced in the sweet spot factory.... It also produced the highest ball speed and carry of all the drivers I hit that day, which helps lol! So... I went with the beautiful feel, clean pear-shaped look, and faster ball speed of the TS2 and have since been having a ton of success off the tee box this season. I felt like writing this for a couple reasons, and maybe some can relate... I think a lot of times people make purchases solely based on the marketing/ tour pro endorsements of these club manufacturers and to that i would say, make sure you get fit or at the very least give other options a try before you spend a ton of $$. Also, some may say I should have gone with what seemed like a more forgiving club in the Ping.... but I would argue that looks, and feel are almost as important if not more so... When i stand over the ball I have a ton of confidence that I made the right choice, and also that my little white ball is going a long way, and hey... as long as it's still in play its good, right???
  9. Ryan Penders/ Lombard, IL 12 Hdcp Ping G I would you like to test Prowler VT please
  10. Spieth, Day, Uihlein Trifecta box And.....I could go for one of those chocolate milkshakes they're always talking about at Muifield!
  11. Trail mix or nuts, banana, protein bars ( i like One bars), also a big PBJ fan. Adding a drink with electrolytes can help with hydration. Eating healthier alternatives and drinking lots of water should help your game, especially as the round goes on and if you are walking. Its cliche at this point, but imagine your game/body as a vehicle with the wrong type of oil. Its not performing at its optimal level. Plus I have found that golf is more enjoyable when you can swing without worry of soiling yourself... lol *disclaimer* I very rarely heed my own advice and usually settle for hotdogs and brews at the turn. Cheers!
  12. #SpystaffSlam: 2019 PGA Championship As with all the Majors, I am just pulling for an epic Sunday Showdown with a great story line. If Ricky could get his first that would be great... or if Jordan pulls a rabbit out of his UA hat and somehow beats Rory and Phil to Slam... If Brooks v. Tiger continue their new rivalry on Sunday.... wooooo dawgie LETS GOOO! Cannot Wait!!!!
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