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  1. Matthew / Michigan 17 Mizuno T Zoid Sure 7 Iron goes 157 Thank you for the opportunity!
  2. Matthew Frezza, Lansing MI Using yardage markers on course and score cards. I feel that technology has made great advancement in golf. In my opinion has made the game so much more enjoy for the average everyday golfer.
  3. Matthew/Holt, MI I don't use a Range finder but, have used a few friends in the past and they are awesome! I use golfshot pro GPS and the good ol' eyeball. A range finder would definitely help take away those pesky over the green shots that lead to extra strokes.
  4. Matthew Frezza/Michigan 20 I have never used a training aid before but, would love to try one. I've always considered myself a decent putter this would be a good way to see if I really am haha.
  5. Matthew frezza/ Lansing, Michigan 20 Mizuno T-Zoid Pro - 3-PW, 1* Flat, Standard grip with 2 wraps, Dynamic Gold S300 Prowler VT, Stiff flex, 4- PW if possible. Look very fun to hit, can't wait hope I get the opportunity to test these!
  6. Tier 5 - Cameron Champ Tie Breaker -11
  7. Matthew/ Michigan Odyssey White Hot Right hand Why are you interested in testing the TA Impact #3 I've been contemplating a switch to a mallet putter. I haven't found that putter that just clicks. I know from testing that a mallet style putter is what fits my style best, I just need to find what brand! Tommy has some nice equipment and I'm glad to see them back in the market! Thanks My Golf Spy
  8. - Matthew - Holt, Michigan - 106 and 16hcp - Taylormade Bubble Burner 13* 3 wood, Mizuno, T-Zoid Sure 19* 3 Iron - Right Handed
  9. Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to see what you guys think. Love that Wilson is back in the game,, love the quality irons my dream set is the V6 forged.
  10. Your first name - Matt - State - Michigan - Your current model of putter - Odyssey White Hot Pro 1 - Is putting a strength or weakness of your game - Weakness, 3 putts kill. Just got healed up and cleared from the doc to start golfing again after a broken arm this winter. Can't wait to start playing again regardless if I'm chosen or not!
  11. Matt/ Michigan Callaway Razr itXtreme/10.5 lofted down to 9.5/Aldila Trinity/Stiff 15hcp and 105mph, unfortunately I have yet to get a system for logging my stats on yet other than the basic scorecard tracker app. I have never played Tour Edge before but a buddy has an older driver, I don't remember the name, but its so much nicer to hit than my driver. I love the weight of the club.
  12. Matthew Frezza, 60/year Twitter @frezzam91 and Snapchat 15hcp and 102mph Callaway RazrFitXtreme driver, Taylormade bubble burner 3 and 5 wood, 3-pw Mizuno TZoid sure, top flight 56, and 60 wedges. Cobra F9 driver, F9 3 wood, 3-pw standard F9 forged irons, and king 52 and 60 wedges Cobra grey and blue cart bag
  13. Name/Home State - Matthew Frezza, Michigan Current Putter - Odyssey Oworks Mallet After recently being able to hit one, Bettinardi armlock putters are heavenly!
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