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  1. Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to see what you guys think. Love that Wilson is back in the game,, love the quality irons my dream set is the V6 forged.
  2. Your first name - Matt - State - Michigan - Your current model of putter - Odyssey White Hot Pro 1 - Is putting a strength or weakness of your game - Weakness, 3 putts kill. Just got healed up and cleared from the doc to start golfing again after a broken arm this winter. Can't wait to start playing again regardless if I'm chosen or not!
  3. Matt/ Michigan Callaway Razr itXtreme/10.5 lofted down to 9.5/Aldila Trinity/Stiff 15hcp and 105mph, unfortunately I have yet to get a system for logging my stats on yet other than the basic scorecard tracker app. I have never played Tour Edge before but a buddy has an older driver, I don't remember the name, but its so much nicer to hit than my driver. I love the weight of the club.
  4. Matthew Frezza, 60/year Twitter @frezzam91 and Snapchat 15hcp and 102mph Callaway RazrFitXtreme driver, Taylormade bubble burner 3 and 5 wood, 3-pw Mizuno TZoid sure, top flight 56, and 60 wedges. Cobra F9 driver, F9 3 wood, 3-pw standard F9 forged irons, and king 52 and 60 wedges Cobra grey and blue cart bag
  5. Name/Home State - Matthew Frezza, Michigan Current Putter - Odyssey Oworks Mallet After recently being able to hit one, Bettinardi armlock putters are heavenly!
  6. 1. Matthew Frezza, Michigan 2. 15 handicap with a driver swing speed of 102mph 3. Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme 4. Epic Flash Please!!
  7. Wooo! That is a sweet bag! Clean irons. I'm playing a set of Mizuno TZoid Sures 3 thru PW and love them. Sometimes the classics are the best!
  8. I love hearing stories like this. After my broken arm heals up I'd love to get fit and see what improvements it gives me.
  9. 1. Matthew, Michigan 2. 15hcp, swing speed 93mph 3. Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme, 9.5 loft. I'd really love to try new one and make driving the ball fun again. I have a hard time with consistency with my current driver. 4. I'd love to try the G410 SFT. Seems like a match made in heaven for me!
  10. 1. Matthew - Lansing, Michigan 2. Carhartt Storm Defender 3. Frozen rain, and rain so hard you can't see 5ft in front of you.
  11. Hey thank you! GoBlue! It tough being here surrounded by the enemy haha
  12. Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Matt started playing golf this year and love it. I'm addicted haha. Decided to finally make and account here after reading some good articles. Also, wanted to know if there is anyone in the area whose looking to get together and start a regular golf outing, let me know I just wanna immerse myself in this sport. Anyways just wanted to say hi. Thanks!
  13. Hey bigtazz great idea! Just added myself. Not many people in Michigan haha
  14. Matt Holt,Michigan, U.S. Handicap - 18 Mizuno TZoid Sure, Dynamic Gold r300 Your PING choice - i210 Please This is my first time doing one of these thinking I'd never get picked. I have made it a goal in my life to better my golf game and try out for an amateur event. This is a dream and I feel being able to test these clubs would help me further this dream. I'm a full time student who golfs whenever I can outside of school. THIS IS MY LIFE!!!! Thank you for your time in reading this!
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